California Senate approves bill to allow assisted suicide of elderly and disabled

Maynard lobbied Gov. Brown on aid-in-dying bill just before her death

Assisted-death bill approved by California Senate

USC to tighten free speech policies after pro-life banners prompted controversy

Placing government into counseling room

California court rules for feather but not religious freedom

Attacks on pregnancy centers parallel Fugitive Slave Acts

California House passes bill forcing pregnancy centers to refer for abortions

California passes bill forcing pro-life centers to push abortion

Terminally ill California mom speaks out against assisted suicide

Calif. Senate passes vaccination bill, SB 277

Complaint targets continued use of cross in L.A. County seal

California bill ending ‘beliefs’ exemption for childhood vaccines advances

Calif. lawmaker plans to revive bill ending religious exemptions for vaccines

California committee approves bill ordering pregnancy centers to promote gov’t abortion programs

California ‘bully bill’ latest attempt to deter life-affirming centers

California pregnancy centers fight law forcing them to give abortion info

California Appeals Court: No duty to warn congregants of child molester

California pregnancy centers fight law forcing them to give abortion info

California’s anti-pregnancy center ‘bully bill’ passes committee

California ‘Bully Bill’ is the latest attempt to deter life-affirming centers

California committee passes bill to force pregnancy centers to promote abortions

Supreme Court rejects appeal by US flag-wearing students

Prominent San Francisco evangelical church drops celibacy requirement for same-sex couples

ADF says abortion giant strong-armed CA hospital

Speaker at L.A. archdiocese conference says Catholic teaching on homosexuality is ‘abusive’ and ‘gravely evil’

Planned Parenthood threatens lawsuit to keep abortions in California hospital

Was hospital bullied into abortion deal by Planned Parenthood?

Why San Francisco’s largest evangelical church is wrong about sex

Planned Parenthood bullied Calif. city into abortion agreement

Lawmakers fight to close abortion insurance coverage loophole

A fight to keep Catholic schools Catholic

DC Council dares Congress, presses forward with anti-conscience bills

A real violation of separation of church and state in San Francisco

School district gets boost in defending atheist lawsuit

HHS delaying decision on unconstitutional abortion mandate in California

D.C. Council amends Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Act

Supreme Court denies California Prop 8 backers review of contribution disclosure law

Rejected as ‘discriminatory’ and shunned from campuses, Christian clubs struggle

Morals clause in Catholic schools roils Bay area

    The New York Times: Other church leaders, including those in Oakland, Calif., Cincinnati, Cleveland and Honolulu, have instituted similar teacher morality clauses with far less protest. In Oakland, three teachers quit rather than adhere to the rules. But in San Francisco, in addition to the petitions and protests, eight state legislators from the Bay Area have asked the archbishop to withdraw the clause as discriminatory. Two of them called for an investigation, accusing the archbishop of using religion “as a Trojan horse to deprive our fellow citizens of their basic civil rights.”

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Obama Admin not helping California churches forced to fund abortions, churches refuse to comply

Abortion foes: Hold California accountable

Lawmakers want probe of SF Catholic high schools

San Francisco parents shocked to learn that Catholic Schools are Catholic (satire)

As storm brews, San Fran archbishop strikes back at school guideline critics

San Francisco archbishop rejects lawmakers’ criticism on morality clauses

Lawmakers urge archbishop to remove morality clauses

Catholics repeat calls to overturn DC reproductive health laws

At least 1,000 Californians would commit assisted suicide each year if it matched Oregon’s rate

Oklahoma Senator backs religious groups fighting for their religious rights

Don’t be fooled: ‘Aid in Dying’ IS assisted suicide

School drops disclaimer requirement, settles lawsuit

S.F. archbishop’s morality clause at Catholic schools outrages many

Archdiocese joins religious, pro-life groups in asking Congress to disapprove two recently enacted laws in the District of Columbia

New D.C. laws violate religious liberty, leaders say

Baptists, Catholics oppose D.C. laws

New D.C. laws violate religious liberty, leaders say

Religious groups say new DC laws violate their constitutional freedoms

Morality clauses alarm teachers at SF Catholic schools

Students opposed to ideological agenda shamed in classroom

ADF leads battle against Congress to protect pro-lifers

Could two new laws suffocate the Catholic Church in DC?

Religious groups say new D.C. laws violate constitutional freedoms

Court says religious non-profits need not identify their insurers to HHS

In our opinion: California’s ban of Scout-affiliated judges flies in the face of religious freedoms

De-judging the boy scouts

No contraception mandate for Christian ministry

Conservative, Catholic groups urge members of Congress to overturn D.C. bills

Conservatives unite to protect religious freedom

ADF to Congress: DC must abandon bills coercing organizations against their missions

Where does ‘public life’ end for Catholic school teachers?