Thomas More Law Center files federal lawsuit challenging 39-foot “buffer zone” ordinance

Air Force Academy challenged over censorship of Bible verse | The New American

Bible verse removal mobilizes conservative legal groups to prepare for battle with Air Force Academy | The Blaze

Restore Military Religious Freedom Coalition offers legal aid to Bible verse cadets | ChristianNewsWire

Bible verse cadets call out Air Force Academy for violating constitutional rights | Charisma News

What’s going on at Air Force Academy? God’s word vs. Pentagon’s word

MI: Federal judge tosses Thomas More Law Center free speech suit against Muslim group

Lawsuit: Feds retaliated against Navy chaplain for holding Mass during gov’t shutdown

Catholic non-profits win preliminary injunction against contraceptive coverage rules

Numerous lawsuits vs. ObamaCare – who will emerge victorious? | One News Now

Tom Monaghan Non-Profits Sue Challenging Contraceptive Mandate

Developments In Challenges To Contraceptive Coverage Mandate | Religion Clause Blog

ACA Contraception Mandate Spurs Litigation Onslaught | National Law Journal

9th Circuit Considers Calif. School’s May 5 U.S. Flag Ban

Mass Appeal: Catholics Win Military Shutdown Fight, Litigation Continues

Catholic Priest Sues Defense Department Over Shutdown

“Gay Persecution of Christians: The Latest Evidence” | Crisis Magazine

Christian Group Wins Challenge To Dearborn’s Special Event Permit Ordinance

Willis Brothers Granted Preliminary Injunction Against HHS Mandate | Thomas More Law Center

Law Firm Challenges Contraceptive Coverage Mandate

In Broad Win, Small Business Gets Preliminary Injunction Against Required ACA Emergency Contraception Coverage

MI: Removing High School Student from Class for Saying “I Don’t Accept Gays” Violates First Amendment

Abortion and men: What’s a father to do? | Kristi Burton Brown at LiveActionNews

Houston Police Sued By Street Preacher

Veteran Pro Bono Lawyers Fight Health Care Law | Womensenews

Family Business Sues Obama Over HHS Mandate, Would Pay $218,000 in Fines

Kim Daniels to serve as new USCCB spokeswoman

Easter Sunrise Services At Mojave Veterans Memorial Cross | Rees Lloyd at News with Views

TMLC Files Its Fourth Court Challenge To the HHS Mandate

Indiana Civil Rights Commission Seeks Jurisdiction Over Small Informal Groups

Founding Father’s Descendant Files 50th Lawsuit Against HHS Mandate

We’re Winning War on Christmas | Bill Donohue at Newsmax

At Christmastime, Ignore the Heckler’s Veto | Andy Norman at Bell Towers

Illinois: Parties try to avoid lawsuit over rejected Nativity scene

    Daily Herald: The Arlington Heights Park District and the Thomas More Society said Monday they are hopeful their dispute over a Nativity scene for the Arlington Heights holiday display won’t reach the lawsuit stage, but attorneys have not yet reached a solution. On Friday the Thomas More Society filed a complaint with the Arlington Heights Park District because it rejected a Nativity scene for the annual holiday display in North School Park. The park district said it rejected the offer in part because it uses only its own lights for the display and because the theme of the display is children’s toys.

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Federal Courts Split On Religious Liberty And Obamacare | Ken Klukowski at Breitbart

Complaint to IRS Against Catholic Bishops is Bogus ‘Scare Tactic,’ Religious Rights Attorneys Say | CNSNews

Second Plaintiff Beats Obama HHS-Abortion Mandate in Court

City of Frankenmuth Rejects Demand to Remove 55 Foot Frankenmuth American Bicentennial Cross

Thomas More Law Center: Federal Judge Hears Arguments in HHS Mandate Case in Detroit

MI: Federal Judge Will Hear Arguments in HHS Mandate Case – Friday, 9:30 AM

Frankenmuth, MI: Thomas More Law Center to defend 55 foot “Bicentennial Cross”

Court asked to rule for Tulsa officer who refused to attend Mosque function

New Evidence of Corruption Involving Sale of Michigan Public School Property to the Islamic Cultural Association

Feds Backpedal On Contraceptive Mandate, Again: 2nd set of plaintiffs told requirement won’t be enforced for now

MI: Hearing Set in Legatus Catholic Business Leaders’ Challenge to Obamacare Mandate

6th Circuit sides with Christians in Nativity ruling

6th Circuit: Plaintiffs lack standing in First Amend. challenge to Hate Crimes Act

Report: “Colonizing African Values: How the U.S. Christian Right is Transforming Sexual Politics in Africa”

Catholic business leaders sue in Detroit federal court to stop contraception coverage rule

TMLC Readies to Defend Memorial Crosses at Marine Base Atop Mount Horno

Dearborn’s New Tactic to Stop Pastor Terry Jones Fails; Federal Judge Orders City to Allow Speech in Front of Mosque On Saturday

Thomas More Law Center Files Lawsuit: City of Dearborn Employs New Tactic to Silence Christian Pastor

Thomas More Law Center getting ‘flack’ from Muslim groups

Thomas More Law Center Appeals Ninth Circuit’s Anti-God Decision to the U.S. Supreme Court

Lawsuit By Michigan Conservative Christian Group Seeks To Overturn Hate Crimes Law | TPMMuckraker

Student Sues School District and Teacher Over Punishment Received After He Expressed His Religious Belief Opposing Homosexuality

At issue: Kline’s ‘ethical misconduct’

Indiana Asks Court to Uphold Planned Parenthood De-Funding

Thomas More Law Center to Appeal Controversial Ninth Circuit Appeals Court Decision Outlawing Classroom Banners Mentioning “God,” Including our National Motto

Health Care Battle Reaches Supreme Court

MilesEye View of 4th of July-Feature Commentary

Indiana Appeals Decision Against Planned Parenthood De-Funding Law

6th Circuit: Federal Appeals Court Upholds Obama Health Care Law

Obama solicitor general: If you don’t like Obamacare mandate, earn less money

Video: Dearborn Muslims Mob Pastor Terry Jones: The First “No Go Zone” on American Soil?

Attorney from Christian law firm decries Jones’ treatment in court

Quran-Burning Pastor Continues to Beat the Free-Speech Drum

MI: City Where Arabs Predominate Limits Christian Preaching

Heroes lead effort to reinstate DADT

    Rees Lloyd writes at World Net Daily: “A joint statement of two of America’s greatest living military heroes – Adm.l Jeremiah A. Denton (USN, ret.), a POW for seven years, seven months in Vietnam, and Maj. Gen. Patrick H. Brady (USA, ret.), Medal of Honor recipient – calling for the 112th Congress to reinstate the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, which was repealed in a rush by the lame-duck session of the Pelosi-Reid-Obama 111th Congress, has sparked a strong and growing response. That response has ranged from an almost immediate action by American Legionnaires in California to pass a formal resolution calling on the 112th Congress to reinstate DADT, to endorsement and re-publication of the joint statement of Adm. Denton and Gen. Brady by such national organizations as the Thomas More Law Center and the Alliance Defense Fund . . . ”

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U.S. Supreme Court Asked to Review San Francisco’s Anti-Catholic Resolution