You Might Be “Offended” by Reading This | Nathan Cherry at Engage Family Minute

W.Va., Colo. abortion lawsuits very similar | WV Gazette

Pro Abortion group rallies at W.Va. Capitol

West Virginia Attorney General Called On to Regulate Abortion | Christian Newswire

FPCWV press conference Monday will announce next step in campaign to bring accountability to abortionists

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W.Va. group seeks oversight of abortion industry

3 Things Every Pastor Can Do | Nathan Cherry at Engage Family Minute

Time for WV to regulate abortuaries, says attorney | One News Now

Abortionist who missed decapitated head ‘followed all laws’ | WorldNetDaily

    WorldNetDaily (7/7): “We are grateful that the attorney general continues to be concerned about the safety of women, which is clearly more important than abortionists’ bottom-line profits. It is shocking to see that Women’s Health Center of West Virginia believes that what it did to Itai Gravely could possibly be called ‘quality medical care services’ in light of the serious allegations against it,” said Jeremiah Dys, the president of the Family Policy Council of West Virginia. He’s also an allied attorney with the Alliance Defending Freedom. “Whatever ‘regulations’ it thinks are ‘currently on the books’ – and we believe there are none – Dr. Stephens and Women’s Health Center of West Virginia exposed Itai to extraordinary suffering and placed her life in danger. We continue to urge the governor to end his silence on this issue and join with the attorney general in leading this state’s implementation of sensible abortion regulations.”

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Clinic Botching Abortion Leaving Baby’s Head Inside Mom: We Did Nothing Wrong | Life News

How Will the Church Respond to the SCOTUS Rulings? | Engage Family Minute

Another Contraceptive Coverage Mandate Challenge Filed By Small Business

Should Christians “Legislate Morality” on the Nation? | Nathan Cherry at Engage Family Minute

Are Pastors Finally Waking Up and Ready to Address Biblical Moral Issues? | Nathan Cherry at Christian Post

Updated: Media Covering FPCWV Lawsuit Against Abortion Clinic | Engage Family Minute (includes video)

Morrisey to assess abortion regulations | (AP)

W.Va. AG Morrisey to review abortion regulation in state | Daily Mail

Official Wants Probe After Botched Abortion Leaves Baby’s Head Inside Mother | LifeNews

WV attorney general speaks out on abortion abuses | Alliance Defending Freedom

W.Va. AG questions clinics, reviews abortion regs | KTVU (AP)

Woman suing over forced abortion is expecting again; abortionist subject of 9 lawsuits in 5 years | LifeSiteNews

IRS Becomes ‘Belief Police,’ Tells Nonprofit to Keep Faith to Itself | Charisma

Woman sues over botched abortion | World Magazine

Woman files lawsuit in ‘botched abortion’ | Charleston Daily Mail

Abortionist left head in womb, forced woman to go through with abortion without anesthesia: lawsuit | LifeSiteNews

Lawsuit: West Virginia abortionist left baby’s head in womb | One News Now

Woman sues W.Va. clinic over abortion procedure | (AP)

Woman represented by Christian group sues, alleges doctor botched abortion | Charleston Gazette

Botched Abortion Leaves Baby’s Head Inside Mother’s Womb, Lawsuit Filed

    LifeNews: Alliance Defending Freedom and the Family Policy Council of West Virginia are representing a West Virginia woman in a lawsuit against the Women’s Health Center of West Virginia abortion facility and abortion practitioner Rodney Lee Stephens of Charleston. In the lawsuit, Itai Gravely claims Stephens forced her to proceed with an abortion against her will and then left her baby’s head in her womb. “A woman’s life and health is more important than an abortionist’s bottom line,” said Alliance Defending Freedom allied attorney Jeremiah Dys, president and general counsel of the Family Policy Council of West Virginia. “What Stephens and Women’s Health Center did to Itai is beyond the pale. She has been exposed to extraordinary cruelty, and her life was put in jeopardy.”

