Fla. ACLU publishes guide for pregnant teens

Florida: Manatee strip club worker injured in brawl

Florida: “Holy Land free day still a mystery”

    Orlando Sentinel:

    Holy Land Experience doesn’t want you to know when it schedules its required free day each year out of concern over a possible “uncontrollable situation.” . . .

    Holy Land, owned by Trinity Broadcasting Network, is required to drop its normal $35 ticket price and offer free admission one day each year in exchange for a property-tax exemption that saves it about $300,000 annually, according to a 2006 state law designed to guarantee the exemption.

    Hat tip: Religion Clause Blog

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Ave Maria Law School Claims Ministerial Exception

ACLU: “Child Advocacy Groups Urge Florida Appeals Court To Strike Gay Adoption Ban”

    ACLU: “The most respected Florida and national children’s health, welfare and legal advocacy groups filed seven friend-of-the-court briefs before a Florida appeals court Monday urging the court to strike down a Florida law barring lesbians and gay men from adopting. The briefs were filed in support of an American Civil Liberties Union lawsuit that resulted in a Florida juvenile court judge striking down the law and granting the adoptions of two brothers to a gay man who has been raising the boys with his partner for more than four years.”

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VBS shut out of community flyer distribution

“Will Florida recognize same-sex adoptions from other states?”

Florida: Schools’ legal fees top $450,000 in prayer suit

Religion heats debate for new Florida turnpike interchange

Florida: ‘Cheetah’ strip club now out of business for drugs, prostitution

Church sues Florida school board over flyer policy

Fla. school district singles out church VBS fliers for censorship

    Alliance Defense Fund attorneys filed suit in federal court Tuesday after the Collier County School Board rejected a church’s attempt to participate in a flier distribution program open to other community groups. The board refused to allow Cypress Wood Presbyterian Church to advertise its upcoming Vacation Bible School because of the religious nature of the event even though the school district has allowed fliers from other religious and non-religious community groups.

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Florida: Man shot, wounded at Pinellas Park strip club parking lot

FL: Strip club proposal in North Bay Village sparks debate

City Of Miami Passes Domestic Partner Ordinance

Pace students pray in spite of graduation controversy

ADF represents Jay Teacher in discrimination case

77 Suspects Arrested on Child Pornography Charges in Florida, 5 Young Victims Rescued

“Fla. high court won’t block state bar’s brief in gay-adoption case”

Students, legal groups stand against anti-religious court order

ACLU threatens, students still recite prayer

Fla. school district agrees to grant Christian clubs equal treatment

Students rebel at graduation against the ACLU’s bullying tactics

ACLU picks on school district, eventually loses

    David Cortman, senior legal counsel with the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), explains that the school initially capitulated to the ACLU’s demands . . .

    ‘[The] ACLU tends to pick on smaller communities throughout the country and basically looks to completely eradicate any mention of religion at all in the public square,’ the attorney explains.

    ‘And so we sent these letters to give some push-back to the ACLU to basically tell the school regardless of what they want you to do in their zeal to eliminate all mention of religion, what the law actually requires is that you allow the Christian clubs to meet on the same terms as other clubs.’”

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With Strong Bipartisan Support, Florida Strengthens Scholarship Program

Fla. school district agrees to end discriminatory treatment of Christian club

    ABC (WMBB.com): “Christian student groups shouldn’t be discriminated against for their beliefs,” said ADF Senior Legal Counsel David Cortman. “Further, it is unconstitutional to prohibit school district employees from attending a private religious service on their own time and in their individual capacities. The district did the right thing by reversing its decision and deciding to respect the rights of students and employees.”

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Fla. school district agrees to end discriminatory treatment of Christian club

Steven Aden on Prime Time America: Choose Life License Plates Litigation

Florida: “Students denied graduation speeches: Because of prayer in school ban by ACLU”

Florida: Students, parents protest ACLU restrictions

Potato, Potahto: Whether Ineffective Assistance or Due Process, an Effective Rule is Overdue in Termination of Parental Rights Cases in Florida

    Saint Thomas Law Review: “It is not clear under Florida law what legal concept governs claims arising from the acts or omissions of counsel in termination proceedings. Whatever that concept may be, it is also unclear whether a procedure even exists to attack a judgment on such a ground. Some courts have said that none does. While it appears that one procedure may be viable, it is one with an extremely limited and, in many situations, unreasonable timeframe. A call from the Supreme Court of Florida for the development of a rule to deal with situations like this one has gone unanswered. The matter needs to be addressed.”

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Florida: Hold schools in contempt over prayer, ACLU pleads

    PNJ.com: “Michelle Winkler violated the order by having her husband, who is not a School Board employee, offer prayer at the non-instructional employee of the year banquet” on Feb. 20, said Benjamin Stevenson, an ACLU of Florida staff attorney. “We filed a motion for the federal court to issue an order for her to show cause or explain herself.”

