AP: European court ruling upholds media freedoms

UK lawmakers seethe at radical preacher’s bailing by EU court UK lawmakers seethe at radical preacher’s bailing

U.S. Constitution Loses Appeal With People Around the World

Britain, Czechs snub Europe’s fiscal pact but won’t forge an alliance of critics

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Maldives military arrests top judge, spark protest

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UN elects 5th member to international court

Philippine Supreme Court Justice impeached

UN Calls For “International Climate Court of Justice” would force western nations to pay “climate debt”

Legal Periodical: Acculturation Through the Middle Ages: The Islamic Law of Nations and its Place in the History of International Law

Irish nominee to EU court rejected over debt error

UK: Supreme Court lawyers allowed to dress down

“UN should establish a global fund for justice” | Guardian

UK courts following European human rights rulings too strictly, warn judges

The human rights debate and the European Court of Human Rights

    Lexology: The Human Rights Act 1998 has been in the news recently, with certain politicians and other commentators lamenting the fact that British courts are bound by European Court rulings. David Cameron appears to be leading the crusade. He plans to use the UK’s forthcoming chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe to spearhead a radical shake-up of the European Court of Human Rights. But, leaving aside those relatively rare cases where the European Court disagrees with what have been the accepted norms in the UK, such as for example whether prisoners should have the right to vote, what effect has the Human Rights Act had on decisions within the medical sphere?

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UK should not waste this opportunity in Strasbourg

Newest Supreme Court judge attacks European Court of Human Rights

Supreme court appointee says role of British judges is too politicised

UK: Bill to tackle Sharia will help curb anti-women prejudice

Ontario: Law profession faces an ‘articling crisis’

Swedish court bans niqab-wearing women

Women & Sharia Law in the UK

Dominic Grieve takes on the European court of human rights

The UK supreme court is changing the way we think about law

European Court of Human Rights reform ‘will take time’

“China touts its legal system as protecting rights” | AP

Ken Clarke lecturing EU judges: ‘Don’t meddle in our human rights’

UK supreme court sits on cusp of tradition and modernity

4 candidates named for next Int’l Court prosecutor

Why no-one can touch the EU’s human rights judges

Canada: Gentle grilling of top court appointees not to everyone’s taste

Is Islamic law to blame for the Middle East’s economic failures?

Harper’s picks highlight new direction for Supreme Court

National gathering of Argentinean attorneys rejects homosexual ‘marriage’ as unconstitutional

Abolish the Human Rights Act NOW Cameron! Events in Ukraine give us no choice

European Court Opinion: U.S. Airlines Must Buy Carbon Allowances

UK: Retiring Supreme Court president defends human rights

UCLA Law School Forum: Discussion of the ICC and Prevention of International Crimes

UK: “Unfairly judged: gay lawyers say judiciary still plagued by homophobia”

European court rules against Soros in trading case

Germany: Hundreds Of Nazi Cases Reopened

A rare look at the inner-workings of the Supreme Court of Canada

    The Globe and Mail: In a three-hour discussion – the only such interview he has ever given – Judge Binnie provided penetrating glimpses into an institution known for its secretive nature, at a time when the bench is entering an unsettling period of transition with five judges slated to be replaced by 2015. Widely seen as a towering intellect who is arguably the country’s premier judge, he spoke with the easy candour of a man who has spent his career as a renowned advocate.

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Sweden top legal official: ‘Not wrong’ to reassign aide for comparing Islam to totalitarian ideologies

Early morning blast hits Amsterdam courthouse

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