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WV: Lawsuit over Botched Abortion | FPC of WV

Uh-Oh! A Teacher Prayed In School

Why Christian Silence on Homosexuality is Not a Virtue | Engage Family Minute

FPCWV calls for immediate safety stand-down of abortion industry in WV

Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ is Not Inevitable, It’s Just Not Novel Anymore | Jeremy Dys at Engage Family Minute

Marriage Redefinition is Just the Beginning | Nathan Cherry of Engage Family Minute at Illinois Family Inst.

Jeremiah G. Dys: The court shouldn’t settle the marriage debate

WV: Former WVU Coach Don Nehlen to speak at 2nd annual Gubernatorial Prayer Breakfast

ADF: New Video Shows Purpose of Defending DOMA

The Only Thing Inevitable About Same-Sex “Marriage” is that It’s Not Inevitable | Nathan Cherry at Engage Family Minute

If Government Gets Out of the ‘Marriage Business’ You Will Have More, Not Less, Government | Jeremy Dys at Engage Family Minute

Protecting Student Religious Liberty at the West Virginia Legislature | Jeremy Dys at Engage Family Minute

Students Say A Prayer And Defy Anti-Christians | One News Now

FPC of WV, ADF Stand with Students Praying Before Football Games “Christian students have the right to peacefully express their faith at school. They do not shed their constitutional freedoms at the schoolhouse gate or in the stadium parking lot,” said Jeremy Dys, president and general counsel of the FPCWV. “Misinformed public school officials should not cater to pressure from activists who demand that religious students be silenced; rather, they should understand that the Constitution permits students to pray—and pray publicly—before football games.” . . . “Our government and courts have already spoken: students have a constitutionally protected right to participate in peaceful, public expressions of prayer and worship. Alliance Defending Freedom and the Family Policy Council of West Virginia stand with students across West Virginia as they exercise their religious liberty,” said Alliance Defending Freedom Legal Counsel Matt Sharp.

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The Family Policy Council of WV, Alliance Defending Freedom stand with students praying before football games

Engaging the Issues: Are America’s Pulpits Free? | Erik Stanley Audio with the FPC of WV

A Herculean Defense of Religious Liberty | Michael Norton on Engage the Issues

Do You Know What Jesus Said About Homosexuality?

    Nathan A. Cherry at the Engage Family Blog: My complaint begins with very liberal supporters of same-sex “marriage” that say “Jesus never said anything about it” and therefore justify homosexuality. But that is only the start of the complaint, because let’s face it, liberal and lost homosexual advocates will use absolutely anything they can to drum up support for their cause. The biggest part of my complaint is that some Christians are buying into this notion and starting to repeat the rhetoric verbatim to justify their own support for same-sex “marriage.”

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University Wants to Boot Chick-fil-A, Christian Group Warns | Newsmax

Family Policy Council warns W. Virginia U. that Chick-Fil-A retaliation could lead to legal liability

Let’s Talk About Sex, and Sexuality, and What They Mean

Family Policy Council of West Virginia Announces 2012 Gubernatorial Prayer Breakfast

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Sanctity of Human Life Sunday: Resources for Every Person to Celebrate Life | Family Policy Council of WV

WV: State of the Family Address

WV: “State school board approves anti-bullying policy to include gay, lesbian students”

Can You Plant a Church in a School? | Engage Family Minute

FPC of WV president to provide testimony on non-existent ‘bullying’ legislation

WV: Bullying policy should based on objective conduct not victim identity

Family Policy Council of West Virginia: Bullying

Who Controls the Pulpit?

Does Your Marriage Have What It Takes to Last a Lifetime?

Lessons West Virginia Should Learn in a New York Minute About Marriage

WV: Help For ‘Unwanted’ Homosexuality

‘Ex-gay’ group to visit W.Va.

Job Announcement: FPCWV Seeks Director of Development