Florida: “City OKs benefits for same-sex couples”

ADF: Univ. of Florida ends discrimination against Christian frat

Lawsuit against Univ. of Florida ended discrimination against Christian group

David French: University Bad Faith and the Problem of Mootness

Human trafficking ‘survivor’ to speak at Miami summit

Home Depot Holy War: Florida man fired for wearing God pin at hardware store

Teenage Convert Ordered Back To Ohio; Transcript of Police Interview Released

Christian convert runaway tells officials father planned her marriage

FL: Hillsborough County might revisit “gay discrimination” issue

    The Tampa Tribune: “Kevin Beckner asked today for a review of county policies prohibiting harassment. The policies include women and blacks, but not sexual orientation, as ‘protected categories.’ He said he will push to spell out the types of harassment that should be prohibited under a new board policy.”

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Florida: Task Force looking for pot plants finds child porn

Ohio Judge: State to Take Custody of Christian Convert Runaway

Florida: Church Could Lose Home

“Rifqa ordered back to Ohio; is she in U.S. illegally?”

Florida: Mom Arrested for Washing Kid’s Mouth With Soap

Christian convert teen must go back to Ohio, judge rules

FL: Clermont grapples with “adult entertainment” rules

Santa Rosa students: “We want prayer back in our schools”

Orlando mayor: No new strip clubs

Court won’t review Fla. Pledge of Allegiance law

Florida Bishops Oppose Personhood Amendment

    LifeSiteNews: “The Conference, which serves as the official public policy voice of the Florida bishops, released an email alert Friday afternoon, alerting supporters that, ‘although the bishops of Florida clearly share the desire for our state laws to recognize all life from its very beginning to natural end, after careful consideration and deliberation with legal counsel, the bishops do not support this current amendment effort.’”

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Florida: Strip club sues Hallandale Beach

FL: Collier School Board to decide Tuesday if sex education should include contraception

Should Lawyers Be Allowed to Blog Critically About Judges?

    Julie Hilden writes at Findlaw: “Recently, The New York Times covered the case of Florida attorney Sean Conway, who suffered a reprimand from the Florida Bar when he called a judge an ‘Evil, Unfair Witch’ on a blog frequented by criminal defense attorneys such as himself . . . The case raises an important question: Can state bars constitutionally forbid attorneys from blogging their negative opinions about judges, or do they infringe First Amendment rights by doing so?”

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11th Circuit upholds Hillsborough County, Fla. sexually oriented business ordinance against evidentiary challenge

Florida: School district to pay $196,500 to the ACLU in prayer suit

“Runaway convert’s parents want case in Ohio”

Teenager Will Stay In Florida For Now, Pastor under criminal investigation

Florida: Group questions why commission needs invocation

Fired Ave Maria Law Prof Gets Tenure in Whistle-Blower Settlement, Lawyer Says

A Tampa first: Mayor names lesbian as first female police chief

    St. Petersburg Times: “Jane Castor was a 24-year-old police recruit when she got her first law enforcement honor. Her peers elected her president of their police academy class, making her the first woman at the Tampa Police Department to achieve the title . . . Openly gay, she has served for more than six years as a liaison to Tampa’s gay and lesbian community.”

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Can Bill Foster’s creation beliefs evolve into valid issue in St. Petersburg mayoral race?

School Officials Cleared of Criminal Contempt Charges in Case Involving Prayer!

Lawmakers back officials facing jail for prayer

Steven Aden on the Jody Hice Show: Personhood Amendments

Fla. Episcopal Bishop to Authorize Blessing of Same-Sex Unions

“Gay conservative group unveils Fla. chapter”

    The Washington Blade, an advocate of homosexual behavior reports: “A national gay conservative group is seeking to expand with chapters throughout the country and last week launched its first affiliate in Florida. GOProud, the gay conservative group founded this spring, announced Sept. 10 that the Sunshine Republicans, a group based in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., would become its first affiliate . . .” Reportedly, as many as a dozen chapters are planned around the nation by the end of the year.

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Criminal Contempt Case Over a Meal Prayer Goes to Trial on National Constitution Day

Florida Investigation Finds No Credible Threat to Teen Christian Convert

“Would proposed amendment make birth control illegal in Florida?”

Ohio governor says send Rifqa Bary back

Florida: “Gay adoptive dad gets federal help to receive subsidy”

Group seeks Fla. amendment giving rights to embryos

Miami Beach again bars alcohol at strip club

    Miami Herald: “A measure that would have allowed the Washington Avenue strip club to sell alcohol was unanimously shot down by the Miami Beach City Commission on Wednesday. But club owner Leroy Griffith, who during the meeting accused the city of extortion, didn’t rule out another attempt in what has been a rocky, years-long battle to overturn the city’s laws banning alcohol sales in ‘gentlemen’s clubs.’ ‘We’re not saying we won’t” try again, said Griffith’s attorney, Daniel Aaronson.”

