Ambulance transports 27th woman from St. Louis Planned Parenthood abortion center

St. Louis Planned Parenthood botches 27 abortions in 5 years, another woman rushed to hospital

Operation Rescue accuses Ohio abortion clinic of fatally botching procedure

Kansas gov praises past anti-abortion protests in State of the State address

Pro-life 2013: Year in Review | One News Now

2013 Was Banner Year for Putting Abortion Practitioners Out of Business

    LifeNews: “We have yet to find an abortionist that completely complies with the law. This makes the abortion industry very dangerous. When we can document abuses, we consider it a public service to report these shady abortionists to the authorities,” said Newman. “It’s gratifying to know that our work has helped save lives and has protected women from shoddy or abusive abortion practices. It’s an incentive to work even harder to end abortion altogether.”

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MS: Controversy Roils Around Abortion Clinic

Kansas Supreme Court suspends Phill Kline’s state law license

Albuquerque Becomes Latest Focal Point in Abortion Wars

Last Mississippi Clinic Sends Woman to Hospital After Botched Abortion

42nd Abortion Clinic Closed This Year Due to Filthy, Unsafe Conditions

Workers in facilities like Gosnell’s and Karpen’s ‘are starting to panic’: pro-life leader (video

Abortion Clinic Workers Blow Whistle on Abortion Doc Killing Babies Born Alive

Only Abortion Clinic In Miss. Fights For Its Life

Another Gosnell: Report Shows Texas Abortion Doc Kills Babies Born Alive

Protest Exposes New Owner of Wichita, Kansas Abortion Clinic

Abortionist upset her identity goes public as owner of Tiller’s Wichita clinic

‘Is she breathing normally?’ ‘No.’: Two medical emergencies in 10 days at Delaware abortion clinic

Groups from Around Country to Come Together to Mourn Death of Young Woman Killed by Leroy Carhart and Hold Press Conference Monday at 9am

NM Board Exonerates Doctor In Abortion Case

NM Abortion Complaint Highlights Privacy Concerns | AP

Abortion Activists Attack Pro-Life Group’s Office, Destroy Camera

Kansas officials under investigation for misconduct in Planned Parenthood prosecution

Kan. AG faces ethics complaint over abortion case

Calls for corruption probe in Kansas Planned Parenthood criminal dismissals

“Documents from KS judge show Planned Parenthood charges fraudulently dropped”

Idaho Woman Taken to Emergency Room After Planned Parenthood Visit

MN: Pro-Life Candidate Gets Death Threats for Airing Graphic Abortion and Islam Ads

Kansas AG Asked to Reopen Kline’s Investigation Into Non-reporting of Child Sex Abuse by Abortion Clinic After Document Leak

Pro-life group offers $25,000 rewards to abortion crimes ‘whistleblowers’

Texas Medical Board Sets Hearings for Two More Abortionists

Abortion Practitioner Under Investigation in Indiana

NM: Undercover calls reveal Medicaid covering $9,000 late-term abortions

Tenth Texas Abortionist to Face Discipline Based on Undercover Investigation

Eight New Abortion Tapes Reveal Causalities, Callousness, and Cover-up

‘She’s not responsive at all’: 911 tape overhears woman struggling for life after botched abortion

Texas Medical Board Investigations of 14 Abortionists are Progressing

Massive investigation of Texas abortion clinics discovers serious legal violations

Group protesting Planned Parenthood at Boehner’s West Chester office

Abortion Centers in Texas Evade Laws, Dump Records and Waste

Critics blast U. of Iowa deal with abortion doctor

Pro-Life Protesters Arrested Outside Boehner’s Office

Kansas Landlord Sues to Stop New Abortion Practitioner

Kansas doctors want to bring abortions back to Wichita

Iowa: AG probed for blocking abortion complaint

Kansas board delays hearing on abortion practitioner evading law

Survey shows 31 abortion centers closed over last 12 months

Planned Parenthood challenged, says no complications from telemed abortions

Operation Rescue to fight remote abortions

Iowa pro-life groups to hold press conference against telemed abortions

Documents show botched abortions hurt women more frequently than believed

MA: Abortion protesters follow doctor to Haverhill

PA: Two Brigham clinics cease abortion operations

Iowa Planned Parenthood subject of criminal complaint over telemed abortions

Abortion Facility in Alabama Placed on Probation for Violations Shutting Down

Iowa Planned Parenthood In Tailspin Over Telemed Abortions

IA: State Investigating Dangerous Telemed Abortions at Planned Parenthood Centers

Neb. lawmakers to discuss fetal pain abortion bill

Abortion Cartel Continues to Implode as Number of Abortion Clinics Drops

NJ Abortion Clinic Pays $1.9 Million for Botched Abortion

New Report Shows Late-term Abortionist Martin Haskell Above the Law and Dangerous

Carhart at DC Rally with His Hand Out for Tax Funds for Abortions

Operation Rescue says it’s broke, may shut down

Pro-Life advocates condemn shooting of abortion protestor James Poullion

Nebraska Launches Investigation Into Carhart’s Abortion Business

Nebraska: “Operation Rescue Announces ‘Keep It Closed’ Campaign”

Abortion opponents ask feds to investigate threats

Abortion foes interested in buying Kansas clinic

Notre Dame to demand Operation Rescue stop alumni mailings

Tiller’s annual take for abortions $1.2 million?

    Operation Rescue has issued this press release on the Christian Newswire: “Abortion records kept by the Kansas State Department of Health and Environment prove that, during his trial, late-term abortionist George R. Tiller misrepresented the number of post-viability abortions done at his Wichita clinic by nearly 50% . . . Tiller indicated that the average cost of a post-viability abortion is $6,000. He pockets 38 cents on every dollar generated. Using that average, post-viability abortions conservatively generated over $2.9 million in 2003, with Tiller’s take being close to $1.2 million.”

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Electrician Quits Repairs on Nebraska Abortion Clinic in Response to Calls

What’s Next for the Pro-Life Movement?

Hearing Reveals Tiller/Planned Parenthood Conspiracy to Break the Law