Michigan mayor to counter atheist booth by distributing “In God We Trust” posters

ETX principal targeted by anti-religion groups for reportedly quoting Bible verses over intercom

Howard County school’s religious practices questioned

Atheist activists seek to stop Bible distribution in Oklahoma schools

Group says teacher memorial at school violates First Amendment

Oklahoma bill seeks to protect rights of schools offering elective Bible courses

Atheists seek to dissuade Congress from taking oath on Bible

Atheist group erects 11 billboards across Chicago; argues that kindness ‘comes from altruism,’ not from ‘seeking divine reward’

Georgia mother threatens lawsuit because of Bibles in elementary school

Atheist activist group threatens lawsuit over school Bible distribution

Religious freedom upheld in two recent court cases

Alliance Defending Freedom targets atheist attach on Ohio schools as discrimination

Colorado Supreme Court throws out lawsuit challenging National Day of Prayer proclamations

Atheists prompt investigation into history teacher for ‘preaching’ Christianity in class

Day of Prayer upheld in Colorado

Colorado’s ‘Day of Prayer’ proclamations pass muster

Colorado fends off attack on Day of Prayer

Victory for religious freedom in Colorado

Intercessors win major prayer battle in Colorado Supreme Court

Atheist group loses lawsuit to ban Colorado Day of Prayer

Colorado court upholds Day of Prayer proclamations

Colo. Supreme Court rejects attack on governor’s prayer proclamation

School district gets ‘attaboy’ for smacking down atheist activist group

Schools ban student prayer group and Christian-led anti-bullying program

‘Parsonage exemption’ safe, federal court rules, dismissing atheists’ complaint

Ohio school district stands up to atheist group’s unfounded threats

Court rejects atheists’ demand to end tax break for clergy housing

Court dismisses clergy tax-free housing challenge

In typical fashion, atheists ‘distort’ 1st Amendment

Appeals court dismisses clergy housing lawsuit

Appeals court overturns ruling striking down tax-free clergy housing allowances

7th Circuit throws out attack on housing allowance for ministers

Atheists block voluntary anti-drug, anti-bullying programs due to ‘Christian ties’

Atheists sink voluntary anti-bullying, anti-drugs education program in Texas schools

Prominent atheist organization closely tied to abortion industry

Georgia school board unanimously votes to remove Scripture from sculpture

Georgia high school will remove Bible verses from football monument fearing atheists’ lawsuit

Coach-led prayers no longer allowed at South Dakota high school following complaint

Preaching politics, pastors defy ban

Satanists to distribute materials to Florida public school students

Atheists, humanists demand Georgia school district remove Scripture from sculpture

Secularist to lead Alabama city council meeting in its first atheist ‘prayer’

In election season, churches reminded of campaign do’s and don’ts

Erik Stanley talks on Caffeinated Thoughts Radio about the IRS and investigating churches (audio)

IRS still secretive about plans to monitor church sermons

University reverses course: Football players can wear cross decals on helmets

Group calls on Penn State to reverse decision on Bibles

ADF hopes Penn States follows U.S. Navy over Bible removal

A call to enlist pastors in defense of religious freedom

IRS stonewalls coming clean on secret deal to investigate churches

The IRS’ response about church tax monitoring that has a conservative legal firm up in arms

IRS denies info about deal with atheist group to monitor content of sermons

IRS stonewalls coming clean on secret deal to investigate churches

Penn State University pulling Gideon Bibles from guest rooms following complaint

Arkansas State University football team to remove crosses from helmets following complaint

Yes, the Bible is constitutional, attorneys assure Penn State

ADF to Penn State: Restore Bibles to guest rooms

7th Circuit hears oral arguments in parsonage allowance challenge

Is the Penn mightier than the sword?

Suit to restrict pulpit speech dismissed

“So help me God”: Military practices face scrutiny from non-believers

Penn State denies removing Bibles from hotels following atheist complaints

Mr. Weinstein, meet Rocky Raccoon

ADF signs letter to Pentagon regarding Navy Bible policy

‘Freedom of religion does not require freedom from religion:’ Gov. vows to defend memorial