“Copenhagen to fete Eurovision contest by marrying gay couples”

Northern Ireland Assembly to debate marriage redefinition

Georgia to consider ban on same-sex “marriage”

Mexico City looks to set the pace in Latin America on same-sex “marriage”

In UK, state has eviscerated marriage and society must rebuild it

“An anti-gay marriage tea party, French style?”

Britain set to hold first same-sex “weddings”

Kenyan Christian leaders oppose polygamy bill

A Comparative Analysis of Laws Pertaining to Same-Sex Unions

UK Christian guesthouse owners go to Strasbourg over “discrimination” case

Iraqi bill to legalize child marriage criticized

UK: House of Commons chapel will not be used for same-sex “marriages”

UK: Registration opens for first same-sex “marriages”

The rich-poor marriage gap in Canada

UK: Lib Dem minister backs “secular marriage”

Canadian same-sex “marriage” to be recognized in Britain

Nigeria vows to resist same-sex “marriage” pressure

UK Supreme Court judge Lord Wilson backs same-sex “marriage”

Court urged to not impose marriage redefinition in Italy | CNA

European human rights court allows ADF to defend Italy’s marriage laws

Church of England rules out blessings for same-sex “marriages”

Scotland’s marriage redefinition bill is passed

French gov’t retreats on family policy reforms after big protests

Church of England’s bishops defer marriage decision

Costa Rica: Presidential candidates reluctant to endorse same-sex “marriage”

UK: Barnsley couple to take legal action over transition from “civil union” to “marriage”

Myanmar politician preparing to seek legal limits on interfaith, interethnic marriage

Scotland: “Donald Macinnes loses Gaelic School chaplaincy over gay remarks”

Scottish sex ed guidance ignores traditional marriage

Indian Court: Premarital sex ‘immoral’, no religion permits it

“Gay marriage: Civil liberty protections rejected by MSPs”

Meet the co-parents

Media And Politicians Want To Impose Same-sex “marriage” – But Citizens Fight Back. The Case Of Estonia

Scotland: “MSPs could ‘lose seats’ over support for gay marriage”

Chilean President Elect Supports Marriage Redefinition

Australia’s Highest Court Invalidates Capital Territory’s Marriage Equality Law

UK: Marriage cannot be defined by man

European Court Rules on Equal Benefits Case for Same-Sex Couple

“Baroness Warsi’s ‘concern’ over effect of gay marriage laws on religious groups”

“Croatian Govt Proposes New Rights For Gays”

Australia high court rejects redefinition of marriage

UK: Top judge defends saying children need stability

UK To Hold First Same-sex Weddings On March 29

Methodist Church launches consultation on redefinition of marriage

The Croatian Government’s Dirty War Against Marriage

Judge Sir Paul Coleridge quit because of lack of ‘support’ over marriage stance

‘Tories losing support over issues like gay marriage’

Scotland: “Evangelicals criticise MSPs over hasty gay marriage vote”

Obama Administration Snubs Catholic Church With Vatican Embassy Downgrade

“Croatia: Post-communist Nomenklatura Wants To Re-define Marriage, But Civil Society Resists”

MSP: Scottish Parliament ‘out of touch’ over marriage redefinition

Scotland: MSPs give initial approval to marriage redefinition

English Catholic Bishops discuss dropping legal weddings

Croatia To Vote On Marriage

Forthcoming Grand Chamber judgment in a case concerning civil unions in Greece

Ireland schedules 2015 referendum on marriage

“Israel’s civil union bill must apply to everybody, not just same-sex couples”

    Haaretz: There are three bills on Knesset members’ desks that aim to extend the eligibility for civil unions beyond couples who claim to have no religion. Two of them are egalitarian proposals, giving the civil union option to any interested couple: the civil union bill initiated by Yesh Atid, and the proposal the Justice Ministry issued Sunday called the “Joint Living Law.” A third proposal would allow civil unions only for gays, while other voices within the coalition and outside it would specifically exclude same-sex couples from eligibility for civil unions. These last two approaches are unacceptable

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Malta Bill To Redefine Marriage Halts Adoptions From Russia

Confusion over Church same-sex blessings plan

Irish government looks to referendum on marriage definition, homosexual adoption

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Local Australian Parliament Votes to Redefine Marriage

ACT prepares to debate marriage redefinition

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“Scots gay marriage Bill may be scuppered by IT blunder”

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UK: Proportion of babies born in wedlock falls to new low of just 53 per cent

French court overrules exception to same-sex marriage prohibition

“Australia’s Abbott to Challenge Same-Sex Marriage Laws in Court”

Russia will defend national identity, based on religious values – Putin

A Married Mom and Dad Really Do Matter: New Evidence from Canada | Mark Regnerus at Public Discourse