Sovereignty or Submission: Will Americans Rule Themselves or be Ruled by Others? Wins ISI Award

    Turtle Bay and Beyond: Today’s “globalistas” rarely expose their material interests to public debate, but rather couch their aims in terms of “universal human rights.” At first these seem noble enough, ridding the world of slavery and genocide, but the system of global governance by its nature ever expands its reach. Forty percent of the UK’s parliamentary agenda simply rubber stamped laws already set by the EU, a legislator told Fonte, and the figure was some 60-70% in Austria. The European Union is both the world’s best example of global governance, and its most powerful proponent at UN conferences.

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Alberta Court of Appeal: Pastor’s letter on homosexual agenda not criminal “hate speech”

Egypt’s top court criticizes draft constitution

Warsaw Pro-Life Gathering Strengthens Legislative Efforts to Defend Life | Piero Tozzi at C-FAM

Argentine court blocks abortion for rape victim

American Court Enforces United Arab Emirates Divorce and Child Custody Despite Sex Discrimination?

Supreme Court of Canada rules you don’t have to tell your sex partner if you have HIV

Canada’s newest Supreme Court judge pitches his street smarts

Iran Freed a Christian Pastor, Now Imprisons His Muslim Lawyer

Judicial ‘scandal’ clouds Turkey trial over the murder of three Christians

Russian Supreme Court confirms ban on “gay propaganda”

India: Plea seeks action against Google on anti-Islam film videos

Harper nominates Quebec judge Wagner to Supreme Court

Bangladesh Court: Why Weren’t Buddhists Protected?

India: Court notice to Centre, States on transgender issue

Brazil judge orders arrest of Google exec over elections law

Kuwait Court Rejects Challenge Over Election Law, Boosts Islamists

Colombia’s Constitutional Court Says No Bible Quotes To Support Legal Decisions

Canada: Judge who told pro-lifer ‘Your God is wrong’ comes under scrutiny

Has Germany’s court set the stage for an exit?

    Oliver Marc Hartwich at Business Spectator: So what was the role of the Constitutional Court, then? Simply to make sure that any euro crisis decisions taken are compatible with the constitution in general and with its democratic principles in particular. First and foremost among these democratic principles are parliament’s budget rights. No democracy can work if parliamentarians had no control over taxes and expenditures, and thus the Bundestag could not divest itself of this core right of fiscal autonomy, the court stated. Along with this, the judges demanded clarifications in the course of ratifying the European treaties.

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The Frivolity Of The European Human Rights Court

Lawmaker Fined About $4,000 For Insulting EU Chief

“Russian Supreme Court Says ‘Neutral’ Gay Information Is Legal”

Inter-American Court of Human Rights to rule on Costa Rica IVF ban

Peer: Sharia courts subvert British law

Is the UK listening to the European Court of Human Rights?

German court verdict lifts euro to four-month high

Human rights courts: a beginner’s guide

Religious Freedom Weak In UK

Fate of eurozone rests in the hands of German judges

UK: Crucifix law hits ‘right balance’

British Government: Christians should leave faith at the door or get different job

Christian registrar case in European court today

ADF: Will Europe’s highest court respect religious freedom in workplace?

Kenya: NCCK to Sue Over Attacks Targeting Churches

Draft Republican Party Platform Opposes Law of the Sea Treaty

Impeachment Of Romania’s President Overturned

Pakistani Court Gives Premier Time To Obey Order

Singapore High Court Allows Sodomy Challenge; LGBT challenge versus Russia filed at European Court of Human Rights

Islamic law rises as Sinai lacks order in the courts

Court: Referendum To Oust Romania President Fails

The European Court of Human Rights and Free-Speech Schizophrenia

    Tommaso Virgili at the Legal Project: The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), a supranational tribunal based in Strasbourg, France, which was set up in the framework of the Council of Europe, is increasingly determining important speech cases involving Islam-related topics. This Court’s jurisdiction covers alleged violations of human rights, as enshrined in the European Convention of Human Rights, by the states-parties. Unlike cases in a European nation’s courts, a case before this court may be triggered either by individuals, provided that the latter have exhausted their domestic remedies, or by another state acting as a party. Technically, the ECHR is empowered to grant individuals more protection than they are legally entitled to enjoy based on their own states’ laws.

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Canadian retiring justice: Supreme Court should have 4 women, litigation not best place to resolve assisted suicide issue

Kuwait Refers Election Law To Constitutional Court

US Concerned About Rule Of Law In Romania

Trial of Chinese Ex-Official’s Wife Begins and Ends

Western media concealing facts about female rock band’s desecration of Russian cathedral

“Is international justice finally finding its footing?”

Pakistan court summons PM to appear over contempt

    NY Daily News: Pakistan’s Supreme Court has asked the country’s new prime minister to appear later this month for ignoring a request to ask Swiss authorities to reopen cases against the president. The court had given the prime minister until August 8 to write to Switzerland and last week struck down a law passed by parliament that sought to exempt members of the government from contempt trials.

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Australian Court Says Motel Can’t Ban Prostitute

Rejecting The ICC And Casey’s Pax Roeana

Human Rights Roulette: What It Means To Ratify A New UN Treaty

Pakistan’s Top Court Strikes Down Contempt Law

ECHR agreed to examine north Turkey “gay ban” case

Romanian Court Says It Can’t Certify Results in Ouster Vote

UN: Hariri Tribunal Rejects Legal Challenges

Strict Christian party loses European court fight on women MPs

European Court chastises Maltese care order legislation

Mali asks international court to investigate alleged Islamist war crimes

NZ: Dotcom judge steps down after joking US is ‘enemy’

Brawls in Egypt court as judges meet on constitution

Senate GOP now has enough votes to scuttle the Law of the Sea treaty

Arab Uprisings Point Up Flaws in International Criminal Court

EU ‘concerned’ by Romanian president’s suspension

Egypt’s legislature convenes despite court ruling

Romanian court ups stakes in presidency referendum

UK: Cleric appeals to Europe’s human rights court

Brazil: Number of judges under threat has gone up

The economic toll of Islamic law

    Boston Globe: In a growing body of work, Kuran argues that the blame for the Islamic world’s economic stagnation and democracy deficit lies with a distinct set of institutions that Islamic law created over centuries. The way traditional Islamic law handled finance, inheritance, and incorporation, he argues, held back both economic and political development. These practices aren’t inherent in the religion—they emerged long after the establishment of Islam, and have partly receded from use in the modern era. But they left a profound legacy in many societies where Islam held sway.

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British court blocks sex criminal’s removal to US

Dutch court outlaws pedophile association