British Supreme Court: The most striking fact about this place is its informality.

Pakistan’s Musharraf flees court after judges order his arrest

Liberia’s New Top Judge Vows To Implement Reforms

Ireland: Chief Justice announces new forum for judiciary

EU Blasts Hungary Over Non-compliance With EU Law

Liberian President Appoints New Chief Justice

Supreme Court becoming ‘Charter-averse,’ expert says

U.S. Support for the Hague Courts and Tribunals on the Rise

European court upholds ban of “extremist” Czech party

UN Human Rights Committee Targets Florida

Supreme Courts in and out of the headlines, nations divided

UK Gov’t Loses Court Challenge To Deport Muslim Cleric

Zimbabwe Rights Lawyer Bail Appeal Postponed

Zimbabwe Court Denies Bail To Human Rights Lawyer

Philippine Top Court Halts Contraceptives Law

Courts Become A Battleground For Secularists, Islamists In Syria

Alarm rises as Hungary defiant on law

International Criminal Court Jurisdiction Over Israeli Settlements

The growing threat of international treaties

Court Suspends Egypt’s Parliament Election

Canada: Supremacists Courts

Czech Lawmakers To Charge President With Treason

Pro-Life Groups Ask General Assembly to Reform UN Treaty Bodies

Natural Law And Secular Enlightenment Morality

    Pascal Emmanuel Gobry at The American Scene: But of course, as any freshman philosophy student can tell, the problem comes when you try to ground those universal human rights. Where do they come from? Who confers them? Why should they be respected? There’s basically only two ways to do so, one theistic and one non-theistic. Universal human rights are perfectly grounded if they come from God, as the Declaration of Independence asserts and as I believe in my heart of hearts. But not everybody likes that, and it sort of defeats the purpose of creating this secular moral system to begin with. The only other way that I’m aware of to ground the idea of universal human rights is in, wait for it, the natural law.

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Politics undermine Iraq’s judiciary

UK: Trio of judicial appointments to the Supreme Court

Biolaw Emerges As A Discipline In Its Own Right

UK: Supreme court denies government pressure to select a woman

British Court For First Time Refers Marital Dispute For Arbitration By Jewish Religious Court

UK: Lord Neuberger’s Judicial Assistant Lifts The Lid On Supreme Court Life

Who Decides the Laws of War?

Jailed Chinese Lawyer Gets Rare Family Visit

D.C. Federal Judge Orders Russia to Pay $50K Per Day in Contempt Sanctions

Vatican official fears ‘moral relativism’ becoming European legal norm

The Fascinating French Coalition to Save Marriage: A Global Trend for SCOTUS?

Sri Lankan Leader Replaces Chief Justice With Ally

Sri Lankan Lawyers Denounce Sacking Of Top Judge

Former Judge Challenges Egypt’s Constitution

Verdict Against Sri Lanka Chief Justice Quashed

European Court of Justice “Lacking Any Foundation in Law”

Protesters block Honduran judges from session

Sri Lankan Court: Probe Against Top Judge Illegal

Foreign Child Custody Disputes Involving People Coming from Countries That Apply Islamic Family Law

Egypt’s top prosecutor submits resignation

UK: Judges take on ministers over supreme court

Chile Apologizes to Lesbian Denied Custody of Kids

UK government and the European Court of Human Rights are on a collision course over prisoner votes

Sri Lanka Opposition Pull Out Of Judge’s Hearing

Chile Tells Un Court Its Border With Peru Is Fixed

Custody Case in Scotland Goes Before U.S. Justices

UK: Complaint against High Court judge for supporting marriage dismissed

Big Law’s China Dilemma | Peter Zeughauser at WSJ

Holder To Help Launch Alliance Against Pedophilia

Egyptian Court Suspends Work To Protest Morsi Move

Egypt’s Morsy to meet with top judicial body days after claiming new powers

UK: Secret courts plans savaged in House of Lords

In Canada, a ‘watershed’ religious freedom win | Baptist Press

Sri Lankan Move To Fire Top Judge Stirs Fears

Spain Needs A New Constitution, The Constitutional Court has Devalued It

Saudi sharia judges decry Westernizing “stench” of legal reforms

EU Court Nixes Hungary’s Retirement Age For Judges

A Lousy Procedure, A Messy Judgment: The European Human Rights Court’s Newest Attempt To Fabricate A „right To Abortion“

Shariah Courts Role Expands In Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula

Religious Speech Does Not Equal ‘Hate Speech’: Court Affirms Pastor’s Right to Publicly Express Views | Christiana Holcomb at Speak Up Movement Church Blog

Canada’s Top Court To Hear Brothel Law Appeal

Iran Judicial Branch Chief Fires Back At President

Offensive Speech Won’t Be Hushed | One News Now

Rev. Stephen Boissoin vindicated: court upholds right to express views on homosexualit

    LifeSiteNews: Boissoin’s lawyer, Gerald Chipeur, Q.C., who is an allied attorney with Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), pointed out that not only did Justice O’Brien throw out the AHRC’s decision, but ruled that a human rights panel had no constitutional authority to preside in such circumstances. “This was a watershed case,” Chipeur said. “Very important, in terms of freedom of expression and religious liberty. Going forward, it will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, for religious or political debate to be found in breach of Alberta’s current human rights laws.” “Christians and other people of faith should not be fined or jailed for expressing their political or religious beliefs. There is no place for thought control in a free and democratic society,” Chipeur remarked. “The tools of censorship should not be available to prohibit freedom of religious expression in Canada. The court rightly found that this type of religious speech is not ‘hate’ speech.”

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Germany: “I Will Answer Only to Allah”

For Now, Pastors Still Can Oppose Sin: Bellwether case affirms Christian’s right to express beliefs | WorldNetDaily

Egypt’s Top Court To Rule On Constitutional Panel

Pastor’s opinion not ‘hate speech’ | Alliance Defending Freedom