Glendale will not have new non-discrimination ordinance by Super Bowl

Glendale, Ariz. postpones passing harmful ordinance

Christian group receives death threats

As his wife delivers their baby, group smears this pro-marriage professor as international criminal

Traditional marriage supporters regroup in face of opposition

Targets of a new Human Rights Campaign report say the organization has gone too far

List of ‘extremist’ Christians leads to death threats

    Newsbusters: Among those on the list were Independent candidate for governor of Massachusetts Pastor Scott Lively, Christian radio host and Townhall columnist Michael Brown, Liberty University Law School dean and talk radio host Mat Staver, Christian conservative blogger Matt Barber, National Organization for Marriage President Brian Brown, Concerned Women for America’s Janice Shaw Crouse, Benjamin Bull of the conservative Christian law group, the Alliance Defending Freedom and Jordan Sekulow of another conservative Christian litigation group, American Center for Law and Justice among many other smaller Christian and conservative groups and professors. – See more at:

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The HRC is inciting fear and hate

“The Gay Marriage Debate Ends at Wall Street” (Or: redefining marriage is a movement of the elites)

My unasked for role as a ‘homophobic bigot’

Defending Amendment 3 may cost Utah $2M

“Congresswoman Speier Calls Again for End to LGBT Conversion Quackery”

“Gay Rights Gains Piling Up; Battles Still Ahead” | AP

HRC poll shows most Virginians oppose marriage redefinition

Costs of marriage fight will be staggering

Obama: All States Should Redefine Marriage, Const. Amend. to be introduced in Congress | PBS

“Pleased by court rulings, backers of gay marriage now gird for fight to extend it nationwide” | Star Tribune (AP)