Colorado school lets students text but not pray during free time, lawsuit says

Colorado Supreme Court throws out lawsuit challenging National Day of Prayer proclamations

Day of Prayer upheld in Colorado

Colorado’s ‘Day of Prayer’ proclamations pass muster

Colorado fends off attack on Day of Prayer

Victory for religious freedom in Colorado

Intercessors win major prayer battle in Colorado Supreme Court

Atheist group loses lawsuit to ban Colorado Day of Prayer

Colorado court upholds Day of Prayer proclamations

Child pornographer who offered to pay for his victim’s abortion gets 60 years in prison

Colo. Supreme Court rejects attack on governor’s prayer proclamation

Colorado high school bans prayer meeting during ‘free time’

Long Island teenager who was told she couldn’t have Christian club at high school fights back

School tells students to stop praying, singing

Schools ban student prayer group and Christian-led anti-bullying program

Colorado high school tells students they can’t pray during free time

A brave new world of intolerance

Student suing high school for banning prayer group

One nation under godlessness

High school senior won’t take faith ban lying down

US school bans praying and talking about Jesus during free time

School district bans teens from meeting to sing hymns, pray and discuss God during the school day

Colorado Springs student sues high school for banning prayer group

Colo. school to students: No praying during free time

Colorado senior sues high school for prohibiting student-led prayer, hymn singing

High School bans students from holding prayer group in free time

Colorado school to students: No praying during free time

Colorado teen sues school for banning prayer gathering during free period

School tells kids: Stop praying to Jesus, singing ‘Amazing Grace’

A Colorado high school bans Christian students from meeting to pray, sing, and discuss religious topics during school hours

Colorado student, Chase Windebank, sues school for banning student prayer, singing

School bans students from praying together

Colorado high school sued over ban on student prayer group

ADF sues Colorado high school for banning student prayer group

Social liberal hubris

Court won’t hear dispute over abortion clinic law

Meet new victims of so-called ‘marriage equality’

US conservatives fight for religious freedom

Colorado taxpayers forced to send $10 million to Planned Parenthood abortion biz

Alliance Defending Freedom appeals illegal funding of abortions with CO taxpayer dollars

ADF appeals illegal funding of abortions with Colo. taxpayer dollars

In Colorado: Is taxpayer money going for abortions?

Pro-life groups use ‘war on women’ to target vulnerable Democrats

Colorado judge tosses suit alleging Planned Parenthood used state funds to pay for abortions

Denver rally to support federal Pain Capable act

Anti-abortion groups want Sen. Mark Udall to support limits on late-term abortions

Planned Parenthood: Judge dismisses lawsuit alleging state dollars used for abortions

Court forces Colorado to fund Planned Parenthood abortion biz that covered up rape

Opponents try to deny vouchers to religious schools

Court drops lawsuit against Planned Parenthood, again

Persecution: W.W. Bridal Shop forced out of business because the owners are faithful Christians

Advocates advise that First Amendment protects school choice

Planned Parenthood won’t comment on doing abortion on raped 13-year-old, returning her to rapist

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Christian cake artist sent to ‘re-education’ after same-sex marriage flap

Colo. AG wants to halt clerk’s same-sex marriage licenses

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Attorney General to investigate Planned Parenthood teaching teen girl S&M sex, gagging and whipping

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