Advocates of same-sex “marriage” seek ballot measure to repeal Ohio marriage amendment

VA emerging as key state in marriage fight

“Q. & A.: Evan Wolfson On Winning The Gay-marriage Fight” | The New Yorker

    Richard Socarides at The New Yorker: When do you think the Supreme Court might rule that there is a federal constitutional right to same-sex marriage? Nobody can answer that precisely. There are now some forty-four cases in nineteen or twenty states moving forward. And one of them may be the case, or it may be some other case down the road. We can encourage the Court to take the right case at the right time and do the right thing—within a matter of years, not decades.
    A lot of people now say this is inevitable; it’s a done deal. What do you say to those people? You know, ten minutes ago many of those same people were saying it was impossible. Now they are saying it’s inevitable. The truth of the matter is: it was never either.

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New push in Ohio to redefine marriage

“Gay-marriage backers head to court”

Defining ‘Traditional Marriage,’ Not Redefining It | Sarah Prager at the Huffington Post

Costs of marriage fight will be staggering

“Ten states to tackle gay marriage next” | NBC

“Pleased by court rulings, backers of gay marriage now gird for fight to extend it nationwide” | Star Tribune (AP)

“Should the Supreme Court impose a nationwide mandate on same-sex marriage?” | Face the Nation (includes video)

“Ahead of Supreme Court Arguments, Sunday News Shows Favor Gay Marriage Supporters” | Christian Post

Guest lineups for the Sunday news shows

LGBT Groups Ask Unions, Civil Rights Groups For Marriage Campaign Help

For Marriage Equality, the Work’s Not Just in Court | Evan Wolfson at the NY Times

“Gay marriage should be at the ballot box” | Jeff Jacoby at the Boston Globe

“Gay marriage groups hope to turn focus from the ballot box” | Salon

    Salon: “Rights should not be put to a vote,” Evan Wolfson, the founder of Freedom to Marry, told the Wall Street Journal. “While we have now shown we can do it, it doesn’t mean that we should have to do it, and it doesn’t mean that it is easy to do.” He added that “very few” states will be appealing as fronts to pursue more ballot measures, because of costs and the scale of organization needed.

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“How gay marriage won at the polls” | Nathaniel Frank at the Daily Herald (AP)

    Nathaniel Frank at the Daily Herald (AP): After the losses in Maine in 2009 and California a year earlier, LGBT advocates knew they needed to craft an effective response to Schubert’s false message that gay equality harms kids. Enter Freedom To Marry. The umbrella group was founded in 2003 by the civil rights lawyer Evan Wolfson, who has consistently preached about winning hearts and minds in between elections rather than in the frenzied lead-up to them. While gay groups had spent millions of dollars on public opinion research before and after the Prop 8 loss in California, no one had ever stopped to pull it all together . . . Frank, author of “Unfriendly Fire” and a visiting scholar at Columbia’s Center for Gender and Sexuality Law, is writing a book called “The Anti-Gay Mind.”

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National groups opposed to MN marriage amendment recruit volunteers

23 “gay rights” leaders condemn Family Research Council shooting

New Campaign for Same-Sex Marriage Claims ‘Conservative’ Roots: True Conservatives Push Back

Minnesota CEO rallying fellow execs to publicly oppose marriage amendment

DOMA Unconstitutional Ruling: Liberal Religious Groups Hail Move, Conservatives Condemn | Huffington Post

“NH gay advocate resigns, citing no funding”

“New York Gay Marriage Vote Alters Political Battle Lines”

AP: “N.Y. legalizes gay marriage”

“Some gay-rights foes claim they now are bullied”

“Gay marriage could move forward in some U.S. states”

Democratic leader in Iowa Senate vows to block marriage vote

Libresco: When debates go sour – Gallagher v. Wolfson marriage debate at Yale

“Gay marriage fate rests in courts of law, public opinion”

“Group wants same military benefits for gay spouses”

“Will gay military spouses receive benefits after repeal?”

    LezGetReal: “Austin R. Nimocks, a lawyer with the Alliance Defense Fund, told The Washington Times, ‘It’s most likely under the current scenario that the military would follow DOMA because the marriage license held by a same-sex couple is a state-conferred right and not a federal-conferred right. And so there is no requirement that the federal government acknowledge that state-conferred right in that regard. I think that federal DOMA would necessarily constrict the ability of the military to provide some sort of recognition to a marriage license held by a same-sex couple.’ . . . The top Republican on the House Armed Services Committee . . . asked Secretary Gates if he will recommend that Congress repeal DOMA . . . A spokesman for Gates declined to comment.”

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At heart of Prop. 8 trial, a fight over nurturing kids

“Gay marriage’s ‘inevitability’ in doubt”

Wisconsin: Day off for Good Friday draws fire from FFRF

“Iowa same-sex marriage ruling spurs activists”

“Semantics rule gay marriage debate”

Lesbian Couple Seeking Divorce In New Jersey

New Tell-Three campaign proselytizes for same sex “marriage”

Civil Unions a Minefield for Obama