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Florida: Santa Rosa ACLU Defense Fund Grows

WSJ: “Christian girls, interrupted”

Group submits personhood amendment to Florida Constitution

Christian activists rally behind runaway teen

Runaway teen convert can remain in Florida for now

Ctr. for Security Policy: Rifqa Bary and the Noor Mosque

    Center for Security Policy: “The Center for Security Policy– along with the Florida Security Council and Nonie Darwish, bestselling author of Cruel and Usual Punishment– hosted a blogger conference call to discuss the latest developments in the plight of 17-year-old Rifqa Bary. Ms. Bary– a Muslim who converted to Christianity — fled her family in Ohio out of fear that, in accordance with what authoritative Islam calls shariah, they would take her life as punishment for leaving the Islamic faith. As was discussed on the call, this fear has been reinforced by the fact that her family’s mosque, the Noor Islamic Cultural Center, has been tied to terrorism and jihadist ideology from its inception. Ms. Bary has fled to Florida where her attorneys are trying to prevent state authorities from sending her back to her family and possibly her death. The transcript of the conference call is as follows . . . ”

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Supreme Court Asked to Hear Case of the Florida Bar’s Involvement in Divisive Issues

Fla. governor taps ex-aide to replace US senator

Judge: State position is contradictory in Florida homosexual adoption case

“ACLU Urges Florida Appellate Court To Affirm Ruling Striking Florida Law Barring Gay People From Adopting”

Florida: Students sent home for anti-Islam t-shirts

Fla. students sent home over for shirts on Islam

“Fla. gay adoption ban goes to appeals court”

Understanding the legal challenge to Florida’s ban on homosexual adoption

Florida: Police nab underage strip club dancers in Cocoa

Michelle Winkler is Cleared of Civil Contempt Charge in Santa Rosa County Prayer Case

    Liberty Counsel: “After a 7½ hour hearing in federal court, federal District Judge Casey Rodgers told Michelle Winkler that she would not be held in civil contempt over her husband’s prayer at an awards banquet. Ms. Winkler, who is a clerical assistant for the Santa Rosa County School District, is represented by Liberty Counsel. Senior Litigation Counsel Horatio Mihet and David Corry defended Winkler against the ACLU last Friday.”

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Florida: Planned Parenthood to start offering abortions in Naples next month

AARP Health Care Debate Gets Rowdy In Brevard

    WFTV.com: “More than 300 Brevard County residents packed the Senior Resource Center in Viera. A resounding majority of them told the AARP they did not want the so-called ‘public option,’ where the federal government provides an insurance plan to compete with the private sector.”

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$10 donation to ACLU to strengthen chapters in the South

    San Diego Union Tribune: “Qualcomm founder Irwin Jacobs and his wife Joan have donated $10 million to the American Civil Liberties Union that will fund civil liberties work in other parts of the country and contribute to expanding the work of the local chapter in San Diego. The gift by the well-known philanthropists is the third-largest received by the ACLU in a massive, $335 million national campaign. Two other donations of $12 million have also been pledged to the drive, the largest campaign in the organization’s history.”

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Newspaper officials arrested for escort ads

    OneNewsNow: “Pat Trueman, special counsel with the Alliance Defense Fund, believes is targeting the papers who advertised the escort services. ‘This is important because anybody who is either committing a crime or conspiring to commit a crime or aiding the commission of a crime is equally liable,’ he contends. ‘So, a newspaper that is willfully advertising for prostitution should get the same penalties as the pimp, for example.’”

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Florida newspaper indicted over sex ads

Fla. residents take stand against ACLU

    Fox10tv.com: “Residents of one Northwest Florida town are pulling together to take a stand against the ACLU. Robert Smith helped organize a defense fund for three Santa Rosa County school employees, after they were charged with defying a federal judge’s order against prayer in schools.”

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Fla. “Gay-Straight Alliance allowed to meet at Yulee High”

Runaway Ohio teen who left Islam for Christianity fears returning home

Florida: Fund backs Frank Lay’s legal bills

Orlando Considers Restricting Where Adult Businesses Can Open

Paper Profiles Principal Facing Contempt Charges Over Prayer

“In God We Trust” Proposal Withdrawn By City Commission In Florida

Saucy ads in Florida paper lead to arrests

Florida: Sen. Martinez to resign by end of the month

New Study on Florida Tax Credit Scholarships

ACLU receives large gift to help end Florida’s “gay adoption” ban