Infamous abortionist loses license in another state, yet facilities remain open?

Delaware to decide on charter school applications

Del. abortion provider’s suspension may end

Strine confirmed as next chief justice of Delaware Supreme Court

“Utah marriage of same sex couples valid in Delaware, AG Biden says”

Governor Markell Nominates Leo E. Strine, Jr. for Chief Justice of Delaware Supreme Court

Delaware board to consider abortion doctor’s case

Delaware Spends $4 Million on Obamacare Enrollment, Signs Up Four People

Report: 4 ObamaCare sign-ups in Delaware

Analysis: Delaware’s corporate courts on brink of big change

Additional misconduct at Planned Parenthood’s Wilmington clinic alleged at hearing

Ex-staff testify about breaches in Planned Parenthood clinic care | News Journal

Planned Parenthood clinic manager says workers were poorly trained

Records of Christine O’Donnell tax snooping disappear

Delaware Enacts Gender Identity Nondiscrimination Act

DE: ‘line In The Sand’: Defiant Pastor Plans July 4 Beach Service After Town’s Denial Of Permit

ADF will defend religious liberty in Del. after same-sex ‘marriage’ vote | One News Now

A look at the ruling on prayer at public meetings | Public Opinion Online

“First day of gay marriage in Delaware”

Marriage redefinition doesn’t trump religious freedom for Del. clerks

Delaware House considers transgender discrimination bill

Transgender-bias bill passes Delaware Senate

Planned Parenthood “House of Horrors” Clinic That Botched Five Abortions Reopens

Gender Identity Bill in Delaware Receives Big Endorsements | HRC Blog

DE: Complaint filed against former Planned Parenthood abortion doctor

Planned Parenthood Nurses to Testify About “Ridiculously Filthy” Abortion Clinic

Think Progress: Religious liberty is big loser in the marriage battle

Marriage redefinition passes Delaware Senate; Gov. immediately signs into law | Sussex Countian

Expect ‘retaliation’ on marriage traditionalists, says Delaware group | One News Now

Delaware Becomes 11th State With Marriage Equality | Think Progress

“Delaware Senate Approves Gay Marriage Bill” | On Top Magazine

    On Top Magazine: Jordan Lorence, an attorney with the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), a leading group representing clients who claim equal marriage laws violate their Christian beliefs, argued that allowing same-sex couples to marry would lead to discrimination against Christians. He warned that the bill’s true objective was to foster “a cultural change” and shun opponents as “bigots.”

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Narrow religious exemption in Delaware law redefining marriage

    Religion Clause: The new law protects clergy who object to performing same-sex marriages. It provides: nothing in this section shall be construed to require any person (including any clergyperson or minister of any religion) authorized to solemnize a marriage to solemnize any marriage, and no such authorized person who fails or refuses for any reason to solemnize a marriage shall be subject to any fine or other penalty for such failure or refusal. Notwithstanding the preceding sentence, a clerk of the peace who issues a marriage license, or a deputy thereof, shall be required to perform a solemnization of such marriage if requested by the applicants for such license.

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Delaware approves marriage redefinition

A Vote to Redefine Marriage is a Vote to Undermine the Dignity of Mothers and Fathers | Kellie Fiedorek at Townhall

Delaware bill to redefine marriage clears Senate Committee, vote expected Tuesday

“House approves gay marriage” | Cape Gazette

“Gay Marriage: Delaware and Rhode Island Inch Closer to Marriage Equality” | PolicyMic

DE: Glasgow Church marriage sign stirs up social media

“Same-Sex Marriage: Delaware and Rhode Island Inch Closer to Marriage Equality” | PolicMic

“Delaware House moves forward on marriage equality” | Watermark Online

State House Approves Marriage Equality Bill 23 to 18 | WGMD 92.7

“Delaware gay marriage bill stays on track after close House vote” | Del. Online

“Delaware House approves gay marriage bill” | Beaumont Enterprise (AP)

Del. House votes to redefine marriage: 23-18

What ‘yes’ vote to redefine marriage really means | Nicole Theis of DE Family Policy Council

    Nicole Theis of DE Family Policy Council at Delaware Online: Marriage is based on the truth that men and women are complementary, the fact that reproduction depends on a man and a woman, and the reality that children need a mother and a father. Redefining marriage rejects these truths. This is the position many of us hold, including the Delaware Family Policy Council. But this week, an advocate for same-sex marriage accused us of being a “hate” group and called for an investigation simply for believing in the definition of marriage that predates government and is true across cultures, faiths and time.

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Delaware investigates conduct of staff at Planned Parenthood | Delaware Online

Delaware Planned Parenthood Under Investigation Over Multiple Botched Abortions

Delaware abortion clinic facing charges of unsafe and unsanitary conditions

Delaware Gov. urges support for marriage redefinition at U. of Del.

Bill to redefine marriage introduced in Delaware

Planned Parenthood Closed, Investigated for Botched Abortions

Delaware: Grandma Attacked Filming Fourth Botched Abortion at Planned Parenthood

‘Is she breathing normally?’ ‘No.’: Two medical emergencies in 10 days at Delaware abortion clinic

“In DOMA Supreme Court Case, 15 States Say Not Recognizing Gay Marriage Is Unconstitutional” | Huffington Post

Trade unions rally behind same sex marriage in Delaware

Campaign kicks off to promote redefinition of marriage in Delaware

“7 states that could legalize gay marriage next: New Jersey, Minnesota and others”

“Gay marriage takes next steps”

“Push Expands for Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage” | NYT

Delaware outlaws spanking by parents

“Del. church, Scout troop part ways on gay ban”

Proponents of homosexuality laud primary victories in NH, DE, RI, NY

DE: Sussex County Council gives up Lord’s Prayer

Atheists Attack Prayer in Pennsylvania, Lose One in Tennessee

Delaware Secret Court Arbitration Unconstitutional

Delaware: Residents turn out to support Sussex council prayer

    Cape Gazette: Councilman Vance Phillips, R-Laurel, who has been among the staunchest supporters of opening meetings with The Lord’s Prayer, told Betts council members have been placed in a precarious position. He said if council fails to abide by the court injunction and recites The Lord’s Prayer anyway, council members could be arrested or the county could be fined. “People tell me we should be willing to go to jail for this,” he said. “But what if the fine is $10,000 a day? What would you have us do?” he asked. He didn’t get an answer. The county’s lead attorney, Everett Moore, cut in before Betts could respond, reminding Phillips that the issue was not an agenda item and could not be discussed.

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Gov. says Delaware could redefine marriage in 2013

DE: Sussex County, Residents Working Out Prayer Dispute

Delaware to allow online gambling

DE: “Sussex Council: Cease prayer at council meetings, says attorney”