School district gets boost in defending atheist lawsuit

School drops disclaimer requirement, settles lawsuit

Students opposed to ideological agenda shamed in classroom

School accused of ‘purging’ Christian books

‘We do not allow sectarian materials’: Charter school removes books over Christian content

Catholic workers ordered to attend Jehovah’s Witness services

‘We will not tolerate your religion!’ School fires scientist for questioning evolution

New “hate speech” attack targets Internet | WND

CA: Judge Flushes ‘bathroom Bill’ Election Trick

1st Amendment at issue in ban on gay-conversion therapy for minors

CA: Vet Suspended For ‘God Bless You’

High school: Girls should avoid restroom if they’re bothered by transgender boy in the stalls

Real Political Science | Jim Wilson Blog at

Colorado Bathroom Case Hits Close to Home

Churches changing bylaws after same-sex marriage ruling

No Free Speech for University Employees? | Caffeinated Thoughts

Calif. Tax Bill Seeks To Punish Boy Scouts’ For Gay Ban, Targets Group’s ‘unfortunate Discriminatory And Outdated Practices’ | The Blaze

“California bill would eliminate tax breaks to punish Boy Scouts for excluding gays” | Washington Post (AP)

Calif. pro-LGBT bill targets youth orgs, threatens tax-exempt status | One News Now

CA: Suit Challenges Mall’s Restriction On Proselytizing

“Judges at odds over new law that bans gay conversion therapy for teens”

“Judge Temporarily Blocks Calif. Gay Therapy Law”

Student Who Got ‘Gay Cure’ Sues California Over New Law

Pacific Justice Institute files lawsuit challenging Cal. reparative law

The Evangelical Footprint | Mich. St. L. Rev. by Lisa Shaw Roy

Cal. Senate passes ban on reparative therapy counseling

Vatican to the UN: all parents have the right to homeschool

New Cal. Bill Could Mandate Doctor Visits for Parents Who Oppose Vaccines

Attorney: Full 9th Circuit hearing a plus for Prop. 8

Sarah Pulliam Bailey: When the Zoning Board Closes Your Church |

CA: Port Hueneme council approves ‘In God We Trust’ motto for City Hall

San Juan Capistrano Backpedals From Bible Study Shutdown | Pacific Justice Institute

CA: Appeal Argues SJ Officials Broke the Law By Stifling Debate Over “Rainbow Day”

“Efforts to Stop Gay History Curriculum Fall Short”

CA: SB 48 referendum striking a nerve

CA: Cross-Dressing Elementary School Employee Puts Parents in Awkward Spot

CA: City demands Christians get permit for Bible study

Professor Files Suit to Correct His Record

Pacific Justice Institute: Church Raises Alarm Over City’s Push for More Control of Private Property

School District Sued for Squelching Parent Objections to “Rainbow Day”

Religious liberty again being tested in courts

Cal. “Gay History” Law Halted By Referendum Drive –

Law and Prophets Need Each Other

Ninth Circuit Hears Challenge to Health Care Mandate

“Gay History Bill Likely to Reach Beyond California”

MilesEye View of 4th of July-Feature Commentary

Atheist drops pastoral housing lawsuit

Oakland Elementary School Teaches Pupils That There Are More Than Two Genders

Conservative Trial Lawyers Use Lawsuits to Protect Free Speech, Religious Freedom, & Property Rights

Judge Grants Tea Party, PJI Request to Halt Library Speech Restrictions

Westfield Settles Speech Lawsuit With Pastor Arrested At Mall

Oregon School Heeds PJI Warning, Allows Student Speech on “Day of Silence”

Christian Youth Encouraged to Dialogue during Day of Silence

Schools Warned Not to Squelch Speech on “Day of Silence”

Student files suit to defend his right to bring Bible to school.

Cal. “Lawmakers May Force Schools to Spend Scarce Funds on Gay-Friendly Instruction”

PJI Pledges to Represent Union Objectors

PJI: Church Wins Zoning Discrimination Case at Ninth Circuit

Pacific Justice Institute: DOMA heads to 1st Circuit

Atheist asks Supreme Court to strike down “In God We Trust”

Preserving America’s godly foundation

Pacific Justice Institute calls for Reinhardt’s Prop 8 recusal

Pro-LGBT school film called demeaning to Black families

Vallejo, CA debates “pro-gay” film for elementary students

    EarnedMedia: “The controversy centers around three films, ‘That’s a Family,’ ‘Let’s Get Real,’ and ‘Straightlaced,’ that promote the idea that gay relationships are just as normal as any other family structure. The films are being mandated as part of a legal settlement between the ACLU and VCUSD. A parent questioned the District’s refusal to allow objecting families to opt out of the instruction, which has been mandated for all students in the District – including first-graders. The Vallejo City Unified School District governing board will hear from the community and discuss the issue Wednesday night beginning at 5 p.m.”

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CA: Judge OK’s public funding of spiritualist-based schools

Teacher’s union, other groups urge Prop. 8 overturn, ignoring members’ views

Time for health care case?

Motions filed to defend federal marriage definition

The looming Constitutional crisis in California

    Pacific Justice Institute: ” . . .  The question must be asked, what happens if the Ninth Circuit and the U.S. Supreme Court determine that Prop 8 proponents and Imperial County lack sufficient injury under Article III of the U.S. Constitution to have standing? The answer is that an amendment to the California Constitution will be erased without a meaningful review by the courts. The voters will have been disenfranchised . . . Under Article V of the Constitution, the Governor and Attorney General are a part of the executive branch and both have a duty to support and defend the State Constitution. Their oath of office requires them to do so “without mental reservation.” Unfortunately for the citizens of California, they are having second thoughts.”

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Court installs “if you want” into state constitution

Schwarzenegger ignores state responsibility to defend Prop 8

Conservative group throws Hail Mary pass on Prop 8 “A new legal effort to force California’s governor and attorney general to defend Proposition 8 in court may have some political potency, but is unlikely to win in court, legal observers say . . . There’s a high standard to win a writ of mandamus. And in this case, the Pacific Justice Institute, which filed the petition, is up against issues of executive branch discretion, the separation of powers doctrine and an ambiguous state statute regarding the attorney general’s obligation — or discretion — to defend the state in lawsuits, said UC Hastings College of the Law professor and appellate expert Rory Little.”

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