Religious Freedom Sunday: Opportunity to be reminded of students’ rights | One News Now

Sunday event reminds students of their religious freedom | One News Now

Religious Freedom Sunday to Spotlight Rights to Religious Expression in Schools

Campaign regards students’ religious rights

ADF encourages churches, schools to celebrate Religious Freedom Day

Gateways: Religious Freedom Day, January 16, 2011

Chuck Colson: Public schools and the Bible

    Chuck Colson writing at The Christian Post: “Many people mistakenly assume using the Bible in a public school is prohibited by law. But in fact, the Supreme Court has actually endorsed using the Bible in public schools . . . And because introducing the Bible to public school students is academically expected and legally supported, our friends at Gateways to Better Education have written a one-page document entitled ‘School District Guidelines for the Use of Bible Stories in The Classroom.’ Gateways is a national ministry with expertise in the much-needed work of equipping Christian parents and teachers in the public schools.”

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Churches called to promote religious freedom of students

Chuck Colson calls on churches to promote religious liberty on Religious Freedom Sunday

Advocacy groups launch “Religious Freedom Sunday”

Spreading the Word about Religious Freedom Sunday

David Cortman on KWTO with Mary Reichard: The National Free to Speak Campaign

Lawsuit seeks to keep Bible in Idaho charter school

Having faith in the rules of students’ religious liberty

Religion and public schools: An important civics lesson this fall

“Free to Speak” campaign launched

Nationwide campaign to raise awareness of students’ religious rights

Chuck Colson: Religion in schools

Religion in Schools: The National Free to Speak Campaign

    Breakpoint: “Do you understand your child’s religious rights at school? Chances are your school principal doesn’t either. A national campaign is underway to fix that . . . To help schools honor students’ religious liberties, Gateways to Better Education and the Alliance Defense Fund have launched the National Free to Speak Campaign. The campaign’s goal is to promote greater awareness of the U.S. Department of Education’s guidelines on student’s freedom of religious expression. Every teacher, parent, student, and concerned citizen needs to know about the religious liberty of students, as outlined in these guidelines . . . ”

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New campaign offers public schools helpful lessons in religious liberty