7th Circuit denies Notre Dame preliminary injunction in its contraceptive mandate challenge

Court won’t exempt Notre Dame from birth control provision

Religious nonprofits lose second court case this week over Obamacare contraception mandate

D.C. Circuit: Catholic Archbishop must facilitate provision of contraceptives and abortifacients

Host committee announced for National Prayer Service

Is pro-life activist Bryan Kemper banned from the UK?

ADF represents Colorado-based Fellowship of Catholic University Students

Women of the National Black Prolife Coalition Denounce Planned Parenthood’s Latest Propaganda Maneuver

Religious organizations challenge contraception mandate in federal court | Matt Bowman on Fox News (video)

Abortion’s ‘Invisible Grief’ Surfaces with Nationwide Gravesite Ceremonies

Pro-lifers rally outside ‘House of Horrors’ clinic, demand release of Gosnell victims’ bodies | LifeSiteNews

Demonstrators Demand Babies in Gosnell Case Are Buried | NBC Philadelphia Video

Abortion foes seek fetuses from seedy Pa. clinic | GOlackawanna (AP)

Medical Examiner May Not Bury Bodies of Babies Gosnell Killed for 10 Years | LifeNews

Rally demands burial for ‘Gosnell babies’ | Tom Avril at Philadelphia Inquirer

A battle to bury remains of the ‘Gosnell babies’ | Joseph A. Slobodzian at Philadelphia Inquirer

Expose Abortion: Truth from inside the industry

Fetuses from clinic won’t be released for burial by outside groups | Catholic Sun

Pro-Lifers Seeking Burial of ‘Gosnell Babies’ Locked Out of Medical Examiner’s Office | CNS News

Pro-Life Groups Protest, Want to Bury “Gosnell Babies” | Philly Post

Pro-life Leaders Demand Burial for ‘Gosnell Babies,’ Philly Stonewalls | Newsbusters

Phil. Medical Examiner locks out pro-life activists demanding bodies of Gosnell victims for burial | LifeSiteNews

Letter Demands Info on What Happened to Bodies of Babies Kermit Gosnell Killed | LifeNews

Medical Examiner’s Office Locks Out Pro-Lifers Demanding Info on Gosnell Babies

Where Are the Babies that Kermit Gosnell Murdered and Will They Receive a Proper Funeral and Burial?

Exclusive: Father Pavone Says Pro-Lifers Need to “Take Risks, Show Courage”

    LifeNews: LifeNews: What is the most important thing the pro-life movement should be doing? Fr. Pavone: Taking more risks. One of the things that slows down our progress is when we see what we have to do, but we hesitate, we calculate, and we don’t risk. A lot of times when people say ‘I wish I knew what to do next’ –whether we’re talking about an individual, a group, or a church– most of the time they already know. What they’re really saying is ‘I think I need the courage to do it.’

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Priests Demand Pelosi Renounce Catholicism After Abortion is “Sacred Ground” Comment

Request Denied for Proper Burial for Babies Gosnell Killed in Infanticides

Fox News to air one-hour special on Gosnell trial

Pro-life priests asks for bodies of Gosnell’s victims for proper burial

Groups Ask US To Back Off Demand For Abortion At UN

Pro-life Organizations Engage Human Rights Council

Hundreds gather at Carhart abortion clinic to demand justice for mother’s death | LifeSiteNews

Groups from Around Country to Come Together to Mourn Death of Young Woman Killed by Leroy Carhart and Hold Press Conference Monday at 9am

Father Pavone wins partial victory on Vatican appeal

IRD: Why Are So Many Churches Silent about Gender Selective Abortion?

Multi-faith protesters unite against healthcare mandate | World Mag

Protests Against HHS Abortifacient Mandate in 140 Cities; Will Media Cover?

MS: Pro-life youth arrested outside school and held in jail for 24 hours

Priests for Life announces 4-pronged attack against abortion in 2012

Father Pavone Turns Down Meeting With Bishop Zurek

Catholic Bishop to Keep Father Pavone in Texas Indefinitely

Fr. Pavone letter to the Bishops re: Priests for Life

Father Pavone to seek new diocese, bishop extends inquiry; group will picket parishes

Ctr. for Bio-Ethical Reform to Lead Informational Pickets Outside Catholic Facilities & Activities in the Diocese of Amarillo, TX over Fr. Pavone restrictions

Father Frank Pavone Prevented From Running Priests for Life by Bishop

Pavone to Reid: A government that funds massive child-killing has betrayed its very purpose anyway, shut it down

Fr. Frank Pavone: No easy decision, indeed — MTV

Pro-life groups seek probe on Kagan and partial-birth abortion before vote

Signs Declaring Women Do Regret Abortion Will Flood March for Life Event

Montana Supreme Court holds hearing on case to allow assisted suicide

“Everyone Against Abortion, Please Raise Your Hand”