Conn. Requiring Health Insurers To Cover Gender Transition

Obama: All States Should Redefine Marriage, Const. Amend. to be introduced in Congress | PBS

“How Does Court’s Decisions on Gay Marriage Impact State and U.S. Law?” | PBS video/transcript

“Supreme Court rulings on gay marriage expected” | Yahoo News (AP)

“Will justices take note of new gay marriage laws?” | FDL Reporter (AP)

Maine Chapter of American Academy of Pediatrics Joins Other Child Welfare Organizations on Brief Sup

“LGBT Groups Challenge Medicare’s Refusal to Provide Healthcare to Transgender Patients”

“GLAD Files Appeal on Behalf of Maine Transgender Student”

Mary L. Bonauto receives American Bar Association’s First Stonewall Award

ABA Recognizes LGBT Lawyers with Stonewall Awards

Marriage Proposal: Court May Weigh Levels of Scrutiny for Same-Sex Couples | ABA Journal

Massachusetts High Court: Civil Union “Equivalent” To Marriage

Federal Courts Rushing To Declare Doma Unconstitutional | The New American

Reaction to the Boston appeals court’s decision to toss out the federal Defense of Marriage Act | Boston Globe

GLAD Argues One Spouse At A Time Rule Applies to Civil Unions As Well As Marriages

Maine: Anti-bullying bill moves forward | Bangor Daily News

GLAD: Lawyers should pledge to help homosexual partners undermine child custody rights of natural parents

GLAD: DOJ Backs Away Again From DOMA

GLAD takes a step-by-step approach on “gay marriage”

Justice Department to stop defending DOMA, [homosexual] groups respond

Blog of the Legal Times: DOJ won’t defend Defense of Marriage Act

GLAD Lawyer Expects Members Of Congress To Defend DOMA In Court

“DOMA taking more hits”

Conservatives defend DOMA amid more lawsuits

“Texas lawmaker seeks role in appeal of gay marriage ruling”

ACS Convention Panel video: Marriage Equality

New developments in GLAD’s DOMA challenge

MA: Amended judgment entered in GLAD’s DOMA challenge

David Boies’ remarks at the ABA’s annual meeting in San Francisco — Prop 8 ruling

U.S. Judge rules Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional

Maine Supreme Judicial Court orders new hearing on transsexual’s name change application

“Gay marriage fate rests in courts of law, public opinion”

“Incarcerated Transgender Woman Can Pursue Case for Medical Care”

GLAD Files Amended Complaint in DOMA Challenge

Case is made vs. US marriage law: Court hears “gay” group’s challenge

Religious student group case heads to Supreme Court

“Religion vs. bias back in Supreme Court”

Maine: “Biology-based” restrooms called “discrimination”

“Massachusetts case may be key in gay marriage fight”

    The National Law Journal: While the high-profile, Ted Olson- and David Boies-managed legal fight against California’s Proposition 8 captures headlines, a carefully planned case quietly underway in Massachusetts federal court could be the gay marriage test with the greatest national impact . . . Although he called the Massachusetts challenges ‘well-planned and coordinated,’ Brian Raum, senior counsel to the Alliance Defense Fund, which supports the 1996 law, said, ‘I think all four suits are serious challenges. We are confident they ultimately will not prevail. The federal law is clearly constitutional.’ . . . Outrage then shifted to the law’s supporters who felt the procreation argument was a major leg in the law’s defense. ‘The government has an interest in creating unions that lend themselves to responsible procreation such that kids are raised with their married biological mother and father,’ said Raum, whose Alliance Defense Fund is an amicus party in Smelt.”

    Gill v. Office of Personnel Management

    Com monwealth v. U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services

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“Massachusetts case may be key in gay marriage fight”

ACLU: “LGBT Legal And Advocacy Groups Decry Obama Administration’s Defense of DOMA”

ADF: Activists filing lawsuit against DOMA want judge to redefine marriage for everyone

Suit filed challenging the Federal Defense of Marriage Act

“Equal-Marriage Push Intensifies in New England”

Same-sex ‘marriage’ enthusiasts target New England

ADF: Marriage amendment needed in Maine more than ever

Dueling marriage proposals introduced in Maine

“Gay marriage backers target New England”

“Gay marriage throughout New England by 2012?”

ADF: Connecticut Supreme Court strikes at marriage