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Appeals Court Asked to Strike Down Obama’s HHS-Abortion Mandate | Life News

Attitudes on sex and marriage

NC: House Passes Video Gambling Ban

Groups support Forsyth in prayer appeal

The Mapping America Project: Tracking the Importance of Family and Faith

    NC Family Council via Insider Online: “In an effort to highlight the important results of this ongoing research, Family North Carolina will feature a regular segment dedicated to the Mapping America Project (MAP) in every issue. In this issue, we focus on the latest MAP reports devoted to the positive effects on adults of growing up in an intact family that worshipped regularly, as well as the positive effects on adults of being married and attending religious services regularly. The following findings are excerpted from reports compiled by researchers at the Mapping America Project, except where otherwise noted.”

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NC: An update on the battle over marriage redefinition

Truth overcomes silence

Forsyth appeal decision on Monday, Feb. 22

NC: Locals limit taxpayer funded abortion

NC: Civics and economics curriculum sides with abortion

NC: Greensboro sex club closed

Freedom Of Religion Statement Issued

    NC Family Policy Council: Religious freedom is ‘a fundamental, inalienable right for all people, religious and nonreligious’ that is protected by the United States Constitution and other legal provisions, according to a joint statement issued last week by a diverse group of conservative and liberal experts from the nation’s religious and legal communities. Produced by Wake Forest University Divinity School’s Center for Religion and Public Affairs, the statement, entitled ‘Religious Expression in American Public Life: A Joint Statement of Current Law,’ was released on January 12 at the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC. It addresses the role of religion in the public square in a question and answer format, including religion and politics, religious expression in the workplace, and religious gatherings on government property . . . ”

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NC: Alamance strip club case settled

Homosexual Adoption Review Requested

Becket Fund to defend Belmont Abbey in EEOC appeal

North Carolina FPC: Laws that protect NC marriages diminish

Charter School Model Law Proposed

NC: New Sex Ed Law Implementation Underway

NC: Education proposal promotes contraception, homosexual behavior

North Carolina FPC: Ten reasons to keep abstinence education in NC

Controversial vaccine defended by FDA

North Carolina Family Policy Council: “Court indirectly affirms homosexual adoption”

“Free to Speak” campaign launched

Attorney General urged to enforce obscenity laws

Study: “Young adult attitudes about relationships and marriage”

    Child Trends: “Compared with previous generations, fewer young adults today are married, and the age of first marriage has risen. At the same time, living together—or cohabitation—is more common. In fact, cohabiting unions have become the most prevalent type of relationship among men and women in their twenties. Such increases in cohabitation have changed the context of relationship and family formation for young adults. In the past, teen births have comprised the majority of nonmarital and unintended births in the United States. However, in the context of changing patterns of relationship formation, including continually rising rates of cohabitation, the majority of births to 20- to 24- year-olds currently occur outside of marriage.”

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NC: Private schools emphasize choice

North Carolina Senate rejects abstinence standard

NC: School “sexual orientation” bill passes House vote

CDC Report: Active homosexual men at greater risk for HIV

NC: Senate Passes “Bullying Bill”

North Carolina legislative review from the NC Family Policy Council

North Carolina bill challenges parental rights

Poll: Most N.C. voters back marriage amendment

NC: Inclusive Bullying Bill Introduced

    NC Family Policy Council:

    “Sixty-two of the 120 members of the North Carolina State House of Representatives have signed onto a bill that would require all school boards to have stated policies ‘prohibiting bullying or harassing’ any student for any reason by December 31, 2009 . . . This bill is in contrast to the pro-homosexual HB 548 — School Violence Prevention Act, which also mandates a statewide anti-bullying policy, but requires the inclusion of language to highlight specific characteristics of bully victims including their ‘sexual orientation’ and ‘gender identity or expression.’”

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NC: “Sexual Orientation Bill” Re–Introduced

Poll: 76% support NC Marriage Amendment

NC: Marriage Amendment Bill Introduced

NC: Rally Calls for “Choose Life” License Plates

“Academic Freedom Day” Challenges Evolution

North Carolina: Budget may eliminate state abortion fund

    Proposed budget cuts submitted to Governor Bev Perdue by agency officials include a complete elimination of the State Abortion Fund. As North Carolina lawmakers face a potential budget shortfall of $2 billion, the Governor directed agencies to find ways to cut seven percent of their budgets. The Division of Social Services proposed nearly $17 million in cuts, including the entire $50,000 State Abortion Fund.

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North Carolina: County to study domestic partner benefits

    The Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners approved a plan last week to study whether to offer domestic partnership benefits to the same-sex and opposite-sex partners of county employees. According to the Charlotte Observer, the Commission discussed the issue at a two-day planning retreat where it voted 6 to 3 to allow county staff to begin studying the issue including how much it would cost and any potential legal problems. The proposal was introduced by Commission chair, Jennifer Roberts, who argued that offering benefits to domestic partners is a matter of fairness. Some members of the commission expressed opposition to the proposal, including Commissioner Bill James, who raised questions about the legality of offering domestic partnership benefits in North Carolina.

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N.C. Baptist Groups Join Marriage Coalition

NC: Court Rehears Partial–Birth Abortion Ban Case

“Ally Week” Promotes Homosexuality in K-12 Schools

Family Structure Matters to Behavior in School

Participation in “See You at the Pole” is Constitutional

APA Adopts Resolution Supporting Transgender “Rights”

NC: “Bullying bill dies over gay controversy”

Polls Highlight American Views on Homosexuality

NC: House Jettisons “Tax” on Marriage

NC: Stem Cell Funding Bill Filed

NC: “Choose Life” Approved by Committee

North Carolina Marriage Amendment Filed

Family fragmentation costs North Carolinians an estimated $1.3 billion a year