Yesterday at the U.S. Supreme Court | Cal. Family Council

Bad bills snub life, religious freedom | Cal. Family Council

Cal. public charter school uses drama to promote marriage redefinition

California Stops Bill Allowing Non-Doctor Abortions – For Now

Decreasing care for women to expand abortion: Cal. bill would allow non-physicians to do abortions

Ron Prentice: Proposition 8 in the Courts

Rebecca Burgoyne: More Parents Defying Vaccination Requirements

Cal. Family Council: “Not every problem needs a law”: Left wing legislature places nearly 600 bills on governor’s desk

Controversy Follows Brown’s Judicial Appointments

Slavery is returning to the United States

CA: Homosexual history lessons in public schools

Appeals Court Hears Arguments on Marriage; CitizenLink Analyst is There

California Family Council: See you at the pole – Sept. 22

Traditional marriage outdated?

California Senator Says “Hearsay” Is a Reliable Indicator of Child Abuse

CA Senators scheduled to vote on bill that undermines Proposition 8

Ron Prentice: “Grace and Mercy on a Soul: Senator Roy Ashburn”

Cal. bill would incrementally undermine marriage

New CA bill protects pastors, could legalize “homosexual marriage”

Innocent-sounding Calif. bill could help legalize “gay marriage,” some say

Civil Marriage Bill Pretends to Protect Religious Freedom

“Polls Find Californians Weary of Gay Marriage Ballot Measure”

Cal. Governor Signs Homosexual Bills over Vocal Objections

Schwarzenegger Signs California Law Recognizing Out-of-State Same-Sex “Marriages”

California conservatives “disappointed” with new Harvey Milk day

California Legislature Passes Senate Bill 54 – Promotes Same-sex “Marriage”

California Family Council: Statement Regarding Legislature’s Passage of “Harvey Milk Day” Bill

    California Family Council: “Today the California State Legislature sent Senate Bill 572, authored by Senator Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for his signature. SB 572 would require the governor of California to annually proclaim May 22asHarvey Milk Day to honor the first openly homosexual politician.”

    The California Family Council also reports that the Cal. Assembly has approved SB 54 authored by Senator Mark Leno (D-San Francisco): “SB 54 requires the state of California to validate and recognize same-sex marriages performed outside the state of California prior to November 5, 2008. The bill specifically violates Article I, Section 7.5 of the California Constitution which states ‘Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.’”

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The Southern Baptist Convention is Finally ‘Throwing in the Towel’ on Government Schools

    Exodus Mandate: Ray Moore of Exodus Mandate expressed his hearty agreement: “Dr. Morris Chapman’s clarion call for a major expansion of Christian elementary and secondary schools is an example of bold leadership, not only for the SBC, but for the entire Christian community. This could not have come at a more opportune moment when families are crying out for assistance with their children and churches are losing the next generation of youth to worldliness, humanism and post modernism due to public schooling. In the last several decades, Christian organizations and publishers have created excellent curriculum materials and online Christian education programs that will work for small or large churches as well as for home school families. Technology combined with good curriculum have made K-12 Christian education available to anyone anywhere anytime and at reasonable cost.”

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American River College student leaders declare opposition to “gay rights” rally

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Digest of coverage of the Cal. Supreme Court’s refusal to stay its marriage ruling

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Press conference Thursday on submission of Calif. marriage amendment petitions

California Marriage Amendment Headed to Ballot

Cal. Assembly Committee Approves Bill to Criminalize Spanking

CFC Responds to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Vow to Oppose the California Marriage Amendment

Proposed California ‘spanking’ ban would intrude on parental rights

Expanded "diversity legislation" promised for California