California govt. mailing condoms to teenagers at home in unmarked envelopes

Field Poll: “Same-sex marriage poll finds majority approve”

Austin R. Nimocks: Do Ask, Do Tell (If You’re a California Judge)

House Rules Chairman Dreier (R-Cal.) announces retirement

Appealed filed in case of students ordered to remove American Flag clothing on Cinco De Mayo

California Bill Would Let Nurses and Midwives Do Abortions

“California Asks Judges: Gay or Straight?”

Calif. lawyer to be sentenced in baby selling scam

Marriage ‘too valuable’ for 2 judges to redefine

“Simply Absurd”: Prop. 8 defenders appeal to full 9th Circuit | Cal. Catholic Daily

Cal. federal judge rules Federal DOMA is unconstitutional

Stanford Law Review Online: The Ninth Circuit’s Perry Decision and the Constitutional Politics of Marriage Equality

Cert. Denied In Claim Challenging Teacher’s Anti-Religious Comment

Proposition 8 Proponents to Seek Full Ninth Circuit Review

“Gay Marriage’s Slow Stroll to the Supreme Court”

Prop 8 Challenge Brings New Approach to Pro Bono |

Anti-Marriage Ruling in California Sparks New Appeal, Day of Prayer | Christian Post

“Filipino LGBT community in California lauds court rule vs Prop. 8″

Supreme Court Told ObamaCare Makes Americans Fund Abortions |

Prop. 8 Appeal: Will Supreme Court Decide Gay Marriage Once and for All? | Christian Post

Dale Carpenter: “The legal case for California’s Prop. 8 is problematic”

Pinoy LGBT community lauds court rule vs Prop. 8 | Asian Journal

Boy, 6, taken from gay pair – suspected members of international pedophilia ring

Proposition 8′s Continuing Constitutionality? | Balkinization

National Review Editors: A House Divided on Marriage

Dale Carpenter: Reinhardt’s Minimalism, Lowering the Stakes

“Gay marriage foes weigh their next move” | Inside Bay Area

“Editorial: Ruling against Prop. 8 could be hard to overturn” | Sacramento Bee

About Marriage | Pueblo Chieftain

Prop. 8 ruling: why it might not go the the Supreme Court

‘Narrow’ ruling? Court strikes down Prop 8 | Baptist Press

California Gay Marriage Case May Be Headed to Supreme Court

Federal Court Strikes Down California Marriage Laws |

California Assembly Passes Anti-Charter, Union-Backed Bill

“Poster couple for gay marriage in California is getting divorced” | NY Daily News

Ilya Somin: “Why Same-Sex Marriage Bans Qualify as Sex Discrimination”

Orin Kerr: Walker and Reinhardt’s reasoning won’t matter much at SCOTUS

Romney, Gingrich blast Prop 8 ruling

Santorum: Prop. 8 ruling hurts ‘foundation of our society’; “rogue” 9th Circuit should be “abolished”

Appeals court rules California same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional

“Court cancels gay marriage ban”

More judicial activism from Ninth Circuit |

Appeals court strikes down California ban on gay marriage, Proposition 8

Proposition 8 ruling worded to discourage Supreme Court intervention, experts say

Appeals court strikes down California ban on same-sex marriage

Catholic Bishops Denounce As ‘Grave Injustice’ Appeals Court Ruling Striking Down California Marriage Law

    USCCB: “Our society does not operate in an amoral or value-less vacuum,” said Bishop Salvatore Cordileone of Oakland, chairman of the Subcommittee for the Promotion and Defense of Marriage. “To flourish, it must be infused with moral direction that is grounded in the truth. Of course, the true meaning of marriage, like the gift of human life, is ultimately not subject to a vote or court ruling. But in California, as in every other state where marriage has been put to a vote, the people justly upheld the truth of marriage. How tragic for California, for the nation, and especially for children, that this correctly-informed judgment has now been set aside.”

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Critics anticipate Supreme Court hearing after anti-Prop. 8 ruling

“California Gay Marriage Case May Be Headed to Supreme Court”

“Gay marriage supporters in Bay Area cheer ruling on Prop. 8, will take their chances in U.S. Supreme Court” | San Jose Mercury News

Calif.’s gay marriage ban ruled unconstitutional |

Appeals court throws out same-sex marriage ban | Connecticut Post (AP)

California strikes down ban on same-sex marriage |

Proposition 8 ruled unconstitutional: On to the Supreme Court? | The Washington Post

“Court rules California gay marriage ban unconstitutional” | Episcopal News Service

Appeals Court Rejects California’s Proposition 8

Prop 8 Unconstitutional: Gay Marriage Opponents Blame ‘Hollywood-Orchestrated Attacks’

Experts: Marriage ban’s path to high court unclear

ADF: Prop. 8 defenders will appeal decision upholding Hollywood, S.F. attack on marriage

ADF comment on 9th Circuit decision in Perry v. Brown (CA Prop. 8)

“Ninth Circuit to 7 Million California Voters: You Are Irrational Bigots” – Coverage Roundup

For now, government still lets you pick your own roommate according to the 9th Circuit

“‘Gay’ marriage trial videos to remain sealed”

ADF comment on 9th Circuit decision regarding trial video in Perry v. Brown

    The American people deserve a court system that upholds the integrity of the judicial process. The 9th Circuit correctly ruled that when a trial judge makes a solemn promise, as Judge Walker did by assuring the parties that the trial video would not be publicly released, the judiciary must not be allowed to renege on its pledge.

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California Pro-Lifers Try Again for Parental Notice on Abortion

“California Could Get LGBT-Themed License Plates”

State Supreme Court to leave boundaries intact for Cal. Senate races