First Amendment protects prayer, not obscene violence

Texas Gov. Rick Perry Calls Graduation Prayer Ban ‘Reprehensible’

Christian group plans prayerful protest at Medina Valley graduation

Texas university backs down from banning Christian ad

VA May Not Require Memorial Day Invocation At National Cemetery To Be Non-Denominational

Schoolboy banned from giving Jesus message gift

TX: ‘Divorce’ debate taken to state’s high court

Court hears candy cane case: Will the 5th Circuit rule elementary students have not First Amendment rights?

‘Candy cane’ case: Free speech on chopping block

Liberty Institute Asks Texas High Court to Review Same-Sex Divorce Cases

RLUIPA ruling could generate ‘legal nightmare’

Ken Klukowski: Federal appeals court dismisses National Day of Prayer

Shackelford: Constitution still applies

Bills to remove sodomy ban faces uphill battle in the Texas legislature

Sunrise Rock Cross litigation becomes even more complicated

Veterans Sue Obama Administration Over 76 Year Old War Memorial: VFW Wants Obama to Restore Mojave Desert Cross

Gettysburg: Chapel order code issue, not religious

Gettysburg wants to close Civil War chapel

Charter schools with ties to religious groups raise fears about state funds’ use

“Anti-gay groups spent $948,000 in Iowa to oust judges”

TX: Vote watchers fight back against Dem lawsuit with Soros links

High Court seen snubbing religious-expression cases

Fight to replace stolen Mojave Cross goes on

“National pro-marriage anti-gay groups unite to target Iowa judges”

Group tells IRS that Iowa churches are clearly violating the law by politicking

Iowa pastor preaches politics to oust 3 justices who backed gay marriage

TX: Resolution claims textbooks have anti-Christian bias

Veterans of Foreign Wars wants to intervene in Mojave cross dispute

Christians persecuted by police for sharing Christ on American streets

Court says same-sex couples can’t “divorce” in Texas

Florida school faces court hearing after banning Bibles on Religious Freedom Day

If there’s no cross, is there still a case?

Kelly Shackelford on Federalist No. 72 and the Office of the Executive

TX: Anti-prayer case dismissed

TX: Court says redacted holiday card form violated free speech

Plano’s Liberty Institute expands reach from candy cane pens to Palin, prayer, cross on federal land

FRC calls Obama Administration’s defense of the National Day of Prayer inadequate

Legal challenges to prayer on the rise

TX: Praying employees win round 1 in legal scuffle

Liberty Institute Files Brief Supporting National Day of Prayer, Alliance of Top State and National Policy Leaders Demands Reversal of Revisionist Opinion

Liberty Institute files brief supporting National Day of Prayer

5th Circuit rules against Plano principals in candy cane case

Supreme Court refuses review of school rules on distributing materials

U.S. Supreme Court denies appeal over candy cane pens, other religious materials in Plano schools

Texas Education Board Passes Social Studies, Upholds Religious Freedom “Today, the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) voted 9-5 to complete its review and updating of social studies educational standards for the state, as scheduled for K-12 courses, except for the Economics standards, which passed by a unanimous vote, 14-0 (one abstention). Additionally, the SBOE, in a bipartisan vote, passed an amendment to the social studies educational standards comparing and contrasting the phrase ‘separation of church and state’ with the Founding Fathers’ reasons to protect religious freedom . . .” (Liberty Legal institute attorneys quoted)

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On Flag Day, Veterans ask, ‘President Obama, put the cross back!’

Vets ask Obama to restore memorial cross

Texas: Study the Constitution – what a concept…

Texas Education Board Takes Up History/Social Studies: Experts and Educators Stand For Final Vote on Standards This Week

New Mojave Desert Cross Sits in Limbo in California Desert

TX: Liberty Institute says ‘stop rewriting history’

Thieves take Mojave Desert cross

ADF condemns theft of Mojave Cross

Cross in Mojave Desert honoring American war dead stolen

Jonathan Saenz: Liberal politics reign over Texas social studies

    Jonanathan Saenz of the Liberty Legal Institute writes at the Star-Telegram: “The debate over Texas social studies is out of control again . . . Why? It’s all about politics. The board is made up of 10 Republicans and five Democrats who are elected by Texas voters. That is a problem for liberals who see the public school system as the best way to radically change the course of our nation by changing the worldview of the next generation and distorting our history. Finally, after four public hearings and more than 14 months of review and discussion, they have confessed their true motivation: to control what our kids are taught in school by keeping some teachers, parents and the democratic process out . . . ”

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Veterans memorial given Supreme clearance

Liberty Institute Argues Dallas’ ‘Same-Sex Divorce’ Case: Says Granting ‘Same-Sex Divorce’ Violates Texas’ Constitution and DOMA

    PR Newswire: “Today, Liberty Institute, representing State Rep. Warren Chisum and former State Sen. Todd Staples, argued alongside the Texas Attorney General’s office in Dallas’ ‘same sex divorce’ case before the Dallas Court of Appeals. Liberty Institute challenged the legality of District Judge Tena Callahan’s decision to grant a divorce to a homosexual couple, citing that such action is unconstitutional under the Texas Constitution, which does not recognize same-sex marriages or civil unions.”

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Texas AG and Liberty Legal Institute battle same sex “divorce” in the courts

    The AP reports on Same Sex “Divorce” litigation pending in the state of Texas. Excerpt: “Abbott disagrees with the judge in that case, who ruled in October that the same-sex marriage ban violates equal rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. Kelly Shackelford, chief counsel for the conservative Liberty Institute in Plano, called that decision ‘outrageous judicial activism’. . . ‘It’s a backdoor run at establishing same-sex so-called marriage against the people’s vote,” Shackelford said. ‘Once you grant the divorce, you are recognizing that there was a marriage.’”

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TX: Appellate court will weigh Plano principals’ role in banning religious candy canes

Just in Time for Easter: Romanian Refugees Denied Religious Freedom in Dallas County

Liberalism takes hit in textbook debate

Liberty Institute: Free Market Foundation and Liberty Legal Institute Join Forces

Fleecing America, A discourse on libertarian litigation principles

    The Quincy Cove: “The question now before the Supreme Court [in Perdue] is whether a reasonable attorney’s fee award under a federal fee-shifting statute ever be enhanced based solely on quality of performance and results obtained when these factors already are included in the lodestar calculation? . . . the Alliance Defense Fund, one of the seven groups that signed the Liberty Brief, said that its attorneys ‘function as private attorneys general, representing clients to vindicate their constitutional rights’ . . . But there’s an even better remedy: Limit the fees that all attorneys can collect in these cases. This sounds counterintuitive to free-market supporters, but let’s remember, attorneys are agents of the state. Restricting even a ‘private’ attorney’s compensation is no different than fixing the salary of any other government bureaucrat.”

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Crosses fire up ceramics class

Conservative Groups to Rally for Inclusion of American Exceptionalism in State History Curriculum Standards

Texas Debates How History Should Be Taught in Schools

Granite monument to go on north side of Oklahoma Capitol

Just in Time for Christmas: Community College Squelches Religious Expression; Liberty Legal Institute Sends Demand Letter

Texas marriages in legal limbo because of constitutional amendment, candidate says

Texas: Travis County could Spend $450,000 for Abortions; Refuses to Discuss with Citizens

Texas Constitutional Confusion: Setting the Record Straight

Changing public opinion puts religious freedom at risk