“School Bullying: LAUSD Board to Consider Anti-Gay Bullying Resolution”

Planned Parenthood Drops Bid for New California Abortion Biz

“Standing on Principle”

Cal. Gov. Signs Bill: Businesses Contracting With The State Must Provide Benefits to Same Sex Partners

Cal. Gardasil bill an assault on parental rights, Catholic official says

San Francisco may restrict public nudity, at least sometimes

Hearing: Speed Bump Unlikely to Derail Proposition 8 Appeal

Defending the right to defend marriage

“California high court steps into gay marriage fight”

CA: State justices seem to favor allowing proponents to defend Prop. 8

“Calif gay history referendum faces uphill battle”

“Calif. gay marriage ban faces next legal hurdle”

Can Prop. 8 Proponents Defend Measure? Calif. Supreme Court to Decide

Attorney: Californians have right to be defended

“California Supreme Court tackles gay marriage case again”

Calif. college teacher sues school over file

Can Prop. 8 proponents defend marriage when Calif. officials refuse to do so?

Panel confirms Goodwin Liu to California Supreme Court

Professor Files Suit to Correct His Record

Releasing Calif. Gay Marriage Trial Video Would Be ‘Act of Hostility,’ Says Group, Christian News

Cypress College Settles Free Speech Case From Pro-Lifers

Goodwin Liu appears to have clear path to California Supreme Court

CA: “State Bar gives rave review to nominee Goodwin Liu” who favors marriage redefinition

California Science Center invites intelligent design program, will pay $110K to settle discrimination lawsuit

CA: “Judge mulls unsealing videos of gay marriage trial”

California charter school association gets $15-million gift to add 100,000 students to charter rolls

Cal. considers circumcision bills

California Couple Sue Fertility Doctor Over ‘Lost’ Embryos

“Potential jurors shouldn’t be dismissed for being gay, court told”

“Deportation halted in Calif. gay marriage case”

9th Circuit rules for teacher who called creationism ‘superstitious nonsense’

CA: ACLU says county violated law with grant to Vista ministry

CA: Supervisors to discuss smut moratorium, funding for drug flyovers

SF cell shutdown: Safety issue, or hint of Orwell?

    An illegal, Orwellian violation of free-speech rights? Or just a smart tactic to protect train passengers from rowdy would-be demonstrators during a busy evening commute? The question resonated Saturday in San Francisco and beyond as details emerged of Bay Area Rapid Transit officials’ decision to cut off underground cellphone service for a few hours at several stations Thursday.

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“Right-wing, politically motivated centers”: San Francisco politicians take aim at pro-life pregnancy counseling centers

City launches attack on centers that advise against abortion

“Calif. court hears appeal on gay juror dismissals”

Matt Bowman: San Francisco seeks to censor the Internet

Are San Francisco officials abusing the political and legal process in their attack on pregnancy centers?

City Hall to Simi atheist: Poster with word ‘God’ stays

Eugene Volokh: “Ninth Circuit Panel Holds that University Antidiscrimination Policy May Be Applied to Religious Groups, But Only If It’s Applied to Other Groups”

Jerry Brown signs school safety law prompted by abortion protest

Calif. atheist protests poster with ‘God Bless America’ in city hall

San Francisco tries to intimidate pregancy center over Google Ads

New York Times Omits Pro-Abortion Role in Pregnancy Center Attack

Federal Government Asserts State Secrets Privilege In Mosque Surveillance Lawsuit

San Francisco Launches New Law Attacking Pregnancy Centers

Religious liberty again being tested in courts

No need to heed

Goodwin Liu state high court hearing set Aug. 31

Calif. Supreme Court Sets Marriage Hearing for Sept. 6

Controversy Follows Brown’s Judicial Appointments

Planned Parenthood Abortion Practitioner Loses Medical License

Tentative Ruling Removes Circumcision Issue From San Francisco Ballot

Goodwin Liu, Meet Rose Bird

Michael Medved: The “Gay History Law” Elevates the Irrelevant

Controversial law professor tapped for California high court

Video Game trade groups seek attorney’s fees in Supreme Court case versus California

It’s ‘Christmas’ in Calif. school district

Religion Clause: San Leandro Seeks Supreme Court Review of RLUIPA Decision

State and Federal Legislative Proposals To Stop San Francisco Anti-Circumcision Vote Have Been Introduced

Cal. “Gay History” Law Halted By Referendum Drive – StopSB48.com

ACLU Supports Blocking Anti-Circumcision Measure

CA: Anti-bullying law expanded to social networking sites

CA: Judge upholds Lancaster’s policy on prayer before meetings

Leniency shown to Muslims after charges filed

“Gay History Bill Likely to Reach Beyond California”

California bill gives minors access to STD immunization without parental consent

“Gay history bill” goes to Calif. governor

Amazon ends deal with 25,000 websites after California passes Internet tax