RNC urges Supreme Court to strike campaign-finance limits

Opening Brief Filed in U.S. Supreme Court in Challenge to the Federal Biennial, Individual Aggregate Limits on Contributions to Political Parties and Candidates

New York City’s Rescue Funding Provision Held Unconstitutional

GOP Legally Barred From Fighting Vote Fraud

Federal Judge Strikes Down Montana Campaign Regulations

U.S. Supreme Court Asked to Review Montana Rejection of Citizens United

Supreme Court Asked To Consider Constitutionality of NYC’s Low Contribution Limits for People Doing Business with the City

Recall draws national conservative groups into legal fight | El Paso Times

Appeal Filed to Defend Texans’ Right to Speak About Recall Election | James Madison Ctr for Free Speech

Montana Corporations Ask United States Supreme Court to Reverse Montana State Court Ruling Upholding Ban on Corporate Independent Expenditures Despite Citizens United

Federal District Court Rules Wisconsin Campaign Finance Law is Unconstitutional

8th Circuit To Re-hear Challenge to Minnesota’s Ban On Corporate Contributions, IEs

Pro-Market Group Victorious in Albuquerque Public Funding Challenge

Court Strikes Down Express Advocacy and Electioneering Communication Definitions

8th Circuit Grants Rehearing on Minnesota’s Ban on Corporate IEs, Contributions

WA: “Citizens to Federal Court: Do Not Allow Government to Release Petition Names”

Court Rules Federal Ban On Corporate Contributions Is Unconstitutional

California Group Asks Court to Declare California Ballot Initiative Laws Unconstitutional

Madison Center Brief Argues Federal Ban on Corporate Contributions Is Unconstitutional

Supreme Court to Consider Two Important Campaign Finance Cases Friday

Advocacy Groups Seek To Halt Public Funding For 2011 Supreme Court Race

Former FEC Commissioners Argue Matching Funds Unconstitutionally Limit Campaign Speech

Iowa: Legal challenge to judicial nominators is rejected

Iowa: Case made for changes in justice selection

ACLU submits brief to fight Iowa lawsuit that would derail judicial appointments

Lawsuit: Change panel for selecting Iowa justices

RNC asks Supreme Court to ease restrictions on political party speech

Commission Dismisses Complaint Against Montana Tea Party Group

Iowa Voters Challenge Process for Filling Supreme Court Spots

TX: Vote watchers fight back against Dem lawsuit with Soros links

Court refuses to stop MN corporate political spending disclosure law

VA: Tea Party Candidate to Appeals Court: Let Me Circulate My Own Petitions

Pro-Life Group Asks Federal Court To Stop The Ohio “Speech Police”

Justice Kennedy Orders Response on Request to Halt Maine Public Funding Scheme

Long battle by foes of campaign finance rules shifts landscape

Hawaii Federal Court Enjoins Limit on Contributions Received By Political Committees Doing Only Independent Spending

Supreme Court Asked to Protect Campaign Speech in Final Days Before Election

Supreme Court Asked to Review Laws Banning Campaign Speech for Judges

NOM Challenges Florida’s New “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” Rules on Campaign Speech

National Organization for Marriage Puts Rhode Island’s Election Laws to the Fire

National Organization for Marriage Seeks to Put New York in Line with the Constitution

MN: Corporations Appeal Decision Upholding Bans on Their Political Speech

    Specifically, MCCL and the other corporations want to spend general treasury dollars to run advertisements for candidates they support. But Minnesota law won’t let them. Instead, Minnesota requires them to set up a separate fund to pay for advertisements, and requires that fund to comply with lots of registration, record-keeping, and reporting requirements just to engage in its political speech. But the Supreme Court has said in other cases that corporations have the right to pay for their political speech with general treasury dollars, and they cannot be forced to set up separate funds or to comply with requirements like Minnesota imposes.

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Maine House Candidate Files Appeal in Public Funding Challenge

Federal District Court Rules South Carolina’s Political Committee Law is Unconstitutional

Corporation Sues Iowa For Violating First Amendment Right To Produce Political Ads, Make Contributions

Kansas Voters Challenge Process for Filling Supreme Court Spot

Judicial Candidate Wins Right to Challenge Campaign Rules

WA: Court prohibits release of referendum petitions; will consider harassment exception

KY: Judges Win Right to Identify Their Political Party, Ask for Campaign Funds

Candidate and Supporters Sue Virginia For Violating First Amendment Right To Circulate and Sign Candidate Petitions

    “On Tuesday, Herb Lux, an independent candidate for the United States House of Representatives in Virginia’s Seventh Congressional District, and three of his supporters sued Virginia to protect their right to circulate and sign a candidate petition in support of Herb Lux’s candidacy. The State Board of Elections rejected a majority of Mr. Lux’s petitions and refused to certify him for the ballot, citing a Virginia law that requires petition circulators to be residents of the congressional district . . . ”

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Corporations Sue Minnesota For Violating First Amendment Right To Make Contributions, Produce Political Ads

Wisconsin Supreme Court Establishes Victory For Justice Gableman And The First Amendment

Court case seeking protection for signers of pro-marriage petition

WI: Judge Wins Right to Join Democratic Party

ADF Allied Attorney Success Stories: May 2010

FEC Vindicates Iowa Christian Alliance

ADF Allied Attorney Success Stories: April 2010

A Federal Judge Enjoins Wisconsin Campaign Finance Laws

Whitewater Resident Challenges Wisconsin Campaign Finance Laws

U.S. Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Washington Case on Release of Petition Signers

U.S. Supreme Court Embraces First Amendment in Case About Hillary: The Movie

Real Truth About Obama Asks Supreme Court to Protect Political Speech

San Diego’s Campaign Finance Law Challenged in Federal Court

Lawsuit Challenges Public Funding For Supreme Court Races

Washington Family PAC Files Suit to Allow it to Accept Contributions Exceeding $5,000 to Fight R-71 and Shield Small Donors

Pro-Marriage Groups Sue to Prevent Release of Contributor Info

Citizens United v. Fed. Elections Commission: Oral Arguments

TRO entered to prevent Wash. Secretary of State from Releasing Copies of Ref. 71 Marriage Protection Petition

Former FEC Chairmen and Commissioners Call for Reversal of Two Supreme Court Cases Restricting Citizen Speech

Judge Wins Right to Join Democratic Party

Lawsuit seeks safeguards from ‘gay’ harassment