Europe’s Green Energy Suicide

China warns foreign embassies publishing smog readings is illegal

China Challenges Dollar With Yen-yuan Deal

U.S. To U.N.: Hands Off The Internet

Google adds feature to help China searchers

Ireland votes ‘yes’ to EU treaty with 60.3 pct

Time Bomb? U.S. and European Banks Pressured to Buy Government Debt

Lawmakers introduce measure to fight UN regulation of the Net

China: Some still in jail 23 years after Tiananmen

US cuts $33 million in aid to Pakistan over Osama bin Laden doctor sentence

Pope removes Canadian homosexual bishop caught with child porn

U.S. lets China bypass Wall Street for Treasury debt

Chinese to buy US movie theater chain AMC

Putin election result cast into doubt; said to be statistically impossible

Castro daughter, an advocate of “gay rights”, granted U.S. Visa

Iranian Calls for ‘Islamic Awakening’ to Destroy Israel

Dutch lawmaker, Geert Wilders, will sue to stop ratification of European bailout fund

Defense Secretary Panetta favors United Nations oversight of world oceans

UK: Police accused of failing to investigate paedophile gang for fear of appearing racist

Germany braces for clashes between Islamists, right-wing activists

Obama signs new Executive Order for U.S. to follow global economic regulations

China blogger seeking redress over labor camp term

Socialist Francois Hollande wins French presidency

Judd Gregg: Vote in French presidential election should be a warning for America

Pakistan: Kidnapped British Red Cross doctor found dead, beheaded

Austerity Creating Backlash Across Europe

Romania left-wing opposition leader named prime minister

France threatens to pull out of borderless scheme

Canada: Feds seek to appeal sex-trade ruling on bawdy houses

First Bo, now Zhou: Power struggle shakes China’s Politburo

Bo Xilai’s Son Appears to Have Left Home Near Harvard

Cuba rebukes Obama over summit talk of democracy

Argentine leader moves to nationalize oil company

Disney making ‘Iron Man 3′ with Chinese partner

Foreign holdings of US debt hit record high

UK: Ministers need to be ready for a revolution

    Telegraph: The unabated controversy over George Osborne’s decision to cap the tax relief on charitable donations may look like another of the small-scale bushfires that sprang up in the wake of last month’s Budget. These rows over the ambient temperature of pasties or the freezing of tax allowances for pensioners have been dismissed as media-led distractions from the main thrust of the Chancellor’s strategy, which is to focus on restoring the health of the public finances.

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Exiled son of shah of Iran calls for Israel’s help

Mitt Romney and Benjamin Netanyahu: A Friendship Dating to 1976 Resonates in 2012

U.S. underestimates Chinese military growth

Two senators chastise China over counterfeit military parts

Anonymous China: Hundreds of Beijing’s Government Websites Defaced

43 arrested in post-papal visit Cuba crackdown

Rocket fired from Egypt hits Israeli city of Eilat

Canada Ups Retirement Age in Bid to Balance Budget

Biden: “We Want To Create A Global Minimum Tax”

Canada ups retirement age in bid to balance budget

Two men torch themselves in Italy as economic hardship bites

Chinese firm surpasses Exxon in oil production

Obama Admin denies asylum request for high level Chinese officer

Lawmakers push resolution opposing UN regulation of the Internet

Brazil takes on websites that promote sex tourism

Ireland sets May 31 date for EU treaty referendum

Obama’s World Bank Nominee Linked To Soros

Chinese economic model not so desirable on closer examination

New president urges Germans to stand by Europe

State Department exempts 11 countries from Iran sanctions

In a globalized world, what role for the World Bank?

Saudi Arabia moves to calm oil market

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams to stand down

China was top investor in Germany last year: agency

Hungary Has Sharp Words for EU

Foreign holdings of U.S. debt at all time high

Israel calls off legislators’ US trip after snub

China says not changing from its path of socialism

Fiji’s plan for new constitution raising hopes

Too many foreigners in France, Sarkozy says

Just War and the Iran Crisis

Canada: Saskatoon Councillors endorse escort services bylaw

Moldova votes to legalize chemical castration

China announces double-digit hike in its defense budget