Italy’s last Catholic generation? Mass attendance in “collapse” among under-30s

Pimps force Mexican women into prostitution in US

Canada: Town prohibits new sexually oriented businesses

UK: Trans criminal will not go to jail: it’s too “awkward”

New poll: angry at US, Arabs support an Iran nuclear bomb

Tariq Aziz: Obama is “leaving Iraq to the wolves”

14 charged for supporting Somalia terrorist group

Mozambique study suggests prayer actually heals

The West must engage, not demonize, Turkey

Baptist World Alliance confirms new president

Chinese users report Google page blocked

BlackBerry communications too secure for governments seeking to snoop

    Bloomberg: “For RIM, the pioneer in handheld e-mail devices, security is one of the main advantages it touts over competitors. E-mails its customers send are encrypted and sent through RIM’s own servers and network operation centers, with much of the equipment located in Canada. That security has made BlackBerrys popular with companies and government officials including Barack Obama, who kept his BlackBerry after becoming U.S. president. However, the system also makes it harder for governments to monitor BlackBerry communications than messages from other smartphones, which typically travel across the Internet.”

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China becomes second biggest world economy

Turkey gets boost for EU bid as it turns east

“Women bishops will sink the Church of England as they have done in the Episcopal Church”

    David W. Virtue writes at VirtueOnline: “The Synod of the Church of England voted to consecrate women to the episcopacy. They also voted summarily not to allow any sort of delegated episcopal pastoral oversight for Evangelicals and Anglo-Catholics who in conscience do not want to have a woman bishop reign over them . . . So the big question is this, what have women bishops achieved in The Episcopal Church for the last 20 years? . . . 2009 figures, not yet released by the national church, will indicate further decline owing to the emergence on the national scene of the Anglican Church of North America (ACNA) which has siphoned off more than 100,000 Episcopalians in 800 parishes and four dioceses. 2010 will reveal no upward trend . . . ”

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Canadian man gets 11 years for sex tourism charges

“Vicar of Rome to gay priests: Come out and get out”

Plagiarism epidemic shuts down U.S. program in China

Western Climate Initiative offers cap-and-trade

Scotland: Sex offender fails to overturn pornography ban

“Gay illegal immigrant seeks asylum with deportation to Iran pending”

    ABC: “Abdollahi, a 24 year-old Iranian who was raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan, came to the U.S. as a child when his parents immigrated to study at a state university. He says he learned of his undocumented status in high school, which is also when he first began identifying as a gay man . . . ‘He’s looking at having to prove greater than 50 percent chance of persecution, a clear probability of persecution,’ said D.C.-based immigration attorney Kimberley Schaefer, who handles asylum cases.”

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China censors ease up on pornographic websites

China may move away from dollar as benchmark

UK: MSP launches new plan to outlaw prostitution

Belgrade loses fight over Kosovo independence

Sex trafficking in Spain linked to prostitution ads

Some Internet porn sites in China now accessible

Iranians in Europe are converting to Christianity

Spain predicts thaw in US and EU ties with Cuba

The great firewall of Australia: Political concerns

China’s dubious energy accolade

    National Center for Policy Analysis: “News that China consumed more energy than the United States last year will be taken by many as another sign that a new epoch is upon us. Indeed, that’s how the International Energy Agency, source of the data, described its findings Monday. But the headline numbers only tell half the story. The underlying data say a lot about the challenges facing both economies, says the Wall Street Journal:

    * China consumed half as much energy as the United States in 2000; last year, it burned through slightly more.

    * Yet the energy mix for each country couldn’t be more different; coal accounts for 22 percent of U.S. energy consumption, but a full two-thirds of China’s, up from 57 percent in 2000.”

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Talks on forming new Dutch govt collapse

Indonesia: Constitutional Court to hear request to beef up porn law

North Korea reportedly executes former official

Irish parliament seeks greater EU scrutiny powers

Buying Venezuela’s press with U.S. tax dollars

15 nations agree to start working together to reduce cyberwarfare threat

Jobless in Cuba? Communism faces the unthinkable

China Passes U.S. as World’s Biggest Energy Consumer

EU wants bigger U.N. role

China reduces US Treasury debt holdings in May

German university introduces Islamic theology degree

Church of England paves the way for women bishops

Hundreds of clergy set to leave Church of England over women bishops

G20 looks to Beijing to drive global growth in face of U.S. deficits

Treasury: China currency undervalued

    WSJ: “China is not manipulating its currency, but it remains undervalued, the Treasury Department said Thursday. Treasury made the announcement in a sensitive report to Congress that had been delayed in April to give China more time to adjust the value of its currency. Lawmakers and business groups argue China keeps the value of its currency artificially low to reduce the price of its exports at the expense of U.S. jobs . . . ”

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China Stalls U.N. Efforts Against North Korea

“U.S. attacks Egypt over homosexual rights at UN”

Ireland “failing” on child trafficking

Cameroon denies homosexuals face persecution

China court rejects “gay” lawsuit over blood donation

UK: Dean Jeffrey John, leading gay cleric, rejected as next Bishop of Southwark

Cuba to free political prisoners, Catholic Church announces

Russia’s impending internet crackdown

Dutch establishment rejects election results

    Hudson New York: “Dutch Queen Beatrix does not like Member of Parliament Geert Wilders, the winner of the recent elections in the Netherlands; she is attempting to prevent the formation of a right-wing coalition that includes him. … June’s general elections in the Netherlands resulted in a clear victory for the right. The Dutch Constitution, however, grants the Queen the power to appoint a person (or persons) of her choice to initiate and direct negotiations for the formation of a government coalition. By appointing the Labor politician Herman Tjeenk Willink to the position of formation facilitator, the Queen has made it clear that she wants a coalition that includes the Labor Party and excludes the Freedom Party of Geert Wilders.”

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“Gay asylum seekers win UK appeal”

“UK Supreme Court to rule on discretion policy for gay asylum seekers”

Poland’s liberals dominate after dead president’s twin defeated

21 killed in Mexican gang shootout near U.S. border

GM’s auto sales in China top US for first time

China launches global 24-hour English TV news

UK: Transsexual to sue over breast augmentation

“Serbian President supports Belgrade gay pride”

Scrap dollar as sole reserve currency: U.N. report

China: Communist Party opens door to secretive school

Foreigners doing business in China feel boxed out: report

Archaeologists find oldest paintings of Apostles in Roman catacombs

“Pope to create new office to fight secularization”

World leaders take the deficit pledge

Several thousand Egyptians protest police abuse

Internet addresses to accept Chinese script

Hong Kong votes to add elected legislative seats

Geithner says US can ‘no longer drive global growth’

U.S. jobs depend on China revaluing its currency now

“Salazar’s ban is Soros’ bonanza”