Law Professors Give ABA an Earful on Tenure’s Future

Kansas’ Unauthorized LL.M. Program Draws ABA Censure

ABA Reconsiders Practical Skills Mandate for Law Schools

ABA Changes Graduate Data Collection Timeline |

Judicial showdown in Kansas

Silly Attack on Judicial Selection in Kansas

ABA Proposal Alarms Law School Diversity Advocates

Is Law Faculty Tenure In or Out? ABA Can’t Decide

ABA Descends on Washington for Lobbying Push

When Even Members of the T14 Don’t Comply With ABA Standards, Will Law Schools Ever Be Truly Transparent?

Mary L. Bonauto receives American Bar Association’s First Stonewall Award

ABA conference takes up global same sex “marriage”

ABA Decides We Need a Rule to Stop Law Schools Lying About Jobs

ABA embraces Southern Poverty Law Center, issues award despite hate rhetoric

The American Bar Association and Politicization of the Nomination Process

Graham (Hearts) the ABA, says he is not worried about judicial activism

American Bar Association Condemns Religious Profiling

ABA: Law schools getting the message on practical skills

GOP Senators fire back at the ABA’s partisan advocacy for Obama nominees

    Ed Whelan reports at Bench Memos: Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell and ranking Senate Judiciary Committee member Chuch Grassley have sent a strong letter . . The ABA presents itself to the public as a non-partisan, professional organization. However, it has chosen to advocate for this Administration’s circuit court nominees in the few remaining months before this presidential election, when it chose not to do so before either of the last two presidential elections despite much more compelling circumstances. This sort of selective advocacy is precisely why so many people question the ABA’s professed neutrality.

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ABA Picks Sides on Judicial Nominations

ABA Urges Senate to Vote on Appellate Judicial Nominees

ABA, American Law Institute divorce amicably on CLE

ABA Writes Guide to End-of-Life Planning

Spurned by the ABA, law school strikes back with antitrust suit

For Law Schools, a Price to Play the A.B.A.’s Way

The New York Times on ABA Accreditation of Law Schools

ABA gives ground on law schools’ graduate jobs data reporting

Congress Gives Law Schools the Stink Eye

ABA goes on record to repeal DOMA

Why Law Schools Need External Scrutiny

Perry has plenty of ideas on Supreme Court, including term limits

“Oetken, Out Gay Nominee, ‘Unanimously Qualified’ for N.Y. Federal Judgeship, ABA Panel Says”

ABA panel considering making the LSAT optional

Law school not worthwhile for many: American Bar Association

Law school accreditation process is grueling

On law schools and employment data: Is the ABA the answer?

China, India, Japan grapple with the quality of legal education

Dissent Breaks Out Over ABA Fees for Ethics Opinions

Controversy over ABA positions on marriage and immigration

George Soros vs. judicial elections: Stripping people of power, giving lawyers control of courts

ABA advocates federal legalization of “homosexual marriage”

American Bar Association adopts “gay marriage” resolution

ABA endorses same-sex “marriage”

Christian legal group defies ABA on gay marriage

Robinson becomes American Bar Association president-elect

David Boies Urges ABA Members: ‘Bring Rule of Law to Full Fruition’ in US to Meet Founders’ Goals

    ABA: “David Boies challenged America’s lawyers to ‘bring the rule of law to its full fruition here in this country … to fulfill the goals and lofty rhetoric of our founding fathers,’ as the keynote speaker at the Opening Assembly of the 2010 ABA Annual Meeting in San Francisco . . . All lawyers must stand up for the independence of judges, resisting threats to their safety when they make unpopular decisions, said Boies, noting that there already have been threats to harm the judge who ruled in the Proposition 8 litigation.”

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Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Receives Highest ABA Honor

David Boies’ remarks at the ABA’s annual meeting in San Francisco — Prop 8 ruling

Shaping the law: A Solicitors General roundtable

ABA does not speak for all lawyers on same-sex “marriage,” says ADF

ADF: American Bar Association can’t speak for all American lawyers on same-sex ‘marriage’

ABA delegates to weigh judicial finance training, same-sex “marriage”

ABA gives Kagan highest rating for judicial nominees

Time to lift monopolistic barriers to entering the legal profession?

ABA in midst of Kagan evaluation

Religious Land Use Attorney Dan Dalton to Moderate and Present at ABA Conference on RLUIPA Law

Law students push schools for better employment numbers

    Karen Sloan write at The National Law Journal ( “The two have founded a non-profit organization called Law School Transparency with the goal of compiling detailed employment and salary information from all ABA-accredited law schools. The goal is to collect data on individual law graduates, rather than the general class breakdowns required by the ABA and U.S. News. ‘The number one problem with the current system is that it allows schools to hide their employment information in aggregate statistical forms,’ McEntee said. ‘You may know that 50% of graduates got jobs at law firms, but you don’t know what types of firms and types of jobs they got.’”

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Senate Majority Leader Takes Swipe at ABA

Why Reducing Fees and Putting on A Pretty Pink Dress Won’t Bring Solos Back to the ABA

ABA Endorses New Procedure for Judicial Pay Hikes

Top ABA staffers exit amid reorganization

Goal of New ABA Web Effort: All the Federal Decisions that Are Fit to Print

Religious differences are making custody disputes even messier

ABA Files Suit Against FTC Over Applying Red Flags Rule to Lawyers