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Alabama federal judge declines to lift same-sex marriage order

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Alabama Supreme Court forbids judge at center of same-sex marriage lawsuit from issuing licenses

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Alabama’s high court votes to stop same-sex marriage

Alabama Supreme Court affirms natural marriage, orders probate judges to cease issuing illegal licenses

Criticizing Justices, state court bars same-sex marriages

Alabama court orders a halt to same-sex marriage licenses

Alabama Supreme Court again halts same-sex marriage

NOM commends Alabama Supreme Court for 7 – 1 ruling upholding traditional marriage

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Website under deconstruction: “Reproductive Health Services of Montgomery”

Staver: Alabama judges bound by law, not by judge’s order

In sort-of-defense of Roy Moore

    The New York Times:
    But Moore’s frustration with the process by which gay marriage has arrived in his state, as opposed to the ultimate outcome, is understandable. The process has been peculiar. This is what has been at issue in Alabama since Jan. 23, when District Court Judge Callie V. Granade struck down the state’s ban on gay marriage. District-court rulings, even if they’re about important matters of policy, usually affect only the people involved in the case in question. They don’t typically make law for an entire state; that responsibility falls to a state’s highest court, or a federal appeals court — in this case the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit — or eventually the Supreme Court, which makes law for the country.

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Groups seek Alabama Supreme Court mandamus to stop same-sex marriage licenses

    Religion Clause: While Probate Judges in 50 of Alabama’s 67 counties have begun to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, opposition to a federal district court’s invalidation of the state’s same-sex marriage ban has not ended. The Alabama Policy Institute and the Alabama Citizens Action Program filed a petition (full text) with the Alabama Supreme Court on Wednesday seeking a writ of mandamus ordering county probate judges not to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples or recognize licenses issued to them. The petition argues that fededral court injunctions aimed at the state’s attorney general do not bind probate judges. The Supreme Court yesterday issued an order, with two justices filing dissenting opinions, (full text) ordering respondents to file answers by Feb. 18. Justice Shaw dissenting said: “I would urge restraint and would urge this Court not to interject more confusion into what is already a very confusing situation.” Also yesterday Equality Alabama filed and amicus brief (full text) urging dismissal of the petition. Meanwhile, a Mississippi Ku Klux Klan faction called for support of efforts to defy federal court same-sex marriage rulings.

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Feds’ interference on same-sex marriage has Alabama Catholics speaking out

Judge tangled up over tying the knot

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The death of the rule of law in Alabama

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Many Ala. counties refuse to issue same-sex marriage licenses

Is Alabama’s Roy Moore the new George Wallace?

Kellerism comes to Alabama same-sex marriage wars, care of a political blast by New York Times

You new around here? Some thoughts on Alabama and same-sex marriage

    Doug Wilson: Look. Racial bigotry is a sin. Sexual perversion is a sin. The fact that the respective players in these two battles were and are Alabama and the Federal Government is completely beside the point. Those who glibly point to that as though it settles everything are like those who think that a son who once participated in an intervention over his mother’s alcoholism has thereby earned the right, twenty years later, to pressure her into committing tax fraud. No, no. Let’s go over this carefully. Drunkenness is a sin. Fraud is a sin. They are both sins. Whoever is championing the sin is the sinner.

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Clash over Alabama same-sex marriage licenses heads to court

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