Does Colorado baker’s anti-same-sex marriage cake refusal rise to level of discrimination?

Christian leaders Matt Chandler, Russell Moore fed up with GOP decision to hold off on mid-term abortion ban

Bibles will be popping up in public schools across America today

Focus on the Family sponsors ‘Bring Your Bible to School Day’, encourages students to talk about their faith

Focus on the Family makes Thursday ‘Bring Your Bible to School’ day

ADF: Students free to participate in ‘Bring Your Bible to School Day’

Students: Speak up for your faith today … before tomorrow’s silence | OneNewsNow

Religious-freedom advocates turn from ballot to courtroom

Canadian Government to Catholic schools: Teach religion our way

Dimensionality of the military chaplaincy | ABP

International Planning Committee Meets in Moscow to Plan World Congress of Families VIII (September 10-12, 2014)

Governor Christie Surrenders; New Jersey Begins Same-sex Marriage | The New American

“Fight over Indiana gay marriage amendment promises to bring national attention” | IndyStar

“Gay marriage and U.S. evangelicals: conciliatory tone, traditional doctrine”

Eyes will be on Iowa as political visitors arrive | The Californian

Conservative Catholics and Religious Right Unite for Revamped Culture War | Truth Out

Christian Right Seeks Renewal in Catholic-Evangelical Alliance | Daily Kos

Groups: Block FCC from winking at indecency | Baptist Press at Townhall

World Congress of Families VII (WCF Sydney 2013) Opens in Two Weeks — Latest Chapter in Forging an International Pro-Family Movement

Homeschoolers’ request for asylum questioned by judges

The Sound of Tyranny for German Home School Family | Robert Knight at Townhall

Focus on the Family Executive: Homeschool Asylum Case ‘Critical’

Take Action: Thousands to March for God’s Design for Marriage

Focus on the Family Ultrasound Program Saves 146,000 Babies From Abortion

Colorado Springs Evangelicals | PBS

Pro-life Organizations Engage Human Rights Council

Colorado Senate Gives Initial Nod To Civil Unions Bill

Much ado about ‘cake’ in political battle for civil unions in Colorado | LGBTQ Nation

Colorado Senate Committee Approves Civil Unions Bill | On Top Magazine

Signs and Wonders: Airbrushing Jesus out of Christmas, Chinese doomsdayers detained …

“Evangelicals struggle to stay relevant in Republican politics”

Chick-fil-A says leave “same-sex marriage” to the government? Backlash to follow outpouring?

The Evangelical Footprint | Mich. St. L. Rev. by Lisa Shaw Roy

Christian organizations’ ‘Yardstick’ evaluates anti-bullying policies for pro-LGBT bias

Christian organizations’ ‘Yardstick’ evaluates anti-bullying policies for pro-LGBT bias

“Christian Groups Measure Gay Factor at Schools With ‘Anti-Bullying Policy Yardstick’”

Christians Devise New Anti-bullying Idea

    WorldNetDaily: Noting that sometimes school proposals or policies “protect … only a select few favored by activist groups advancing a homosexual agenda,” the Alliance Defending Freedom announced today it has worked with Focus on the Family in order to come up with an “Anti-Bullying Policy Yardstick . . . “All students deserve to be protected from bullying, not just ones favored by certain political activist groups,” said Jeremy Tedesco, legal counsel for the ADF. “And all schools need help to ensure that their policies comport with their students’ First Amendment freedoms and other legal protections. This tool is designed to provide that help.” In short, a good anti-bullying policy, if a district wants one, “provides a precise definition of ‘bullying’ that regulates bullying conduct” and “focuses on the acts or words said by the alleged bully rather than the intent or motives behind the actions,” the ADF said.

