Idaho Republicans propose resolution supporting use of Bible in public schools

Boise State University to pay $20,000 to pro-life group after backtracking on censorship

University pays pro-life student group $20,000 to settle free speech lawsuit

Idaho college no longer requires warning for contentious protests

Boise State settles free-speech suit with pro-life student group

Boise State revises policy that required warning signs for pro-life events

BSU, pro-life group settle free speech lawsuit

Boise State University stops making pro-life groups post warning signs for their events

Boise State revises policy that required warning signs for pro-life events

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Hitching Post suit at a standstill

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Idaho votes to drop homosexual rights law

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Add the Words bill dies in Idaho committee

Lawmakers hear heated testimony about non-discrimination bill

Idahoans testify at Statehouse on anti-discrimination bill

Add the Words testimony mixed Monday morning

America awaits justices’ action on same-sex marriage

Hitching Post, Cd’A seek to avoid trial

Idaho governor takes fight to defend marriage amendment to U.S. Supreme Court

Change looming for city’s pastor-targeting ordinance

Ordinance repeal on Fayetteville ballot

Springfield opponents not alone in fighting nondiscrimination ordinance

Ministers could face jail for refusing to perform same-sex marriage ceremony

Hitching Post suit delay sought

Report: Coeur d’Alene, Hitching Post want to resolve same-sex marriage dispute outside courtroom

Idaho for-profit wedding chapel under fire with same-sex marriage proponents

Don’t trample free speech

Hitching Post controversy forces ACLU doublespeak on religious freedom

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho in ‘damage control mode’ over sexual orientation nondiscrimination ordinance

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Hitching Post lawsuit gains national attention

Judge resigns so he won’t have to marry same-sex couples

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Ministers jailed for refusing to perform same-sex marriages?

Pocatello for-profit wedding chapel to accommodate same-sex marriages

N. Idaho wedding chapel sues over same-sex marriage

Idaho couple facing fines, jail time for not hosting same-sex weddings may be saved by state law

‘Action alert’ storm over Hitching Post hits CdA

ADF offers guidance to NC, Ariz., Idaho, Nev. officials responsible for issuing marriage licenses