Austin Ruse: What makes a hate group according to the SPLC?

Abortion is losing at the UN | Austin Ruse at C-FAM

Graduate Students Scheduled to Attend UN Training Session

International Planning Committee Meets in Moscow to Plan World Congress of Families VIII (September 10-12, 2014)

EU Survey Fails to Show Increased Violence Against Homosexuals

France Accused of Police Brutality Against Marriage Demonstrators

Homosexual Cause Not So Inevitable at UN Despite Pressure

Russia Offers Controversial Code of Conduct for UN Treaty Bodies

“Social Science Study Still Spooking Gay Advocates” | Austin Ruse at C-FAM

Groups Ask US To Back Off Demand For Abortion At UN

Pro-lifers: U.N. groups assuming powers they don’t have | One News Now

Pro-Life Groups Tell UN Treaty Bodies to Stop Pushing Abortion

Pro-life Organizations Engage Human Rights Council

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity are Not Human Rights | Austin Ruse at C-FAM

Europeans Launch Initiative To Defund Abortion | Wendy Wright at C-FAM

Abandoning Pro-Life Issues Not the GOP Path to Victory

Analysis: Guttmacher Institute Equates Abortion Limits With Forced Abortion

Warsaw Pro-Life Gathering Strengthens Legislative Efforts to Defend Life | Piero Tozzi at C-FAM

USAID Unleashes Norplant-Like Implant for Poor Women

Governments Fight Back Against CEDAW Committee

UN High Commission Ignores Pro-Life Concerns on Treaty Body Reform

Radicals Try to Eject Pro-Lifer From Gates Family Planning Summit

Piero Tozzi: “Analysis: Madrid Family Confab Mixes Concern with Hope”

The World Congress of Families Defends the Rights of Children to Have a Mother and Father in Every Home

Sixth World Congress of Families Conference takes place in Madrid May 25-27

“Anatomy of a Smear”: Opposing the homosexual agenda internationally

UN Agencies Fuel Sex Selective Abortions and the Devaluation of Women

Ben Bull: Special Rights For Some Undercut Equal Rights For All

How Population Control has Harmed National Security

Human Rights “Cloud” Obscures Development vs. Human Rights Debate

Rogue UN Officials Reprimanded by UN Member States

San Jose Articles Used to Block Right to Abortion in Uruguay

Governments Condemn UN Official’s Attempt to Create A Right to Abortion

European Human Rights Court Protects Human Embryos

Major Pro-Life Legal/Scientific Document Launched at UN Headquarters

Conference: Legal Abortion Doesn’t Reduce Maternal Mortality

Pro-Life World Congress to be held in Costa Rica in October

Youth coalition presents family-oriented message at UN summit

57,000 youths push back against massive UN ‘sexual rights’ agenda

Research Distributed to UN Reaffirms Traditional Understanding of Gender

UN Bureaucrats Push “Homosexual Rights” Against General Assembly Wishes

Susan B. Anthony List: Meet the 2011 Young Leader Award Winners

C-FAM and ADF submit joint brief to UN committee

Pro-life leader calls UN World Youth Congress in Mexico a “farce”

Pro-life leaders worldwide sign petition against pro-abortion Kenya Constitution

Looking back, looking forward: Pro-life strategy and jurisprudence for the 21st Century

UN General Assembly Eliminates Reference to “Sexual Orientation,” Gender Identity

Ireland on trial for pro-life law, doubt cast on neutrality of European rights court

UNFPA Pulls Name From Graphic Sex Ed While Training Activists to Agitate for It

Legal Scholars React to UN Committee’s Homosexual Rights Recommendation

UN Committee Asserts Special Rights for “Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity”

Obama Administration calls for universal access to abortion at UN meeting

UNICEF calls for legal abortion in Dominican Republic

    C-FAMM: “While Dominican lawmakers were debating the merits of such a provision and the nation’s penal prohibition of abortion, Nils Kastberg, UNICEF’s regional director for Latin America and the Caribbean, interjected himself, calling on Dominican legislators to consider liberalizing abortion so women would not be forced into ‘unsafe procedures.’ He also suggested they would be ‘hypocrites’ unconcerned with the nation’s higher than average teen birth rate. Kastberg made his unusual statements while visiting the capital of Santo Domingo at the end of March.”

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Obama-Funded UNFPA to Prevent Pro-Life Advocates From Attending Abortion Conference

President Barack Obama Pushing Abortion Hard at United Nations, Pro-Life Group Says

NGO Committee Rejects Brazilian Homosexual Group for UN Accreditation

Leftist Catholic group seeks UN status