Banning Reparative Therapies | Penna Dexter at Baptist Press

“Will The Supreme Court Legalize Same-Sex Marriage This Term?” | Wendy S. Goffe at Forbes

Romney White House Would Immediately Face Marriage Issue: Defend DOMA or Not

CBS Poll shows Romney rapidly narrowing the gap vs. Obama in California

The Becker Law Firm Sues To Restore Christmas To Santa Monica

School districts in California and Florida recognize LGBT Month

Cal. Gov. temp. waives environmental regs to ease gas prices

Calif. Gov. Vetoes Unconventional Multi-Parent Bill

“SF archbishop selection riles gay rights advocates”

Gas shortages start to plague California, prices at $4.32 moving toward $5

Liberty Counsel Files Suit Today Challenging California’s Ban on Change Therapy

Student Who Got ‘Gay Cure’ Sues California Over New Law

Cal. Street Preacher Succeeds In His Suit Against Noise Ordinance

California Governor Signs Law Excusing Objecting Clergy From Performing Same-Sex Weddings

“Gov. Jerry Brown OKs training in LGBT issues for foster parents”

Pacific Justice Institute files lawsuit challenging Cal. reparative law

University of CA Student Association condemns entire country of Israel of ‘racism’ in secretive vote

Liberty Counsel to File Suit Against California’s Ban on Change Therapy

“Schwarzenegger reveals he officiated two gay weddings while California governor”

“Calif. First To Ban Gay Teen ‘conversion’ Therapy” | AP

CA: Two District Court Nominees Confirmed as Stalemate Continues Over Others

California: No Doctor’s License Needed to Do Abortions Now

CA: Case Alleging Discrimination Against Straight Car Renters May Go Forward

    Volokh Conspiracy: So holds Evenchik v. Avis Rent a Car Systems, LLC (S.D. Cal. Sept. 17, 2012): According to the Complaint, Plaintiff rented a car from AVIS in July 2011, in the County of San Diego, California. She was charged $311.36. According to the Complaint, at that time AVIS gave large price discounts to members of two groups: the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association and the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. Plaintiff is not a member of either group. The Complaint further alleges that AVIS did not give her the gay and lesbian group member price discount. Plaintiff alleges that California’s Unruh Civil Rights Act … prohibits a business from discriminating between its customers on the basis of sexual orientation….

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Same-sex marriage symposium: Time for an answer – does the Constitution require same-sex marriage? | William Duncan of the Marriage Law Foundation

CA: View on same-sex marriage sinks Berkeley schools superintendent candidate

Same-sex marriage symposium: Same-sex marriage in the courts of law and reason | Nelson Lund, George Mason Law

Same-sex marriage symposium: Certiorari and Perry | Andrew Koppelman, Northwestern Law

“Same-sex marriage symposium: The overlooked benefit of leaving Perry in place” | Robin Fretwell Wilson, Washington & Law School of Law

    SCOTUS Blog: The following contribution to our same-sex marriage symposium comes from Robin Fretwell Wilson, Class of 1958 Law Alumni Professor of Law at Washington and Lee University School of Law and co-editor of Same-Sex Marriage and Religious Liberty: Emerging Conflicts, and Anthony Michael Kreis, Washington and Lee Law graduate and a Ph.D. candidate in the School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Georgia.. . . However, the denial of cert. would have the singular benefit, as the City of San Francisco suggests in its brief in opposition, of allowing the “significant constitutional questions” surrounding same-sex marriage to “percolate . . . [so that the] ‘perspective of time’ helps to shed more light on the weighty issues they present.” The need for percolation is particularly imperative because, as the city highlights, “this case raises issues that are currently the subject of intense legislative and popular debate.”

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Proposition 8 and the fundamental right to self-government | Jeff Mateer of Liberty Institute

Prop. 8 Judge: ‘What Judges Do and Must Do Is … Move the Strike Zone’

Feds ID California man’s role in anti-Islam film

ACLU sues Cal. school for abstinence in sex ed on behalf of American Academy of Pediatrics

Congressional Candidate Backs Off Abortion Remark RE: Cancer Link

AZ bar reciprocity rules challenged in Federal Court But attorneys from non-reciprocity states have to take the full-blown, two-day Bar examination. That requires not only extensive preparation — particularly for those who have been out of school for some time — but also waiting to find out if there was a passing score. The lawyers who are suing are from California and Montana, both non-reciprocity states. Also suing is the National Association for the Advancement of Multijurisdictional Practice, based in California.

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Why California’s Three-Parent Law Was Inevitable | Jennifer Roback Morse

Prop 8, DOMA cases have been distributed for September 24 conference at the Supreme Court

Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission urges SCOTUS to hear Prop 8 case

“Prop. 8″ case advances – SCOTUS conference scheduled for Sept. 24

Prop 8 Legal Defense Fund Responds to Arguments In U.S. Supreme Court

American Civil Rights Union Urges Supreme Court to Hear California Marriage Case

California Passes Bill To Prevent Employment Discrimination Over Religious Hair Style or Dress

Marriage Proposal: Court May Weigh Levels of Scrutiny for Same-Sex Couples

CA: Religious Wedding Without License Is Not Remarriage That Terminates Spousal Support Order

Cal. public charter school uses drama to promote marriage redefinition

Ex-gay group: ‘New survey finds counseling to reduce homosexuality can be effective, beneficial’

Secretary of State: Colorado personhood ballot measure 3,859 signatures short

“California bans ‘gay cure’ therapy as lawmakers say they want to protect ‘sissy boys’” | Daily Mail

Supreme Court urged to deny review of California Proposition 8 same-sex marriage ban

Olson, Boies argue SCOTUS should not hear Prop. 8 Case

Cal. Church Can Get RLUIPA Damages, But Not For Hypothetical Lost Contributions

Seven marriage petitions now pending before U.S. Supreme Court

CA: Mojave Desert parents return to court over charter

Cal. suit challenges school abstinence only message

Cal. Supreme Court Vacates 110 Year Sentence for Juvenile Offender

Cal. jury Awards $1.6 Million For Muslim Hotel Owner’s Actions Against Jewish Group

Dems, Media call for anti-second amendment gun control legislation

Jury Says Muslim Hotel Owner Discriminated

Cal. AG urges SCOTUS to allow race consideration in academic admissions

Medicaid Fraud Lawsuit Against Planned Parenthood Gets Big Victory

CA: “Mosque opponents target the evils of Islam: Author will lecture on ‘lies and deception’ surrounding the project”

    Gilroy Dispatch: After months of arguing over county building codes in an effort to keep the proposed Cordoba Center Islamic mosque and cemetery out of San Martin, the Morgan Hill/Gilroy Patriots are turning the debate to the threat of Islamic presence in the South County with a public event this Saturday. Guest lecturer Peter Friedman, expert in Islam studies and administrator of the website, will be speaking on topics such as “Islam – Threat to America,” and “Islam and Women,” at the Gilroy Library from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

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NC: Atheists contest treatment from Camp Pendleton

California: Prop 8 marriage committee faces election fine

“The arithmetic of gay marriage”

Calif. Senator Says Bill’s Point is to ‘Attack Parental Rights’

Justice Department: California should not let illegal immigrant practice law

“Courts mull whether illegal immigrants can be licensed to practice law”

DOMA’s Day of Reckoning | World Mag

Marriage defenders ask U.S. Supreme Court to hear Calif. Prop. 8 case

“Proposition 8″ defenders’ appeal filed

ACLU Targets Cross at Memorial Site

Laguna Hills: Chick-fil-A grand opening campout disrupted by “pro-gay marriage protest”