9th Circuit hears oral arguments in 3 same-sex marriage cases

9th Circuit to take up same-sex marriage in Idaho, Nevada, Hawaii

Secular student group wants to shut down ‘gross’ pro-life protest

Libertarian students are leading the fight for free speech on campus

Student group sues university over free speech restrictions

Conservative group settles lawsuit with University of Michigan over funding

“Why I use graphic images to protest abortion”

UMich libertarian students prevail in lawsuit alleging political discrimination

ADF sues university over pro-lifers confined to ‘free speech zone’

University of Michigan will stop denying funds to conservative group

ACLU, ADF call ‘foul’ over university’s treatment of the first amendment

BSU faces lawsuit over limits on campus protests

Boise State demands unconstitutional warning signs for pro-life events

Ministers diverge in opinion on lifting of Idaho’s same-sex marriage ban

Same-sex marriage is off again in Idaho and on in Arkansas

Idaho ruling hardly small potatoes

Judge refuses to stay Idaho same-sex marriages

Judge promises ruling soon on Idaho gay marriage

Idaho gay marriage suit headed to court

500 gather to protest pending removal of Idaho Ten Commandments display

Ten Commandments monument may be moved from Sandpoint, Idaho park

Idaho faith-healing bill won’t get hearing

Idaho couples ask judge to rule on same-sex “marriage”

Idaho: Religious freedom bill heads back to committee

Idaho rep resurrects religious school tax credit bill

Marriage and Religious Freedom Bill to fight “climate of intolerance, intimidation” | Christian Post

“Idaho Supreme Court sides with Boise lesbian couple in adoption case”

Idaho bill would limit faith healing

Idaho: House panel keeps religious freedom bill alive

Idaho AG: Bill to shield faithful’s professional licenses likely unconstitutional

Idaho: Proposed bills would help secure religious freedoms and beliefs

Idaho rep tackles faith healing after child deaths

Lawmakers: Same-sex couples must file separate Idaho taxes

Idaho Supreme Court: Mormon Church Owed No Special Duty To Child Injured At Church Organized Camp Out

Federal Lawsuit Challenges Idaho’s Refusal To Permit or Recognize Same-Sex Marriage

New suit challenges Idaho marriage laws

Meridian City Council, seat 2: Patrick Malloy | Idaho Statesman

Calif v. Idaho Turf War Over Judge Seat Still On

Anti-Religion Group Touts Growing Influence at DOD After Air Force Base Ditches Picture with Bible Verse

Air Force Says Painting that References Bible Verse Violates Rules

Cities Take Lead on Antibias Laws | Wall Street Journal

Idaho Resident Demands An End to Crosses On City Property

Idaho: Sexual orientation would be protected under CdA law

Idaho: Pocatello council rejects anti-discrimination ordinance

“Transgender Woman Banned From Idaho Grocery Store”

Idaho: Moscow residents outraged by discrimination ordinance

ID: Pocatello City Council Considering Misguided Sexual Orientation Ordinance

Legal Wrap: A Big Win in Idaho, and Companies Fighting Contraception Coverage | Reality Check

Pro-Lifers Debate Tactics But Stand United in Grassroots Anti-Abortion Tidal Wave

Idaho Ruling Marks News Phase in Abortion Battle

Way to Supreme Court opened by Idaho decision on Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act

Judge Strikes Down Idaho’s Fetal Pain Abortion Law

Anti-abortion tax exemption clears Idaho House

Anti-abortion tax exemption clears Idaho House

Idaho towns take up sexual orientation measures

ID: City Of Twin Falls Adds Sexual Orientation To Anti-Discrimination Policy

ID: Sexual orientation policy change passes for Lewiston city employees

ID: Twin Falls Councilwoman Suggests Sexual Orientation Policy

Idaho: Suit seeking to reveal education-funding donors back in state court

Idaho: Judge rules Students Come First supporter group must disclose donors

State Legislators Uniting to Protect Religious Freedom | Brian Walsh at National Review

Religious freedom caucuses set up in Kansas Legislature, eight other states

Walter Weber: 9th Circuit: “Women Have the Right to Engage in Self-Abortion, Sort Of”

9th Circuit “Narrows Bar on Enforcing Idaho Abortion Statute”

Idaho Woman Taken to Emergency Room After Planned Parenthood Visit

Boise State Touts Diversity, Must Decide If Campus Chick-Fil-A Fits In

9th Circuit comes to Boise to hear parent rights case

Romney Donor Targeted By Obama “enemies List” Gets Irs And Labor Dept. Audits

Ninth Circuit Weighs Idaho’s Law Against Self-abortion

Son of Scott Walker: In Idaho, as in Wisconsin, the teachers unions fight reforms.

Idaho woman’s case marks a key abortion challenge

Doc-lawyer will intervene in Idaho fetal pain case

First-Grader Can Perform Chris Tomlin Song After Idaho School Reverses Ban