NARAL admits unborn babies feel pain – and are babies

NARAL sees Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act as “major, nationwide threat”

Pro-abortion group honors abortion doc who calls his abortion clinic a ministry

NARAL assigns another “D” to nation for “abortion care access”

LifeSiteNews uncovers NARAL’s 7-point plan to destroy crisis pregnancy centers

Abortion-rights groups on 2014 elections: “Nothing to see here”

Sorry NARAL, most Americans aren’t pro-abortion

Abortion advocacy gets ugly

    Aleteia: The “pro-choice” slogan served the abortion industry well for decades, capped off with its adoption by NARAL in 2003, when it became NARAL Pro-Choice America, abandoning a commonality in its three earlier names, all of which included the “A” word. From that point, many of the NARAL ads and promotional pieces prominently featured American flags and the head of the statue of liberty (which is still in their logo). Really, what could be more American than having a dizzying array of choices? Just check out the cereal aisle.

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City of Madison officially rescinds censorship zones

Of course pro-choicers are trying to rebrand – they’re losing among young adults

US Supreme Court ruling prompts city of Madison to abandon anti-speech zones

Yahoo pulls pro-life ads from ‘abortion clinic’ web searches following complaint

    Christian News Network: But Matt Bowman of the Christian legal organization Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) says that there is nothing misleading about the advertisements.

    “NARAL … reluctantly released the complaint letter it sent to Google. It contains only one example: an ad saying ‘Free Abortion Consultation.’ But pro-life centers do offer free consultation on abortion,” he wrote in an op-ed published by the National Review.

    “NARAL’s entire complaint letter insists that a fully truthful pregnancy-center ad should be censored just because it shows up in searches using the terms ‘abortion clinic,’” Bowman continued. “This would lead to breathtaking censorship of the Internet, because people searching for information on abortion would only get pro-abortion propaganda in the ads.”

    He also alleged that NARAL is being hypocritical as abortion advertisements may likewise appear under pro-life searches.

    “NARAL doesn’t even live by its principles: Searches for ‘abortion alternatives’ and even ‘crisis pregnancy center’ nearly always produce ads for abortionists, yet NARAL would scream bloody murder if abortionists’ ads were censored,” Bowman noted.

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Yahoo joins Google in yanking pregnancy center ads

Yahoo bans ads from pregnancy centers after lobbying from “pro-choice” NARAL

After Google bans pregnancy center ads, NARAL now lobbying Yahoo and Bing

NARAL claims victory over pregnancy-clinic ads without winning a victory at all

More on NARAL’s push to remove ads for crisis pregnancy centers from Google

Abortion foes condemn Wisconsin capital’s buffer plan | Washington Times

Madison suspends anti-free speech ordinance after ADF lawsuit | OneNewsNow

Madison, Wis. anti-speech bubble zones suspended . . . for now

Medical facility “buffer-zone” law in court | Washington Times

Lawsuit seeks end to anti-speech “bubble” zones

Matt Bowman: Madison should respect free speech for faith | Wisconsin State Journal

Do abortion clinic buffer zones protect public safety or restrict free speech? | Aden debate on PBS NewsHour

Madison, WI to consider law to create protest buffer zone near health clinics

NARAL petitions Texas to take woman off life support that aims to save baby

Liberals discuss the need to end ‘Christian privilege’ in the name of religious freedom

Feminism Has Reduced Women to Contraception and Abortion

Nebraska Judicial Commission won’t investigate judge who told 16 year old abortion would “kill the child inside you”

Abortion Activists Attack Pregnancy Centers With Fake Negative Yelp Reviews

Wyoming Governor Appoints Pro-Abortion Attorney to State Supreme Court

Abortion Groups Target Judge for Saying Abortion Kills a Baby

Man Jailed for Tying Up His Girlfriend, Forcing Abortion Drugs Into Her Vagina

Possible closure of Ohio clinic shows new tactic in U.S. abortion clash

New York Gov. Cuomo Gives Pro-Abortion Group the Lone Reporting Exemption

House Republicans, taking on own leaders, promote legislation to ban abortion after 20 weeks

Cleaning up the Big Abortion machine | Denise Burke of AUL at Washington Times

Will Kermit Gosnell change the abortion debate? | Washington Post

States Harden Views Over Laws Governing Abortion | WSJ

U of Quebec professor teams with Planned Parenthood to root out Quebec’s pregnancy help centers

NAACP threatens black, pro-life advocate | World Magazine

“Abortion-rights groups praise, slam Jindal after birth-control proposal”

Ohio Senate Puts End To ‘heartbeat’ Abortion Bill

“Democrats go all in for abortion rights”

Continuing trend, Ohio abortions down 12%

After Shocking Abuses, Virginia Cracks Down on Abortion Clinics

Charmaine Yoest: NARAL’S Nancy Keenan Drops Attempt to Appeal to Moderates

Abortion Poll Data Defined By Language Not Belief

Pro abortion groups absent on fetal pain laws

Democratic abortion foes push for change in platform

Personhood founder’s home attacked at night, children terrorized

Behind ‘Personhood’ Leader Keith Mason’s Anti-Abortion Crusade

NARAL praises Barber Congressional victory in AZ special election

NARAL vows to blitz GOP over DC abortion bill

NARAL Prez to Resign: Says Pro-Choice Side Getting Too Old

NYC: Potential Mayoral Rivals Promote Bill For Late-Term “Abortion Rights”

Pelosi looms over contest for top slot on House Appropriations Committee; abortion politics at play

Bill mandating insurance for abortion defeated in Wash. Senate

Pro-Life, Pro-Abortion Groups Split on Outcome of Blunt Amdt

Abortion lobby jumps to defend birth control mandate as groundswell of opposition rises

Obama Admin orders health plans to cover birth control without co-pays

Planned Parenthood, NARAL Oppose Sex-Selection Abortion Ban

Pro-Abortion Groups Push Abortions at Military Base Hospitals

NARAL: Abortion issue can help Obama win back ‘defectors’ to reelection

“Mississippi Abortion Vote Energizes Abortion-Rights Groups” | WSJ

NARAL targets NC crisis pregnancy centers

No choice for Catholic colleges: Obama wants to force faith institutions to provide birth-control services

Pro-abortion group successfully lobbies Texas Catholic hospitals on abortifacient Plan B

Sebelius: “We Are In a War” for Abortion