State victories create dilemma for pro-lifers

Planned Parenthood to close two Colorado facilities; cites Personhood amendments

Personhood Mississippi Files New Personhood Amendment

Famed researchers to discuss saving lives of mothers in childbirth | Alliance Defending Freedom

Pro-Life Groups Tell UN Treaty Bodies to Stop Pushing Abortion

Medical Symposium’s Findings that Abortion Never Necessary in “Life of the Mother” ‘Exceptions’ Substantiate Personhood Amendments in US

Personhood amendment won’t make Colorado ballot in 2012

Colorado Personhood Coalition Concludes Third Consecutive Successful Signature Campaign

Liberty Counsel Urges the Supreme Court to Act on Personhood

“Ohio attempt to define human life as beginning at fertilization falls short of signature goal”

Colorado Senator condemns home attack against pro-life Personhood founder

Personhood founder’s home attacked at night, children terrorized

Behind ‘Personhood’ Leader Keith Mason’s Anti-Abortion Crusade

Ohio ‘personhood’ push faces hurdle

Voters in the Georgia GOP Primary Will Vote on Personhood

Personhood USA to Appeal Oklahoma Supreme Court Decision to US Supreme Court

Personhood USA: Oklahoma Personhood Act Still Alive — Speaker Steele Called Upon to Answer Tough Questions

    Personhood USA at the Christian Newswire: “We are not surprised that there are a few Republicans such as Representative Doug Cox and House Speaker Steele, who wish to suppress life-affirming and pro-family legislation such as the Personhood Act,” commented Keith Mason, Personhood USA President. “However, it is surprising that these Republicans can be allowed to do everything in their power to kill a bill and then blame the entire Republican caucus. It is not too late – truly pro-life Oklahoma Representatives can still call for a vote and pass SB 1433.”

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NV: Pro-Life group pulls initiative petition, will back ‘personhood’ initiative

Personhood Coalition to Hold Three Press Conferences Announcing the Launch of Petition Drive

Victory in Court for Personhood Colorado; Petition Set to Move Forward

Liberty Counsel Announces Partnership with Personhood USA to Protect Life

Personhood Arkansas Refiles Pro-life Amendment

Colorado Personhood Amendment to Face Planned Parenthood Supreme Court Challenge

Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins Endorses Florida Amendment Banning All Abortions

Rep. Ron Paul Signs Personhood Pledge–With Federal Jurisdiction Reservations

“Arkansas AG shows true pro-abortion colors”

Personhood battle shifts to Miss. lawmakers

Colorado Board Sides with Personhood Proponents, Approves Proposed Amendment Language

Judge prohibits gathering of signatures on NV Personhood Amendment

Ohio pro-life group resubmits proposed amendment that would define life at fertilization

AR: Group submits proposed anti-abortion amendment to attorney general

NV: Carson Judge Rules Personhood Initiative Petition Can Go Forward

“Anti-abortion activists want to bring ‘personhood’ fight to Ohio ballot”

New Poll Reveals Real Reason Behind Mississippi Personhood Loss

“Abortion foes to try again to pass personhood amendment in Colorado” | The Denver Post

Personhood amendment makes headway in Arkansas

“Florida antiabortion group wants its own ‘personhood’ amendment, faces long odds”

Mississippi personhood amendment has excellent chance of passing, say pro-life leaders

Mississippi Voters May Change Abortion Debate | Personhood USA

ACLU and Planned Parenthood File Lawsuit to challenge Nevada Personhood ballot initiatives

Mississippi AG Jim Hood Endorses Personhood, Promises to Defend if Challenged

Personhood USA Releases New Video Documenting Infamous Roe vs. Wade Court Case

    Personhood USA: Personhood USA has released a new video documenting the infamous Roe vs. Wade court case that legalized abortion in the United States. Relevant to today’s battle for human life, the video illustrates the need to recognize unborn children as people. The video includes actual audio from the court case in which Justice Potter Stewart states, “And the basic Constitutional question, initially, is whether or not an unborn fetus is a person, isn’t it? That’s critical to this case.”

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Romney against the grain on personhood

A Radical New Ploy To Destroy Roe V. Wade—Which Just Might Work

Group wants to put abortion ban on Ohio ballot

Mississippi to put abortion in election spotlight

Eugenics: Aborting Children with Down Syndrome in Denmark and the U.S.

Historic Pro-Life ‘Personhood’ Bills and Amendments Introduced in Alabama Legislature

Personhood bills introduced, gain traction across U.S.

North Dakota Passes Personhood Legislation in the House

Personhood petitions in all 50 states – approaching 1 million signatures

Court rules that Mississippi’s personhood initiative will be on 2011 ballot

Judge mulling Mississippi personhood initiative

Colorado poll shows Personhood Amendment 62 likely losing by large margin

CO: Abortion measure draws some religious opposition

CO: Personhood Amendment 62 lawsuit against Blue Book dismissed based on court’s jurisdiction

Personhood Amendment 62 files suit to stop distribution of biased “Colorado Blue Book”

Colorado’s Personhood Amendment 62 organizers answer critics, invite scrutiny of petition signatures

Personhood conference deemed a success, participants look forward to personhood victory

CO: Personhood amendment has strong support this year

Colorado abortionists launch campaign against Personhood ballot initiative

Abortion profiteers relying on false claims to attack Colorado Personhood Amendment 62

Liberty Counsel files response to ACLU lawsuit against Personhood Mississippi Ballot initiative

New Pro-Life Group Launches Personhood Amendment in West Virginia’s Oldest County

Personhood Colorado announces Amendment 62 campaign strategy

Georgia voters say “yes” to Personhood Amendment

Personhood in Montana delayed, not defeated

Personhood Mississippi responds to lawsuit against right to life and right to vote in Mississippi.

NV: Lack of signatures will keep personhood amdt off ballot

Montana Personhood Amendment backers trying again for ballot vote

Missouri Personhood Amendment fails to qualify for November ballot