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ADF: New ‘yardstick’ sizes up anti-bullying policies

Focus on the Family, Right to Life to Register 5 Million Pro-Life Voters

New Campaign for Same-Sex Marriage Claims ‘Conservative’ Roots: True Conservatives Push Back

UN High Commission Ignores Pro-Life Concerns on Treaty Body Reform

    Stefano Gennarini at C-FAM: C-FAM (publisher of the Friday Fax) along with Alliance Defending Freedom and Focus on the Family filed a brief with the Commissioner last month pointing out that UN Treaty Monitoring Bodies overreach their mandate when they rewrite hard law treaties to include a right to abortion and then direct governments to adhere to the new norms . . . C-FAM has been working in the UN arena for 15 years. Alliance Defending Freedom (formerly Alliance Defense Fund) is the largest pro-life and family non-profit law firm in the world and has won 38 cases at the Supreme Court. Focus on the Family is the largest pro-family organization in the world. The organizations have been working closely together for months on treaty body reform.

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Think Progress: “Hate Groups Still Preach That Students Can Be ‘Indoctrinated Into Homosexual Behavior’”

Study: Children of Parents in Same-Sex Relationships Face Greater Risks

Same-sex unions: Fate of Colorado measure may be sealed

Jim Daly: Making sense of marriage news

    Jim Daly at the Washington Post: But the role of government is to do what is best for its people – all its people. Throw out the orthodox Christian understanding that God designed marriage as a holy union between husband and wife (an understanding I embrace) if you want; what remains are reams of social science data, and the experiences of generations of Americans, that the most stabilizing and enriching environment a child can grow up in is a home headed by his or her married mother and father. And since the health of any society depends on the health of those who comprise it, it is the responsibility of government to enact laws that offer the best chance for health to be passed from one generation to the next. Traditional marriage is that best chance of creating a building block for a thriving society.

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Sending different message on ‘Day of Silence’

“Anti-Bullying Laws are Pro Gay: Christian Groups”

GLAAD “Commentator Accountability Project” targets free speech

Colorado: Focus on the Family to push ballot initiative to ban state government interference

Christian vendor blocked from campus

A new voice in marriage debate: Lynnwood’s Joseph Backholm is becoming known |

Pro-Family Leader James Dobson Endorses Rick Santorum

Glenn T. Staunton: The Nasty Politics of Parenting Research | National Review

Evangelicals Hurry to Find Alternative to Romney

Evangelicals and Religious Liberty

“Gay ‘marriage,’ young adults & polling” | Baptist Press

NBC Cancels “The Playboy Club”

“Pulpit Freedom Sunday blasted by group advocating separation of church and state” | The Colorado Independent

“Flouting the Law, Pastors Will Take On Politics” |

NY town clerk may lose job for refusing to issue marriage licenses

Iowa: Houses purchased by school raise questions

News from Missouri Family Policy Council

Decency Groups Warn of Trashy Fall TV Line-up

Religion Dispatches: “Beyond Alarmism and Denial in the Dominionism Debate”

    Sarah Posner and Anthea Butler at Religion Dispatches: That’s too narrow, and I think has (1) opened a door for the dominionism deniers, and (2) caused people to overlook some of the real-world creations of dominionism. The religious right has, in so many ways, succeeded in creating institutions meant to supplant “secular” ones. One of the founders of Oral Roberts University law school (where Michele Bachmann earned her law degree) called this his “dominion mandate.” Look at Regent University, where Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell earned his graduate degrees, or Liberty University Law School, where students are taught to engage in “civil disobedience” when a court order conflicts, in their view, with “biblical law,” or the Alliance Defense Fund, a law firm created to take on cases that would result in overturning of Supreme Court jurisprudence on separation of church and state. That’s the sort of thing dominionism has actually accomplished, in the legal field alone.

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Couples file appeal in Minnesota same-sex marriage lawsuit

New voices line up against ‘Playboy Club’

Greg Scott: Sen. Franken Appeals to .00001% in Hearings on ‘No Respect for Marriage Act’

Same-sex ‘marriage’ gateway to legal polygamy

A National Defense of Marriage

Respect of Marriage Act Seeks to Silence Voters, Says Policy Analyst

“Landmark Senate hearing on repeal of gay marriage ban Wednesday”

Pro-Family Coalition Targets NBC’s “Playboy Club” Fall Series