School Board Modifies Policy On Youth Ministers’ Lunchtime Visits

Boy Scouts: Your Voice Was Heard | FRC

“Reaction To Boy Scouts’ Delay In Gay Ban Decision”

Religious groups weigh in on BSA’s debate to lift ban on gay scouts, leaders | ABC2

Leading Religious Liberty Attorneys Warn Boy Scouts Of “Unintended Consequences”

Scouts are warned that allowing gays could impact religious liberty | NBC 2 Charleston

BSA Supporters Taking Action | One News Now

Kelly Shackelford tells crowd about Liberty Institute’s defense of prayer

School District Blocks Ministers’ Traditional Lunch Visits

No appeal to heaven unless a judge approves the prayer: Supreme Court asked to review atheist’s victory

ACLU And Liberty Institute Line Up On Opposite Sides Of The Jesus Portrait Battle In Ohio

NJ Teacher Suspended for Giving Student a Bible, Sharing Verse Read | Christian Post

Teacher Dismissed After Sharing Bible with Student

Noted Theologians Unite to Oppose Government-Imposed Religious “Neutrality” in Prayer

Atheist Group Attacks Another Public Christmas Display | Liberty Institute

Lawsuits possible over Oklahoma 10 Commandments monument

Mojave Desert: Cross stands again

Christian College Sues Challenging Contraceptive Coverage Mandate

TX: Birdville school district defends prayers on PA system before football games

Liberty Institute Encourages More U.S. School Districts To Permit Students’ Free Speech

Federal District Court Rejects ACLU’s Attempt To Exclude Veterans Association From The Landmark Mt. Soledad Veterans Memorial Cross Case

Challenge To County’s Prayers and In God We Trust Posting Dismissed When Plaintiff Fails To Appear

TX: Judge Dismisses Case Challenging County’s Invocation And “In God We Trust” Motto

    PR Newswire: Today, Liberty Institute and its local counsel Bryan Hughes on behalf of the Wood County Commissioner’s Court applauds the ruling of a state district judge who granted a summary judgment, dismissing the lawsuit against the County for opening its sessions in prayer and for displaying in its courtroom America’s national motto “In God We Trust.” The ruling was made during a summary judgment hearing at the Wood County Courthouse in Quitman, Texas.

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Liberty Institute Creates Texas Values Organization

Texas Cheerleaders Stand for Their Religious Freedom

TX: Prayer at Hays County Commissioners Court questioned

Judge: TX cheerleaders can put Bible verses on signs for now

TX: County counsel files motion to dismiss religious lawsuit

Persecution Of Christians On Rise – In U.S.

Proposition 8 and the fundamental right to self-government | Jeff Mateer of Liberty Institute

    . . . A final quote from Justice Black’s dissenting opinion in In re Winship is pertinent: “When this Court assumes for itself the power to declare any law—state or federal—unconstitutional because it offends [a] majority[] [of the court’s] own views of what is fundamental and decent in our society, our Nation ceases to be governed according to the ‘law of the land’ and instead becomes one governed ultimately by the ‘law of the judges.’” In order to preserve the people’s most fundamental individual liberty and uphold the rule of law rather than the rule of man, the Supreme Court should reverse Perry v. Brown.

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County counsel files motion to dismiss prayer, “In God We Trust” lawsuit

Jeff Mateer of Liberty Institute: Hostility Toward Religion in America

Survey reveals increasing hostility in US towards religion

Study: U.S. hostile to religious liberty

ACLU Targets Cross at Memorial Site

TX: Endorsements point to sharp differences in state Supreme Court hopefuls

Report: “Colonizing African Values: How the U.S. Christian Right is Transforming Sexual Politics in Africa”

Noted Theologians Stand Against Florida Atheists in Support of Legislative Prayer

Hugh Hewitt & Joe Infranco: “Memorial Crosses: To Be or Not to Be?”

Supreme Court refuses to hear Mt. Soledad case, for now: Alito explains

Veteran’s Memorial Litigation: Kelly Shackelford on Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson

Justices Decline Review of Religious Speech Case

Liberty Institute fending for 45 million students

Hawkins man files suit against county for prayer and “In God We Trust” motto | News-Journal

Liberty Institute Sets Epic Battle–Whether The Supreme Court Will Allow Religious Imagery On Veterans Memorials–To Acoustic Music

TX: ACLU taking on ‘legally magical’ words

Lewisville, TX: Student prayer OK; benedictions, invocations out at graduation ceremonies

Liberty Institute files appeal to defend church from discrimination

Recall draws national conservative groups into legal fight | El Paso Times

Fifth Circuit Mulls Free Speech Rights Under Texas Sonogram Bill

Battling Anew Over the Place of Religion in Public Schools

TX: Gotta be married to get divorced

In Montana, Jesus Statue Is Focus of Legal Battle

ACLU pro-religious symbols?

Decades-long battle over cross nearing finish line

Victory! God Welcome Again at VA National Cemeteries

TX: City faces legal action over abortion clinic signage

TX: Limits on free speech for pregnancy centers

Proposed Settlement Filed In Houston Veterans’ Cemetery Case

Evangelical pastors heed a political calling for 2012

Evangelical pastors heed a political calling for 2012

MS: Football prayers — district caves, fans pray anyway

Religious Freedom Under Attack in the Military

Protecting religious college recruiters

Federal Court Denies FFRF Petition To Bar Texas Governor From Prayer Rally

UTSA embroiled in ad controversy

Shackelford: Perry has long favored a Federal Marriage Amendment

136 Texas public colleges, universities asked about religious discrimination at career centers

Texas Senator Calls for Probe Into Censored Religious Speech at Cemetery

Hundreds Protest Veteran Cemetery Director

Legion supports religious charge against VA

Kelly Shackelford: Yes, prayer a protected right: It’s called freedom of speech, and student taught us a lesson.