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Yale holds 1st annual pro-life conference, ‘Vita et Veritas’ on campus

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Christian Employee Who Objects To Secular Counseling Loses Religious Accommodation Claim

George Soros Bankrolling Efforts to Legalize Assisted Suicide

“Gay Connecticut couple accused of raping adopted children will face trial”

Conn. federal court upholds Milford’s SOB ordinance, except license posting requirement that requires licensee’s name

Connecticut to Hold Hearing on Bill Legalizing Assisted Suicide

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ACLU Opposes Bill To Regulate Violent Video Games

Conn. Lawmakers Consider Letting Doctors Assist With Suicide | Catherine Glenn Foster at Christian Post

Keller nominated for Conn. Appellate Court

Zoning Challenge Fails Under RLUIPA But Succeeds On Other Grounds

CT: Espinosa Nominated To Be State’s First Hispanic Supreme Court Justice

CT: Catholic Soup Kitchen Files RLUIPA Challenge To Denial of Permit To Operate

Civil Court May Enforce Pre-Nup Penalizing Husband For Failing To Grant Wife A Jewish Divorce

CT: Baby Jesus stolen from nativity scene

ACLU calls out Region 15 board for pledge push

Connecticut Yeshiva Targeted on Church-State Issue

An Anti-Abortion Attorney Challenges Burlington’s No-Protest Zone Their attorney is Michael DePrimo, a First Amendment lawyer based in Hamden, Conn. He formerly worked as special assistant to the president of the American Family Association, a Christian group that rails against abortion, pornography and same-sex marriage. In a 2004 article for American Family Association Journal, DePrimo wrote that acceptance of same-sex marriage “may well signal the beginning of the end of Western civilization.” . . . DePrimo fought the Massachusetts case with financial backing from the Alliance Defense Fund, an Arizona-based Christian legal firm dedicated to defending “family values.” He’s taken the Burlington case pro bono and wouldn’t speculate about whether the ADF, now called the Alliance Defending Freedom, might bankroll it. DePrimo says his clients are peaceful people who have the right to engage in “sidewalk counseling” with women and couples entering Planned Parenthood. “Planned Parenthood does not want pro-life speech to reach their patrons,” DePrimo says by phone from Connecticut. “That’s what this ordinance is really about. That’s not what it says, but that’s the real purpose behind it.”

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Connecticut Joins States in Same-Sex “Marriage” Support

CT: Should Replacing a Virgin Mary with a Gnome Be a Hate Crime?

    Findlaw: It happened several weeks ago when Fraga woke up to find her Virgin Mary statue sitting headless in the front yard. A week after that a gnome was placed on the statue where the head used to be. Needlessly cruel mischief? Likely. But hate crime? The police don’t agree. Although there are no leads and no suspects, police don’t think it was a hate crime, reports NECN. They think it was vandalism rather than motivated by bigotry.

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Connecticut Bar to Join the Attack on Marriage at SCOTUS

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Churches off limits for school graduations

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FFRF protests New Haven clerk’s call for school prayer

When grandparents sue for visitation

Mom: Son convicted of killings visited porn sites

Connecticut: Adult entertainment bill proposal dies

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Connecticut abortion providers may be underreporting procedures, group says

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“Denied Veterans Benefits Over Same-Sex Marriage, Carmen Cardona Sues”

Connecticut High Court Adopts 2nd Circuit’s Version of Ministerial Exception Doctrine

U.S. District Judge Christopher Droney Gets Unanimous Approval From Senate Judiciary Committee For Nomination To Federal Appeals Court

Court Says First Amendment Precludes Jurisdiction Over Suit For Injuries During Healing Service

CT: Parental consent for tanning bed bill dies after senator adds abortion consent provision

CT legislature approves gender identity bill, Gov. expected to sign

CT: Lawmakers Pass Bill Outlawing Transgender Discrimination

Vote on Conn. gender identity bill postponed

Harper confirmed to Connecticut Supreme Court

DOJ May Intervene To Defend RLUIPA In Connecticut Zoning Case

Shaking up 2012: US senators who aren’t running for reelection

Current, Former Big Law Partners Pushed for Judgeships