“California Could Get LGBT-Themed License Plates”

State Supreme Court to leave boundaries intact for Cal. Senate races

Faith leaders choosing up sides

Los Angeles City Council Approves Mandatory Condom Law For Adult Film Stars

CA: Proposed Bill Aims to Accommodate ‘Gender Identity’ in School

CA: Court Holds Diocese Reorganization Not Subject To Property Transfer Tax

Another GOP lawmaker from California to retire

Supreme Court Hears Case Of Workers Fighting Union Over Dues Spent On Political Effort

Pro-Abortion Street Banners Called Out by Life Legal Defense Foundation as Illegal

Do you feel like a girl … or a boy?

CA: Parent activists vs. unions over school law

Will Cal. Condoms in Porn Initiative Interfere with OSHA Compliance?

CA: Lure of Chinese Tuition Pushes Out Asian-Americans

Suit Challenges Denial of Charter School Application By Minister

Legal Periodical by George W. Dent: “Perry v. Schwarzenegger: Is Traditional Marriage Unconstitutional?”

The Latest Proposition to repeal Prop. 8

Nativity display to remain at Travis Air Force Base

“Judge mulls overturning federal marriage law” | Reuters

Congressman Intercedes on Behalf of Pendleton Cross

CA: Atheist messages displace park nativity scenes

Yale, Harvard, Stanford … UC Irvine?

“Gay marriage: Court weighs validity of Prop. 8 ruling by gay judge”

“Appeals court chilly toward challenge to gay judge” | Reuters

Sarah Pulliam Bailey: When the Zoning Board Closes Your Church | WSJ.com

Atheists put bull’s-eye on another cross: Oppose plans to replace burned memorial at Camp Pendleton

CA: Cross Taken From Julian Area Returned

Legal Brief: Appeals court arguments over video of Prop 8 trial | Reuters

CA: “Polyamorous woman Jaiya Ma has baby with lover while living with boyfriend”

Gov. Jerry Brown implores California voters: Please raise taxes on yourself

    CSMonitor.com: “A victory for tax increases in California could encourage similar moves in other states,” says Jack Pitney, a political scientist at Claremont McKenna College. “If the tax measure goes down to defeat – in a blue state running a huge deficit – the effect would be to chill such proposals in other states for many years to come.”

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Latest Happenings in the Prop 8 Case at the 9th Circuit

“Bay Area couple at center of federal gay rights showdown” | San Jose Mercury News

Justices pave way for possible showdown between Los Altos school district and Bullis Charter

San Francisco archdiocese wins legal battle on property tax

FFRF contests Calif. pastor’s political endorsements

San Juan Capistrano Backpedals From Bible Study Shutdown | Pacific Justice Institute

Texas Couple Fined $7,000 for Posting Sign in Yard

America 2011: School officials said murdered crossdressing boy had right to explore sexuality and proposition other boys?

Calif. High Court Ruling Favorable for Traditional Marriage | The New American

San Francisco Sued Over Law Attacking Pregnancy Centers | LifeNews.com

Prop. 8 cases joined, moving faster

Prop. 8 case moves to next phase

CA: Controversial Therapy for Pre-Teen Transgender Patient Raises Questions

California: Toxic for Business – 1992-2000 increased jobs by 777,000; 2000-2008 decreased jobs by 262,000

    NCPA Policy Digest: For years, California could rely on its temperate climate and talented workforce to attract and keep businesses even as taxes and regulations increased. No more. In surveys, executives regularly express the view that California has one of the country’s most toxic business environments, and they say it is one of the least likely places they would open or expand a company.

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Late-Term Abortion Business in California Shuts Down

Mojave Desert Veterans’ Memorial: Another Cross Appears and Is Removed From Sunrise Rock

Unanimous Cal. Supreme Court: Prop 8 can be defended by ballot proponents

    “In a postelection challenge to a voter-approved initiative measure, the official proponents of the initiative are authorized under California law to appear and assert the state’s interest in the initiative’s validity and to appeal a judgment invalidating the measure when the public officials who ordinarily defend the measure or appeal such a judgment decline to do so.”

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Church Turns to Higher Authority in Zoning Battle | WSJ (subscription only)

Ex-porn star’s school appearance prompts review

San Diego mayor urges Congress to overturn Defense of Marriage Act

Sacramento County supervisors slap curbs on sexually oriented businesses

CA: Medical marijuana advocates sue to halt dispensary closings

Not Safe to Display an American Flag in an American High School

Choosing Your Gender | Cal. Family Policy Council

“Calif. assemblywoman announces she is a lesbian”

Obama administration approves massive Medicaid cuts requested by California

Medical pot backers sue feds over Calif. crackdown

California Supreme Court rejects challenges to redistricting

California city lifts prayer ban

CA: Mount Soledad cross won’t go anywhere pending appeal

Brian Raum: Are Portions of the Homosexual Agenda Losing Steam?

“Ninth circuit to take up gay marriage trial tapes”

Decades-long battle over cross nearing finish line

Cal. Gov. Brown rejects atheist proclamation

“S.F. federal court vacancy gives Obama an opening”

Prop. 8 backers lose CA campaign disclosure case

UC reluctant to pay conservative speaker

“Unfair and unnecessary”: San Francisco supervisors approve ordinance targeting pro-life pregnancy counseling centers

San Francisco OKs New Law Attacking Pregnancy Centers

ADF: Mt. Soledad decision may be U.S. Supreme Court’s third memorial cross case to bear

San Francisco targets crisis pregnancy centers

CA: “Fremont members vote to leave Presbyterian Church USA over gay minister”

Calif. Poll Shows Most Americans Believe in Traditional Marriage

    Christian Post: Gene Ulm, Public Opinion Strategies partner and ADF survey director, said the survey’s findings, which are similar to that of Lawrence Research, are not surprising. “More than 63 million Americans in 31 state elections have voted on constitutional marriage amendments. Forty million Americans in all … have voted to affirm marriage as a union between a man and a woman,” he said in a statement. “This survey, along with the nearly 80 percent win rate in ADF marriage cases, shows the opposition has created an illusion of momentum, but not a real base of support or track record of victory in the court.”

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