U.S. judge allows Ten Commandments to remain at Oklahoma Capitol

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American Atheists launches anti-Christmas billboards across the country

American Atheists’ ‘Skip Church’ This Christmas billboards aimed at non-believers in religious households, says AA president

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Challenge to Oklahoma 10 Commandments monument can move forward

Atheist national conference aims at Mormon church

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Atheists Go to Court Against IRS

It’s That Time of Year: Atheists Rev Up to Attack Christmas Once Again

Atheist group says Montgomery won’t respond, plans suit over dispatching clergy to crime scenes

Religion in school could be hot topic in Utah Legislature

SC: Atheists Challenge Elementary School Graduation In Chapel With Christian Prayers

    Religion Clause Blog: The complaint (full text) in American Humanist Association v. Greenville County School District, (D SC, filed 9/11/2013), claims that the graduation ceremony in the chapel also included two student-led Christian prayers that had been reviewed and approved by school staff.

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