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Fla. Court of Appeals Ruling Creates Bizarre Triangle with a Young Child Caught in the Middle

Gov. Crist to run for US Senate seat in Florida

Florida: Mother is charged with neglecting her daughter’s teeth

Florida: Trafficking victim forced to have sex at Pinellas club

Judge: Prayer ban OK

    PNJ.com: “The ACLU and ACLU of Florida sued the district in August on behalf of two unnamed Pace High School students. The students claimed school officials regularly promoted religion and led prayers at school events. District officials admitted the allegations. Board members signed a consent decree in March that listed steps the district will take to end the violations.”

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Florida: ACLU seeks contempt charges on school employee

Florida drivers won’t get new Christian license plates

Former Fla. House Speaker will seek US Senate seat

Florida: “An eventful encounter at a ‘non-event’ park”

“Gay adoption before Fla. Legislature, courts”

Proposed ‘Christian’ License Plates In Florida May Spark Lawsuit

Florida Senate approves religious license plates

Fla. church giving ‘great sex’ sermons might get booted

More porn shops, strip clubs for Orlando?

Park ban is no picnic for Fla. church, ADF sues

Amended Complaint Protests Second Song Given To 3rd Graders In Florida School

Fla. Supreme Court takes up Florida Bar “gay adoption” endorsement dispute

Fla. Supreme Court to hear Florida Bar case involving homosexual adoption case

Socially conservative bills stall in Florida Senate

Tangipahoa Parish School Board Adopts Minor Changes In Policy On Invocations

Prayer, ultrasound, marriage license bills stall in Florida

Florida man arrested by FBI for child porn

Florida: Gainesville voters reject repeal of sexual preference protections

Florida: Defense accuses judge of pro-life bias in infanticide case

    Palm Beach Post:

    “Defense lawyers on Monday accused a Broward County judge of injecting his ‘personal, political and religious views’ into an illegal abortion case and asked an appeals court to reduce the bail of a woman charged with aborting her teenage daughter’s pregnancy. Public defender Howard Finkelstein said Judge John Hurley overreached when he set Tonuya Rainey’s bail at $185,000 . . . Hurley on Friday said that the allegations against Rainey were ‘tantamount to murder’ and that he was setting a higher bail with that in mind.”

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Liberty Counsel Files Final Brief in Florida Bar Case Regarding Homosexual Adoption

Alaska and Florida consider bestiality bans

    “Alaska’s House Judiciary Committee on Friday heard testimony on a measure that would expand the state’s animal cruelty law to include sexual conduct. It would make the practice a class A misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail and a $10,000 fine. In Florida, a bill that would make sex with animals punishable by up to five years in prison has been unanimously approved by two Senate committees and has two other committee stops before reaching the full chamber.”

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Christian song sparks lawsuit against Florida public school

Florida: “Woman Forces Daughter to Have an Abortion, Dumps Body of Baby in the Trash”

Florida man accused of producing child pornography

Ultrasound abortion provision revived in Florida House

    Miami Herald: “A measure that would require women seeking an abortion to get an ultrasound exam and have the option to view the scan was revived Wednesday, after the state Senate rejected a similar proposal last year in a dramatic 20-20 tie vote. Following more than an hour of debate, the House Health Care Regulation Policy Committee cast a party-line vote in favor of the bill, with Republican supporters saying the ultrasound provision helps women make informed medical decisions and helps doctors prevent complications.”

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Woman Asks Florida Court to Disregard Law and Grant Her Parental Rights Over Unrelated Child

Chaplain at Hospice by the Sea in Boca Raton resigns over ban on word ‘God’

Florida: Vote pending on ‘gender identity’ in Gainesville

Florida: 19 arrested in prostitution sting; Hallandale Beach strip club shut down

Florida lawmaker files bills that would legalize homosexual adoptions

Florida: ACLU Pushes for Felon Voting Rights

    WCTV.tv: “The American Civil Liberties Union says felons should have an easier transition back into society. And they feel there should be a better process in place for voting rights. For a felon, the ACLU says local offices do not know …

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Fl.: District judge rules that Nassau County Public Schools must “recognize Gay-Straight Alliance club”

Florida lawmaker introduces bills to legalize homosexual adoption

Florida Gov appoints Planned Parenthood backed judge to Supreme Court

Florida: “Gov. Crist to fill Supreme Court post”

ADF: Court should reinstate Fla. statute protecting adopted children

11th Circuit dismisses Fla. Family Policy Council judicial questionnaire suit on standing grounds

FL: Wireless hotspot used to download child porn