Christian Airman Punished by Lesbian Commander Now Being Investigated for Talking to Media

“Christians for Gay Marriage Launch ‘Not All Like That’ Campaign”

NM Supreme Court: Christian Photographers Must ‘Compromise’ Faith, Shoot Homosexual ‘Weddings’ | Christian News Network

FRC’s Leo Johnson: Showing The Love

Christians must oppose anti-Muslim discrimination | Religion News

Southern Poverty Law Center: ‘Our Hate Map Doesn’t Cause Anybody to Attack’

Even If Your Prayers Aren’t Brief, This Brief Could Help Your Prayers | FRC Washington Update at Patriot Post

More U.S. companies buckle under LGBT pressure | World Magazine

Conservative Catholics and Religious Right Unite for Revamped Culture War | Truth Out

Christian Right Seeks Renewal in Catholic-Evangelical Alliance | Daily Kos

Obama Judicial Pick Cornelia Pillard: Abortion Needed to “Free Women From Maternity” | Tony Perkins at LifeNews

Porn is everywhere. But that’s not what’s killing marriage. | Washington Post

“Devout Catholics Have Better Sex, Study Says”

Evangelical Fuller Seminary Says “Yes” to Homosexual Campus Club | The New American

3 Things Every Pastor Can Do | Nathan Cherry at Engage Family Minute

Military Chaplains Launching Campaign to Protect Religious Freedoms – for Christians

Groups Say Religious Liberty in Military is in Danger

Halt religious coercion, Baptist & Catholic-led coalition says of abortion mandate | Baptist Press

Supreme Court “carjacked the nation” with same-sex rulings, Perkins says | CBS Face the Nation Video

“Pleased by court rulings, backers of gay marriage now gird for fight to extend it nationwide” | Star Tribune (AP)

The Facts on Marriage Laws in America | Heritage Foundation Chart and Analysis

Reaction to court ruling on marriage provision |

When Christians become a ‘hated minority’

Marriage: Get Equipped for the Supreme Court’s Decisions | Heritage Foundation

The consequences of marriage redefinition | Ben Johnson at LifeSiteNews

Marriage: Consequences of Redefinition | James McGlone at Heritage Foundation

Oldest Duggar child to head Family Research Council’s legislative arm

Marriage, Democracy, and the Court: It’s unconstitutional for activist judges to settle the marriage debate. | Ryan T. Anderson at NRO

‘Inevitability of Same-Sex Marriage’ Is a Choice We Can Reject | Ryan Anderson at The Christian Post

Former APA president: I know of ‘hundreds’ of homosexuals who changed their orientation

On Marriage, Inevitability Is a Choice We Can Reject | Ryan Anderson at Heritage Foundation

Family groups on Boy Scouts’ vote: Expect a mass exodus | One News Now

Inhuman: Undercover in America’s Late-term Abortion Industry | Video

Floral Controversy Stems from Intolerant Left | FRC Washington Update

Groups: Block FCC from winking at indecency | Baptist Press at Townhall

BALA CYNWYD, PA: ACNA Diocese of the Armed Forces and Chaplaincies to open June | Virtue Online

Southern Poverty Law Center Linked to FRC Shooting in Chilling New Interrogation Video

Military Blocks Southern Baptist Convention Website

“No merit badges for the Boy Scouts’ proposal on gays” | Washington Post

Government Wants 45-year Sentence For FRC Shooter

Who Said That?: A Simple Question That May Change the Way Courts View Legislative Prayer | Brett Harvey and Joel Oster at Fed Soc

Do infertile couples undermine the ‘procreation argument’ for marriage? | Peter Sprigg at LifeSiteNews

Lawmakers Want Army to Apologize for Attacks on Christians

“Mark Regnerus, University Of Texas Professor, Wades Further Into Gay Marriage Debate” | American Independent via Huffington Post

Conservative women’s group: Same-sex marriage advocates bullying us

Assault on Religious Liberty (Part 2) | Chuck Norris at Townhall

Gary Bauer: If GOP abandons marriage ‘I will take as many people’ out of the party as possible

“Should the Supreme Court impose a nationwide mandate on same-sex marriage?” | Face the Nation (includes video)

Supreme Court To Hear Arguments On Two Same-Sex Marriage Cases This Week | CBS

“Ahead of Supreme Court Arguments, Sunday News Shows Favor Gay Marriage Supporters” | Christian Post

Guest lineups for the Sunday news shows

At Planned Parenthood, Crime Does Pay! | Family Research Council

Is the GOP Caving on Defense of Marriage? The Media Narrative

“Conservatives Don’t Just Oppose Gay ‘Marriage,’ They Strongly Oppose It” | Tony Perkins at CNSNews

Abandoning marriage would create a real ‘autopsy’ report, GOP pro-family leaders say

Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein: Same-sex marriage support “a business issue” | CBS Video

“Ellen DeGeneres Sends Humorous Pro-Gay Marriage Brief to Supreme Court” | Christian Post

The Pastor, the Pulpit, and Politics | Faith and Liberty Talkshow at Ohio Christian U.

Attorney: Time of ‘great peril’ for people of faith | Baptist Press

An Agent of Intolerance Seeks to Stifle Debate | Ken Connor at Townhall

USA Today Ad Encourages Scouts to Stay True

Scouts Consider Breaking Camp with Tradition | FRC Call to Action

    FRC: Meanwhile, Americans (only 42% of whom support this change) want to know: Will a new policy help produce young men with greater moral clarity or responsibility? Will it help make the transition from boy to man easier? These are the questions our nation should be asking the leadership of the Boy Scouts of America. No one can blame the BSA for wanting to put the exhausting conflict of the last 30 years behind them. But throwing up your hands on 103 years of tradition doesn’t end the controversy–it begins another

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