“An advocate for equal rights”

Torrence, CA debate: “Abortion – Exploring Theological Differences”

Firefighters vs. city’s ‘gay pride’ mandate

St. Mary’s College of California to present controversial “homosexual-friendly” play on campus

California lawmakers pass long-overdue budget

American College of Embryology opposes defining embryos as mere “diagnostic specimens” in CA

Study: California faces $379 billion retirement liability

San Diego appeals firefighter “gay parade” verdict

Fire alarm in San Diego: ADF-allied attorney argues for firefighters on appeal

Long Beach Council supports overturning Prop. 8

Legal coalition fights for traditional marriage

FFRF: “Blessing high schooler helmets treads on constitution”

Open letter to Obama on Mojave Desert Cross

California welfare recipients spent millions in Vegas, tourist hotspots

    Fox News: “The Los Angeles Times reported Monday that more than $69 million in welfare money was spent or withdrawn out-of-state since 2007, at hotels and restaurants and ATMs across the country. Of that, nearly $12 million was withdrawn in Las Vegas, some of it at high-dollar shops and casinos along The Strip.”

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“Schwarzenegger expands unemployment benefits for gay couples”

California Governor vetoes Civil Marriage Religious Freedom Act

Log Cabin Republicans win constitutional ruling against military ban

Los Angeles LGBT center wins $13-million federal grant to help “gay foster youth”

Schwarzenegger signs bill to reduce marijuana penalties

Cal. Supreme Court considers constitutionality of tuition preferences for resident illegal immigrants over nonresident U.S. citizens

    Fresno Bee: “For the first time in eight years, the California Supreme Court is coming to Fresno — and it’s bringing along a high-profile case that could affect college students across the country . . . The court will hear arguments in eight cases over two days. It is not expected to rule on them during the visit. The highest-profile case by far is Martinez v. UC Regents, a class-action lawsuit that challenges California’s practice of allowing undocumented immigrants to pay in-state fees at public colleges and universities.”

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A bid to not mix welfare, gambling

    USA Today: “Welfare recipients have long been banned from using their benefits for alcohol and tobacco. Some state lawmakers are eyeing the vice of gambling, a move some advocates for the poor see as unnecessary and unfair. Michigan legislators are debating a ban on using public assistance debit cards at ATMs in casinos. In June, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Republican, issued an executive order banning the practice. Minnesota and Arizona also ban it.”

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David Hacker: ADF asks Ninth Circuit to rehear Lopez v. Candaele ruling

Alan Sears: Ignoring the evidence supporting Prop. 8

Bill to protect CA against “threat” of new TX curriculum vetoed

Ed Whelan: Vaughn Walker’s retirement

Calif. Federal Judge in Marriage Case to Return to Private Practice

Jesuit Loyola Marymount University launches LGBT office

Schwarzenegger signs repeal of “gay” cure law

Disneyland allows park worker to wear religious scarf at work

San Francisco Chronicle won’t make endorsement in Boxer-Fiorina race

Broad support for marriage, initiative process reflected in numerous briefs filed with 9th Circuit

Wyo., 9 states file brief opposing marriage redefinition

Law Review: Teens, Porn and Videogames: Time to Rethink Ginsberg?

    John A. Humbach, Teens, Porn and Videogames: Time to Rethink Ginsberg? (September 26, 2010). Available at SSRN: http://ssrn.com/abstract=1682982

    “This term the Supreme Court will decide whether states can constitutionally ban sales of violent videogames to minors. In reaching its decision, the Court will inevitably be faced with how to deal with Ginsberg v. New York, the case that allowed states to forbid sales of non-obscene (constitutionally “protected”) pornography to persons under age 17.

    The opinion in Ginsberg, if not the result, is an odd duck in First Amendment jurisprudence. It is a case that applied ‘rational basis’ review in an area where the Supreme Court now insists on strict scrutiny. But the Court predicated its use of rational basis review on reasoning that was analytically flawed. Not only was the reasoning circular but it was founded on the startling idea that states have the power to modify the scope of a constitutional concept (i.e., obscenity) and, therefore, to cut down constitutional rights.

