Ohio insists it can censor pro-life campaign ads

Lawsuit against national pro-life group dies at the Sixth Circuit Court

Judge throws out Ohio Rep Steve Driehaus defamation appeals against pro-life group

Court rules for pro-life group’s free speech rights against pro-abortion Congressman

Appeals court rejects former congressman’s lawsuit against pro-life group

House introduces popular, compassionate abortion limit on first day of new Congress

Pro-life lobby is pitching a new demographic: Democratic women

Evangelicals road test 2016 strategy

The intensity gap: Can a pro-life platform win elections?

GAO report reveals flagrant violations of ACA rules for abortion funding

District judge finds Ohio’s prohibition of campaign falsehoods violates First Amendment

Pro-life group wins as judge strikes radical law prohibiting pro-life free speech

Ohio law banning campaign lies is struck down

Federal judge rejects Ohio campaign statements law

Federal court strikes down Ohio ‘truth commission’ law

After 4 year court battle, judge strikes down Ohio law

Conservative write an assertive new script to fight abortion

Supreme Court unanimous in ‘Ministry of Truth’ case

At the U.S. Supreme Court, a key victory for free speech

Court backs pro-life ads as free speech

In ‘right to lie’ case, SBA List told truth on abortion funding

Justices allow challenge to law banning political lies

Supreme Court: Americans have right to speak up for free speech

What we can expect from the Supreme Court next month

‘Ministry of Truth’ case before high court

SBA List case is about liberty, not lies

Supreme Court has Free Speech concerns in SBA List case

On pro-life case involving Obamcare abortion funding, Supreme Court has free speech concerns | Christian Post

Cato: Laws that criminalize “false speech” don’t replace “truthiness and snark” with “just the facts”

ADF on oral arguments in SBA List case: Americans have the right to speak up for free speech

SBA List to argue at Supreme Court

Archbishop Chaput: A gathering that needs our support | Catholic News Agency

Nancy Pelosi receives Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sanger Award

Brief: Telling the truth isn’t defamation

Jeremy Lott: Life isn’t just another “social issue”

ADF to Supreme Court: Americans have right to speak up for free speech

Ohio AG: Ohio election law violates free speech

US Supreme Court to hear pro-life Groups’ challenge to Ohio speech law | Christian Post

Supreme Court to mull right to lie in political ads

US Supreme Court takes up critical free speech case | Alliance Defending Freedom

10 best pro-life moments of 2013 | Kristi Burton Brown at Live Action News

Anti-Abortion Forces Reassess Their Tactics After Ballot Defeat in Albuquerque | NYT

Albuquerque Votes on Late-Term Abortion Ban

Eyes on Albuquerque in New Mexico abortion fight

New Mexico Residents to Vote on “Pain Capable Unborn Child” Ordinance on Nov. 19 | Care2.com

    Care2.com (Nov. 8): “Every innocent life deserves to be protected,” said Senior Counsel Michael J. Norton. “This ordinance will protect children in the womb who experience horrific pain during a late-term abortion. It also protects mothers from the increased risk of physical harm and potentially devastating psychological consequences that come with late-term abortions.” . . . The Alliance Defending Freedom letter explains, “Whether one views an unborn child as a ‘life or potential life…,’ allowing abortions to unnecessarily impose substantial pain on an unborn child ‘is incompatible with the concept of human dignity and has no place in civilized society.’” . . . “Numerous states have decided to limit non-emergency abortions beyond 20 weeks to protect the health of mothers and ensure that their babies are free from excruciating pain,” added Senior Counsel Steven H. Aden. “Albuquerque voters can be confident that this proposed ordinance is both medically and legally sound.”

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