Kansas eases abortion clinic rules

State to appellate court: Allow Planned Parenthood defunding

Planned Parenthood, Indiana Battle in Court Over Tax Funding

Indiana, Planned Parenthood in court over funding

Indiana Planned Parenthood Won’t Stop Abortions to Get Tax Funds

Indiana Planned Parenthood Won’t Stop Abortions to Get Tax Funds

Officials urge Ind. Planned Parenthood to split up

At issue: Kline’s ‘ethical misconduct’

Pro-Lifers shift attention to Senate

Casey Mattox: Take Heart Pro-Life Students. You’re Winning!

Kansas: Federal judge orders restoration of taxpayer funds to abortion clinic, for now

Planned Parenthood Denied $397K in Tax Funding in Tennessee

Planned Parenthood Awards Number Two Senate Democrat

ACLU and Planned Parenthood File Lawsuit to challenge Nevada Personhood ballot initiatives

Arizona Abortions Drop 30% After Pro-Life Law Takes Effect

Kansas Judge Lets Clinic Join Planned Parenthood Lawsuit

GOP Leader Promises Another Vote to De-Fund Planned Parenthood

Kansas Defends Planned Parenthood De-Funding Law in Court

New Hampshire fights fed contract with Planned Parenthood

Huge Battle on Abortion, Planned Parenthood Funding Coming

Jill Stanek: Formal protest filed against HHS for no-bid contract to Obama and Shaheen’s Planned Parenthood pal

Lawsuit in N.C. seeks to undo abortion law requiring ultrasound

Alaska Judge Wants Abortion Law Issues Heard

New House GOP Bill De-Funds Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

Three councilors protest Planned Parenthood deal | New Hampshire NEWS06

Michael J. Norton: ADF files protest of federal grant to Planned Parenthood of Northern New England

Attorney: Probe Planned Parenthood Over Tax-Funding, Fraud

New Hampshire Fights Obama on Planned Parenthood Funding | LifeNews.com

NH council protesting Planned Parenthood contract – Boston.com

NH council protesting feds contracting with Planned Parenthood; council voted against contract | The Republic

ACLU, Planned Parenthood Sue To Stop NC New Abortion Law

Planned Parenthood wrong in denials of financial improprieties, notes Americans United for Life

Planned Parenthood Turns to Hogan Lovells for Congressional Probe

Probe May Find More Medicaid Fraud at Planned Parenthood

Democrats Object to Probe of Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

Congress to Investigate Planned Parenthood Abortion Business

Planned Parenthood, ACLU create front organization to defeat pro-life legislation – “Mississippians for Healthy Families”

Indiana Asks Court to Uphold Planned Parenthood De-Funding

Planned Parenthood Makes $155 Million Doing Abortions

    LifeNews.com: According to their own figures, in 2009 alone, Planned Parenthood performed 332,278 abortions. That’s like wiping out the population of a sizeable city. Since the average cost of an abortion was $468, Planned Parenthood’s total abortion income that year was $155,506,104. In light of their total “health center” income of $404,900,000, Planned Parenthood made out like bandits with abortion, which generated 38.4% of this total revenue.

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Canada Renews Funding for Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

Police Obtain DNA From Planned Parenthood in Abortion-Rape Case

WA: Police Serve Planned Parenthood With Search Warrant for Aborted Fetus

Canada Renews Funding for Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

Planned Parenthood in Tennessee Gets 2nd Chance for Tax-Funding

Police Want Records in Planned Parenthood-Statutory Rape Case

Planned Parenthood: 38.4% of Its Income Comes From Abortions

Most U.S. Planned Parenthoods located in minority communities: report

Indiana Abortions Up, Planned Parenthood Using RU 486 More

Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz De-Funded in Tennessee

Obama Forces New Hampshire to Fund Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood won’t appeal Arizona abortion ruling, could fight other restrictions

Is the NH Health Commissioner conspiring with the Obama Admin. to force New Hampshire to fund Planned Parenthood?

Another Life Victory! Planned Parenthood Won’t Appeal Abortion Consent Act to State Supreme Court

Pro-Life Group Lists Companies Backing Planned Parenthood

Obama Admin May Give $1.8M to Planned Parenthood in New Hampshire and Takover Grant Process

“Is There a War on Birth Control?”

“Regretting Your Abortion Is Not Grounds For A Lawsuit”

Florida County Yanks $500K for Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

What a woman must know before aborting

Vote on Planned Parenthood set for St. Lucie Children’s Services Council

MI: Oakland County judge rules 60 days on disputed Planned Parenthood clinic

Kansas forwards funds to Planned Parenthood

Obama Still Ignores Planned Parenthood Sex Trafficking Issues

Philippines: Three Pro-RH Bill Groups Support Abortion

Appeals court upholds critical portions of South Dakota informed consent law

Court: State can tell pregnant women of ‘existing relationship’ with baby

You’ve Been Guttmacher’d: Planned Parenthood’s Baby

Bigger Birth Control Bucks Not Working: Planned Parenthood Making No Progress Against Unintended Pregnancy

Court Rules in Favor of S.D. Pro-Life Law

SD: Abortionists ordered to follow disputed ‘informed consent’ law

Court: South Dakota Law Telling Women Abortion Risks OK

“Media ok with Planned Parenthood government-funded political activity, but go after marriage group”