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The thought police have arrived

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Pro-Marriage Group Claims IRS Leaked Records to Hurt Romney

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‘March for Marriage’ to Hit Washington on Mar. 26

National Organization for Marriage files amicus brief in United States v. Windsor

Smallest State Is Big Marriage Battleground

GOP mute as Supreme Court tackles marriage

“Same-Sex Marriage Opponents Find a New Fight” | The Atlantic

    The Atlantic: “The United States is, perhaps other than India, maybe, the most religiously diverse country in the world,” said Rassbach. “It’s a recipe for societal strife to force people to try to conform to a particular ideal.” Despite Americans’ evolving views on marriage and the increasing legal recognition of marriage equality, the strife around the definition of marriage isn’t going anywhere. “Do you really think that we’re going to be quiet and go away?” Brown said. “Just because the state says it’s so, we’re never going to accept it.”

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The National Organization for Marriage responds to election night defeats

SCOTUS refuses to hear NOM’s challenge to Maine donor disclosure rules

Chick-fil-A says leave “same-sex marriage” to the government? Backlash to follow outpouring?

Powerful marriage video prompts attacks on Alliance Defending Freedom and allies as “hate groups”

Disputed parenting study introduced in court case challenging DOMA

Pioneer Press: “Marriage amendment stance not hurting General Mills’ sales”

Maggie Gallagher on Blankenhorn’s Same-Sex Marriage ‘Conversion’

Maggie Gallagher: “Bigotry, David Blankenhorn, and the Future of Marriage”

Minnesota CEO rallying fellow execs to publicly oppose marriage amendment

Hold Breakfast: General Mills Opposes Minnesota Marriage Amendment

Maggie Gallagher’s New Book: Debating Same-Sex Marriage, NOM Marriage News

    National Organization for Marriage: Maggie says, “My jaw drops when I read and reread this sentence.” (Mine too!) You cannot simply take the woman out of the wedding and proceed as if nothing significant has been removed. Take the woman out of the wedding, and you take out the link between the generations, the sense that in the moment we stand at the crossroads of history, that we are in this couples’ act of marriage recreating that moment from which we come, while forging a link to the future. Marriage is the key link in the great chain of being. That is what you lose when you take the woman out of the wedding.

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