Egypt court rules military cannot arrest civilians

UAE constitutional amendments to secure independence of judiciary

European Court of Justice: Workers sick during vacation are entitled to more time off

Fed Circuit Judges Attend Historic Intellectual Conference in China

European Court of Human Rights ‘gets out begging bowl’

US drone strikes ‘setting very dangerous precedent’

Spain Supreme Court Chief Justice resigns over beach trips

Islamabad’s Judicial Coup

Pakistan high court disqualifies PM

Egyptian Court Rulings Ignite Fury

Donald Rumsfeld: Why the UN Shouldn’t Own the Seas

Eric Posner: “The Absurd International Criminal Court: After 10 years and hundreds of millions of dollars, it has completed precisely one trial.”

    Eric Posner at the Wall Street Journal (via Google): The court has been a failure. Although it has a staff of more than 700 and an annual budget in excess of $100 million, the ICC has so far completed precisely one trial—that of Thomas Lubanga, a commander in the civil war in Congo. It took three years and ended with a conviction on March 14, 2012. The appeals have not begun. A few other trials are ongoing or set to begin.

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DOD looks to foreign allies for help passing Law of the Sea treaty

Kuwait court gives 10-year sentence for Twitter posting ‘insulting’ Islam, Gulf allies

Lawyer files appeal for Pakistani who helped US

Kissinger, Shultz, Baker, Powell And Rice: Time to Join The Law of the Sea Treaty

Nepal Supreme Court judge killed, 2 others wounded

Cheng Guangcheng: How China Flouts Its Laws

Treaty on the seas is in rough Senate waters

UN: Pakistan judges pressured to use blasphemy law

Law of the Sea Treaty Is Found on Capitol Hill, Again

Pakistan: Doctor who helped US in search for Osama Bin Laden jailed for 33 years

Obama Admin pushes for sea treaty

Jeremy Waldron: What is Natural Law Like?

Phyllis Schlafly: Defeat Law of the Sea Treaty — Again

What’s wrong with the European human rights system?

India Debates Re-Banning Homosexual Acts

Is it now illegal to question same-sex marriage?

UK: Law Society cancels pro-marriage conference amid diversity dispute

“Gay activist” fined in Russia for spreading propaganda among minors

Colombian Constitutional Court redefines ‘family’ to include homosexual unions

European Court of Human Rights blocks more deportations from UK than any other country

UK: Judge: time to halt damage done by broken marriages

British High Court judge establishes campaign to defend marriage, combat divorce

Russian Muslim Leaders Oppose Shariah Court Demand

Is International Criminal Court the best way to stop war crimes?

The Problem with European ‘Human Rights’

Cleric’s deportation row leaves Britain red-faced

What is the European Court of Human Rights?

UK frustrated in bid to deport radical Islamist

Human rights rulings face ‘crisis of legitimacy’ as report warns of reforms to ensure protection

European Court of Human Rights reforms could have ‘devastating’ effect in Russia

UK ‘quietly confident’ of European Court of Human Rights changes

India Supreme Court: 25 percent seats for poor under education act upheld

EU Court: UK can extradite 5 terror suspects to US

Renounce European Court, Britain urged

Zimbabwe Chief Justice Decries Judiciary Corruption, Poor Salaries

International Criminal Court: Palestine not a state

UK: Judges call for ‘no fault’ divorce

Judicial activism not limited to U.S.: Ontario prostitution ruling

Canada: ‘Your God’s wrong’: Judge erupts in angry tirade, sends pro-life activist back to jail

China says lawyers must swear allegiance to party

UN Bodies And The Natural Law

South Africa’s Chief Justice Criticized For Inviting Judges To Evangelical Presentation

“Ugandan Gay Rights Group Sues Scott Lively, a U.S. Evangelist”

China’s New Law on Detentions Puts Spotlight on ‘Black Jails’

Obama’s WTO Rare-Earths Case Won’t Ensure U.S. Security

Amnesty International: Proposals to reform the European Court of Human Rights would be a ‘huge step backwards for justice’

Names on shortlist to be Britain’s next judge on European Court of Human Rights revealed

Reforming or redefining the European Court of Human Rights?

Egypt again postpones trial of US nonprofit groups

EU Leaders Threaten Court Action Over Syria

U.S. Supreme Justices and EU Court of Human Rights Judges Meet to Discuss Freedom of Expression

UK plans European Court of Human Rights reform

French court rules genocide law unconstitutional

Philippine religious rallies in support of Supreme Court Justice

India: Homosexuality is to be seen in context of changing society

India: How homosexual act is against nature, Supreme Court asks

UK: MPs back calls to recapture powers

Court suspends Spain’s most famous judge

Justice Ginsburg causes storm dissing the Constitution in Egypt