    It is doubtful that Ginsberg could be decided on the same reasoning today and, on its record, it probably could not have the same outcome. Rather than gloss over or ignore the analytical flaws of Ginsberg, the Court should take the occasion to rethink Ginsberg and to place this area of law, and minors’ constitutional rights, on a sounder footing that is in harmony with the rest of First Amendment law.”

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Equality California ads target Whitman, Cooley on Prop. 8

“In God We Trust” to be displayed in Chino Hills, CA city hall

    OneNewsNow: “A California city voted 4-0 this week in favor of displaying the national motto in its city hall. With the help of Mayor Bill Kruger, Chino Hills will proudly display the words “In God We Trust” on a wall behind the council dais. The aluminum lettering will soon be on display in the octagonal room that seats about 100 people, so an audience facing council members will be able to see the motto. Kruger says this is something he has wanted to do for a long time.”

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With federal support, number of charter schools grows across California

CA: Muslims reject SFPD surveillance program

    The Bay Citizen: “The Commission held hearings at which some 100 members of the local community testified. Many said that Muslims are under a constant state of surveillance in the Bay Area. The hearings were prompted in part by Police Chief George Gascon’s plan to resume an intelligence-gathering operation that was halted under pressure from civil liberties groups in 1993. Those who attended also raised concerns about the police department’s continued collaboration with federal authorities.”

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9th Circuit declines free-speech case

Scientists oppose CA Regents’ motion to intervene embryonic stem cell case

Abortion an issue among women in Senate races

CA: Transitional kindergarten is a bad idea

    Katrina Trinko writing at National Review Online: “California, thanks to a bill that’s awaiting Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s signature, may be about to launch a program to provide ‘transitional kindergarten.’ The program seems harmless enough: It’s just a year of pre-kindergarten education available to children whose fifth birthday occurs in the fall . . . The evidence shows that government-funded, large-scale early-education programs fail to deliver long-term educational benefits. If Californians introduce transitional kindergarten, they might provide a great free day care for parents, but they’re kidding themselves if they expect any higher test scores in the future.”

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Prop. 8 backers criticize judge in appeal briefs

Veterans of Foreign Wars wants to intervene in Mojave cross dispute

SoCal winemakers want to block church expansion

Largest union in Calif. endorses pot legalization

Calif. man hired men to beat pregnant girlfriend

“Imperial County, Prop. 8 lawyers’ briefs attack Judge Walker”

Californians ask court to declare “gay marriage” unconstitutional

9th Circuit to review decision declaring state marriage admendment unconstitutional

Briefs quote Obama in calling for “morality” in Prop 8 case

Prop 8 marriage ruling is appealed by California’s Imperial County

Defenders of marriage, initiative process in Calif. file opening brief on appeal

Calif. voters to decide marijuana legalization

High bar to sue on harassment rules

U. S. Appeals Court throws out suit over religious speech

Prop 8 backers target trial judge’s findings in appeal

9th Circuit dismisses “ask God what your grade is” case on standing grounds

Brian Raum: Next battle coming in marriage war; Fox News what happened to ‘fair and balanced’?

California Family Council: See you at the pole – Sept. 22

Conservative wants Maldonado to defy Schwarzenegger, appeal Prop. 8

“Marriage equality advocates” react to latest legal round

    San Francisco Bay Times: “Supporters of same-sex marriage say the appeals court has put the matter on the fast track, which they believe helps the cause for equality . . . ‘It made no sense to impose a radical change in marriage on the people of California before all appeals on their behalf are heard, so the 9th Circuit’s decision is clearly the right call,’ stated pro-Prop 8 conservative Alliance Defense Fund Litigation Staff Counsel Jim Campbell. ‘Refusing to stay the decision would only have created more legal confusion surrounding any same-sex unions entered while the appeal is pending. This case has just begun.’”

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Marijuana ballot measure in California wins support of union, officials say

9th Circuit to reconsider headscarf rights case

US sues Calif. city for denying Buddhist permit

Video game industry to Supreme Court: Games, like movies, are art

Schwarzenegger keen on China high-speed rail

Court installs “if you want” into state constitution

Suit threatens Planned Parenthood funds