Study proves religious hostility persists in the west

Religious freedom win in Texas

Attacks on religion doubled in U.S., survey says

Court says religious non-profits need not identify their insurers to HHS

No contraception mandate for Christian ministry

Protesters rally against Plano’s equal rights ordinance

New York student gets OK to start Christian club ‘Dare to Believe’ on campus after she was told it would be illegal

New York high school lifts ban on students’ Christian club amid threat of legal action

‘Bless you’ ban is just silly, says attorney

Higher ground: Sis boom Bible

Texas cheerleaders take Bible banner fight to state Supreme Court

Texas cheerleaders take Bible banner case to state Supreme Court

Editor fired for criticizing “Queen James Bible” on personal blog files federal complaint

Florida school superintendent offers apology after Bible controversy

Teacher tells student he can’t read the Bible in classroom

Girl who said she was told not to pray identifies cafeteria staffer, lawyer says

Fla. 5-year-old told “it’s not good” to pray by school employee

Why does Air Force Academy encourage atheism, prosecute Christianity?

Air Force Academy challenged over censorship of Bible verse | The New American

Ken Klukowski: Christians in the U.S. military told to forfeit First Amendment rights

Bible verse removal mobilizes conservative legal groups to prepare for battle with Air Force Academy | The Blaze

Restore Military Religious Freedom Coalition offers legal aid to Bible verse cadets | ChristianNewsWire

Bible verse cadets call out Air Force Academy for violating constitutional rights | Charisma News

What’s going on at Air Force Academy? God’s word vs. Pentagon’s word

Air Force Academy removes Bible verse from cadet’s whiteboard

Craig James’ religious discrimination claim to be investigated in Texas

Former football analyst files complaint against Fox Sports for religious discrimination

TX: Discrimination is a mistake? Legal group takes on VA over Christmas cards

Oklahoma Capitol Commission Puts Moratorium On Applications For New Statehouse Monuments

Liberty Institute Restores Religious Liberty for Bulloch County Teachers and Students

Yes, Virginia, there really is a war on Christmas | Kelly Shackelford at Fox News

Mount Soledad Cross Will Be Purged From Veterans Memorial

SC: Air Force removes Nativity scene

Attacks on school choice program rebutted at NH Supreme Court | Alliance Defending Freedom

Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District: Kelly Shackelford on symbolic speech

Texas School District Appeals Bible Banner Ruling

The Erosion of Religious Liberties in the Military Panel at Values Voter Summit 2013

10-Year-Old’s ‘God Is My Idol’ Assignment Now Accepted By Tenn. School; Given 100 Percent After Rejection Backlash

At Values Voter Summit, Christians relay stories of religious repression

Oklahoma responds to ACLU lawsuit opposing Ten Commandments monument at Capitol

Air Force Cracking Down on Christians

San Antonio LGBT nondiscrimination ordinance passes 8-3, criticized as ‘unprecedented’ | Baptist Press

Oregon: Attorney believes opponent of war memorial cross left IED in park

Iowa church available to counter state-sponsored ‘shakedowns’ | One News Now

“Airman Punished for Opposing Gay Marriage Files Complaint”

Liberty Institute To Discuss The Constitutionality Of Public Prayer During League City City Council Meeting

Liberty Institute vows court battle if San Antonio enacts anti-discrimination measure

TX: League City offered help in potential prayer suit

Grant Funding Denial Raises Issue of When Content of Youth Programs Is Religious

Team steps up to defend Christians in armed forces | World Net Daily

University Tells Student to Remove Cross Necklace

Judge strikes down state education tax credit program, appeal expected | NH Union Leader

NH judge rules against school choice | Alliance Defending Freedom

TX: Joshua valedictorian talks about Jesus, has mic turned off

TX: District appeals cheerleader-Scripture ruling

The Supreme Court Takes the Case of Town of Greece v. Galloway, Which Raises the Questions Whether—And If So, How—a Town Board May Open Its Meetings With Prayer | Marci Hamilton at

Judge Grants Motion To Include The American Legion And Local Post In N.C. Veterans Memorial Case

Texas Trial Court Says Cheerleaders Can Use Run-Throughs With Religious Messages

Kountze Cheerleaders Granted Victory in Bible Banner Case

Final Ruling Expected In Bible Banner Case; Kountze Cheerleaders Hold Press Conference

Team steps up to defend Christians in armed forces | WND

Liberty’s Mateer Testifies to Support Texans’ Religious Freedom

Rapid City Says the Best Policy is No Policy At All | Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty

Council considers six options for prayer policy | Rapid City Journal

Teacher fired over Bible files complaint against Phillipsburg School District

Freedom From Religion Foundation Demands Removal of Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Ohio School Says Jesus Portrait Down

Christians And Religious Liberty In America On Easter Sunday, 2013 | Ken Klukowski at Breitbart

Easter Sunrise Services At Mojave Veterans Memorial Cross | Rees Lloyd at News with Views

Religious freedom group says Jesus portrait can stay | Vinton Daily

    Vinton Daily: In Tuesday evening’s Jackson Board of Education meeting several business matters were discussed, but the focus of the meeting seemed to be what the Liberty Institute would disclose about the investigation they conducted regarding the portrait of Jesus Christ hanging in the Jackson Middle School foyer . . . The following morning Howard did not have too much to add to the numerous comments made by Liberty Institute, but was able to say that the demands of the FFRF and ACLU was not the only battle the district was facing. He said he had received a letter that morning from a group of attorneys representing Hi-Y Club members.
    In that letter the attorneys of the Alliance Defending Freedom, for Faith, for Justice, requested that the school district resist FFRF’s unreasonable demand to censor the private religious speech of the Hi-Y Club, a student led Christian Club, simply because it is included in the forum for honoring important historical figures at Jackson Middle School. [more]

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