Supreme Court to hear prisoner’s case requesting 1/4 inch longer beard

ACLU files proposal of how to implement same-sex marriage in Wisconsin

Hearing in Colorado baker’s refusal to serve gay people

ADF to S.D. school: Ignore empty ACLU threats

ACLU urges South Dakota school district to rescind approval of Bible distribution

Same-sex marriage advocates plan new Michigan campaign

On pro-life case involving Obamcare abortion funding, Supreme Court has free speech concerns | Christian Post

North Carolina AG asks judge to delay same-sex “marriage” case

Judge takes up Michigan ban on domestic partner benefits

NH Supreme Court to hear education tax case

Virginia: Amid public pressure, McAuliffe OKs prayer rally time

Florida: Christian student club accuses Lake County Schools of discrimination

ACLU sues for faster action to overturn North Carolina marriage amendment

“High court declines photographer’s appeal in gay marriage case” | Washington Times

Hobby Lobby and the ideology of discrimination | Juicy Ecumenism

Federal judge stays ruling in Va. marriage case Harris v. Rainey

ACLU-TN protects student’s right to read Bible at school

In Oregon marriage case, Judge McShane faces decisions on standing and staying

The Catholic Church and human trafficking

Pro-family groups working together in New Mexico to fight doctor-assisted suicide | OneNewsNow

Consent decree bars Louisiana school district’s promotion of religion

Francis J. Beckwith: What “freedom of worship”?

Ex-city councilor: Ten Commandments statue not religious | Albuquerque Journal

Utah’s decision to freeze same-sex “marriages” debated in court

Trial begins on Ten Commandments monument in Bloomfield, NM | Albuquerque Journal

Judge refuses to block Wisc. marriage amendment, proposes speedy trial

ACLU tracking religious liberty efforts in other states’ legislatures | The Arizona Republic

Muslim family fights Washington town in court for religious exemption

Arizona veto likely to chill other religious freedom bills | Washington Times

“Religious Liberty or Anti-Gay Discrimination? Debate Heats Up” | NBC

Arizona Legislature OKs religion bill; on way to Gov. Brewer | The Arizona Republic

Alaska AG: State will continue to defend marriage amendment

Nine couples seek to overturn Colorado’s marriage amendment

Second judge ponders Virginia’s same-sex “marriage” ban

Jindal administration weighs in on Sabine Parish religious harassment lawsuit

Matt Bowman: Madison should respect free speech for faith | Wisconsin State Journal

“Norfolk federal judge rules gay marriage ban unconstitutional” | WVEC

Virginia judge strikes down same-sex “marriage” ban | USA Today

NC high school faces legal challenge for refusing secular club

Nevada groups launch push to redefine marriage

“Advocates hail lightning speed momentum with same-sex marriage” | ABC

ACLU to sue Missouri over marriage amendment

Nevada withdraws brief defending its marriage protection amendment

Planned Parenthood says it’s proud to provide abortions | Christian Post

Judge hears arguments over Alabama abortion law

Harvard Law professor: “Legal lions Boies and Olson set back gay marriage”

    Noah Feldman at Bloomberg: “What there isn’t is room for Olson and Boies, two accomplished, intelligent and perfectly charming people who have lumbered into an extremely sensitive and complex area of legal activism in which they are, frankly, newcomers. Their Proposition 8 efforts substantiate this problem. Judge Stephen Reinhardt of the Ninth Circuit wrote an opinion in the Prop 8 case that was designed to avoid Supreme Court review — because he himself, a former colleague of Kennedy’s and the maestro of pushing the constitutional envelope, judged that the Supreme Court was not quite ready. When the case went before the Supreme Court anyway, Olson and Boies pushed the claim for universal gay rights instead of emphasizing Reinhardt’s narrow holding. They had to — because they were in it for the historic judgment, not to win a one-off case for their clients.”

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ACLU suit challenges decision to restore cross to Los Angeles County seal

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Indiana abortion law trial set for June 1, 2015

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ACLU sues Sabine Parish School Board for alleged proselytization of student

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“Women have a right to choose and protesters have a right to protest”

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