Tim Wildmon: A biased ruling on “gay marriage” in California

“Judge doubts gay marriage ban’s backers can appeal”

What’s next for Proposition 8 case?

State officials step aside for Prop. 8′s demise

Attorneys: Calif. voters losers in Prop. 8 ruling

Judge: Prop. 8 backers might not have legal standing to appeal

Prop. 8 judge lifts stay, but same-sex “marriages” still on hold

Federal judge denies motion to stay Calif. marriage ruling

Calif. judge lifts stay, permits “gays” to marry Aug. 18

“Same-sex marriages to resume in California on Wednesday”

First a victory, now a war

David Hacker: Will Lopez v. Candaele forecast the Ninth Circuit’s view of Prop 8?

Judge says “gay marriages” can resume

“Gay couples disappointed as judge delays weddings”

“Gay marriages may resume in California next week, judge rules”

Judge: Prop. 8 lifts Wednesday

Alan E. Sears: Prop 8 case has implications for all Americans

Prop 8 judge called “tyrannical activist devoted to satisfying himself”

San Mateo County “gay marriages” could resume next week

“California judge keeps gay weddings on hold — for now”

“Green light and delay on same-sex marriage”

Free speech victory for silenced pro-life Calif. student: Judgment ends lawsuit against K-8 school

John C. Eastman: Should judge have recused himself on Prop. 8?

Legal commentary on today’s Cal. marriage stay order

Frank Turek: “Top ten gay marriage false facts Part 1″

Fiorina widens lead over Boxer

“Judge keeps gay marriages in California on hold”

Heritage Foundation Prop 8 ruling round up – more experts find Walker’s opinion unpersuasive

CA: Same-sex couples lining up at City Hall

Ed Whelan: Judge Walker and supposed lack of “evidence” of marriage’s procreative purpose

Victor Davis Hanson: Everyone a bigot?

Judge to rule on Prop. 8 stay status on Thursday morning

Santa Clara mosque seeks to install minaret

Conservative Congressmen take stand against federal judge’s marriage ruling

CA: Superintendent defends Christian school’s decision to fire on basis of faith

San Francisco unions sue over Proposition B

Imperial County appeals Proposition 8 ruling to 9th Circuit

Terry Jeffrey: Judge Walker v. the laws of nature and nature’s God

Maggie Gallagher answers three questions

Phoenix bishop: Is marriage a “hang up” or God’s plan?

Californians’ income falls for first time since WWII

    The Sacramento Bee: “Government statisticians have put a number on Californians’ paycheck pain last year: about $40 billion. The federal Bureau of Economic Analysis said personal incomes of Golden State workers fell by that amount in 2009 compared with the previous year – the state’s first year-to-year decline since World War II.”

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National Catholic Bioethics Center: Judge Walker’s opinion on Prop 8

Michael Medved: “Gay Marriage Myths and Truth”

FRC: The kids are not all right . . .

Planned Parenthood where teen died from abortion drug loses affiliation

So, now its “conservative” to redefine marriage

Cal Thomas: “Gay marriage decision is judicial vigilantism”

The college where “Islam Meets America”

Pat Buchanan: The Solomon of San Francisco

Bill Murchison: The “gay marriage” fantasy

In S.F., Ginsburg addresses standoff on judicial appointments

CA: Teachers at Corona religious school dismissed for incompatible beliefs

Traditional marriage outdated?

Cal: Commission Confirms New Justice for Fifth District Court of Appeal

Kevin Theriot: Prop 8 judge attacks churches

FRC praises House Resolution condemning Judge Walker’s Proposition 8 decision on same-sex “marriage”

Same-sex “marriage” judge finds that a child has neither a need nor a right to a mother

All eyes on Anthony Kennedy and Prop 8

“Ultimate battle for gay marriage supporters: their fellow Americans”

David Boies’ remarks at the ABA’s annual meeting in San Francisco — Prop 8 ruling

Prop. 8 judge makes strange charge — Obama, Biden, Clinton, and O’Connor are bigots?

    Nelson Lund writes at the San Francisco Chronicle: “A federal judge in San Francisco ruled Wednesday that President Obama is a bigot. And not just the president. Joe Biden as well, and Hillary Rodham Clinton and Sandra Day O’Connor. And maybe you, too . . . It was a strange charge to make against the people of California. California has the most progressive domestic partnership law in the nation, which gives same-sex couples all the same substantive rights and privileges available to married couples. Why would the judge think that the only possible reason for favoring the traditional definition of marriage was bigotry? He reasoned that every other possible explanation for the voters’ decision was so ridiculous that only anti-gay feelings were left.”

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Cal. AG candidate vows to never defend Prop. 8

“Will the Prop 8 ruling ultimately advance or retard civil rights for LGBT Americans?”

Kagan – A solid vote for same-sex “marriage”

Bible will be taught in Chino, Calif. schools

Washington Times: The arrogance of judicial power

Across nation, mosque projects meet opposition

Judge Vaughn Walker rules Proposition 8 unconstitutional

Lawyer battling Prop 8 says ruling not “activism,” forecasts Supreme Court fight

“Schwarzenegger: Let gays and lesbians marry now”