UK: Barnsley couple to take legal action over transition from “civil union” to “marriage”

Chile: Parental notification required for distribution of morning-after abortion pill

“Uganda President Yoweri Museveni blocks anti-gay bill”

“65 surrogate babies born to Israeli gay couples stuck in Thailand”

Putin: Law against homosexual “propaganda” doesn’t discriminate

Russia slams European Union’s homosexual agenda

Myanmar politician preparing to seek legal limits on interfaith, interethnic marriage

Nigerian leader signs law banning same-sex “marriage”; Kerry attacks

Judge Rebuilds ‘Berlin Wall’ Just for Home-Schoolers | Charisma News

Rabbis to court: Mother refusing to circumcise son will cause him ‘serious psychological damage’

Romeike Family Asylum: New Brief Filed In US Supreme Court Case | Inquisitr

Scotland: “Donald Macinnes loses Gaelic School chaplaincy over gay remarks”

Scottish sex ed guidance ignores traditional marriage

‘Barbarities’: Ecuador’s president castigates ‘absurd’ and ‘dangerous’ gender ideology

Indian Court: Premarital sex ‘immoral’, no religion permits it

Iran Tries To Reverse A Slumping Birth Rate

UK: Smacking should be banned, says Children’s Commissioner

Dem calls on Uganda’s president to veto criminal sodomy bill

ADF to US Supreme Court: Reinstate asylum for German homeschooling family

Canadian Supreme Court Strikes Down Anti-prostitution Laws

“Gay marriage: Civil liberty protections rejected by MSPs”

Israel’s Supreme Court Issues Temporary Stay Of Rabbinical Court’s Order Requiring Boy’s Circumcision

India Government Asks Court To Review Sodomy Law

Uganda Passes Tough New Bill Against Homosexuality

“Human Rights Campaign Gives $100K To Russia LGBT Rights Movement”

Meet the co-parents

Italian high court finds ‘romance’ in 60-year-old man’s sex with 11-year-old, overturns sentence

Media And Politicians Want To Impose Same-sex “marriage” – But Citizens Fight Back. The Case Of Estonia

“Obama Selects Gay Athletes For Sochi Delegation”

Scotland: “MSPs could ‘lose seats’ over support for gay marriage”

Out of Business: Prostitution in Canada – Putting an End to Demand | EFC

Chilean President Elect Supports Marriage Redefinition

Indian gov’t considering repealing recently upheld law against ‘unnatural sex’: reports

Fatherlessness Harms the Brain, Neurobiologists Find

Australia’s Highest Court Invalidates Capital Territory’s Marriage Equality Law

“Gay adoption: Northern Ireland ban lifted”

UK: Marriage cannot be defined by man

Scientist create ‘robotic sperm’ to help with fertilisation and drug delivery

European Court Rules on Equal Benefits Case for Same-Sex Couple

“Baroness Warsi’s ‘concern’ over effect of gay marriage laws on religious groups”

Putin Defends Russian Conservative Values | AP

Pro-family leader criticizes ‘deceptive’ survey being used to push gay ‘marriage’ in Mexico

Attorney: India got it right on homosexual ‘rights’ | One News Now

“India’s Supreme Court upholds anti-gay sex law” | KnoxNews (AP)

    Knox News (AP): The United States expressed concern about the Indian Supreme Court decision, although it wasn’t immediately clear if Washington had directly raised the issue with Indian government officials. “We oppose all actions that criminalize consensual sex conducts between adults,” State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki told reporters in Washington. “We call on all governments to advance equality for LGBT individuals around the world.”But the court ruling was welcomed by a conservative U.S. legal advocacy group, Alliance Defending Freedom. “The India Supreme Court has ruled in the interest of the health of its society rather than the interests of activist groups trying to use the court to do their bidding,” said the group’s chief counsel, Benjamin Bull.

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“Croatian Govt Proposes New Rights For Gays”

“US voices ‘concern’ at India gay sex ban”

India Supreme Court refuses to engage in judicial activism in landmark decision | Alliance Defending Freedom

Australia high court rejects redefinition of marriage

UK: Top judge defends saying children need stability

UK To Hold First Same-sex Weddings On March 29

First Australian Same-sex Weddings Start Early, Litigation Pending

CORRECTION: Israeli President Peres expresses support for marriage redefinition

“LGBT Activist Fined for Breaking ‘Gay Propaganda’ Law”

Russian court upholds ‘gay propaganda’ law as constitutional

Methodist Church launches consultation on redefinition of marriage

New Prostitution Law Passes French Lower House

Israel to consider extending tax breaks to same-sex couples

Self-harm And Suicidal Thoughts Among Transgender People = 78%+

‘Memories’ pass between generations

Australia: “High Court to hear same-sex marriage challenge”

The Croatian Government’s Dirty War Against Marriage

Judge Sir Paul Coleridge quit because of lack of ‘support’ over marriage stance

‘Tories losing support over issues like gay marriage’

Scotland: “Evangelicals criticise MSPs over hasty gay marriage vote”

300,000 defend marriage, children’s rights in Taiwan

Bishop Olmsted: key to New Evangelization is to trust the ‘tough truths’ on sexuality

    LifeSiteNews: Even “some of our clergy” have lost confidence in the truth about marriage, life and religious liberty, Bishop Thomas Olmsted of Phoenix warned at a major meeting of Catholic leaders held in Mexico City November 16-19. This loss of confidence comes as a result of the relentless attack from secular culture, he said, adding that if Christians don’t maintain their confidence in these “tough truths” it will hurt the spread of the Gospel.

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Croatians Approve Constitutional Amendment Barring Same-Sex Marriage

UK: Child taken from womb by social services

Supreme Court Orders DOJ response in German homeschoolers’ asylum case

AIDS proves stubborn in Europe as new HIV infections rise

“Could A Win For LGBT Adoption Rights Kill Marriage Equality In Colombia?”

    BuzzFeed: On Nov. 16, El Espectador published a story reporting on a leaked draft of the court’s ruling, written by Luis Guillermo Guerrero, a conservative judge who took over from liberal Juan Carlos Henao in 2012. To their relief, it suggested the court was preparing to rule in their favor. The fact that a judge with Guerrero’s conservative reputation is planning to endorse a ruling in favor of LGBT family rights came as an encouraging surprise to LGBT rights advocates. But they won’t see it as a total win if the ruling is issued as El Espectador reports

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David Cameron welcomes family-friendly internet filters

Obama Administration Snubs Catholic Church With Vatican Embassy Downgrade

“Croatia: Post-communist Nomenklatura Wants To Re-define Marriage, But Civil Society Resists”