In the Windy City, a fresh breeze of justice

In court, city will learn to respect church

Judge turns sarcastic – rips Chicago’s attack on ministry

Chicago loses big battle in 10-year case against inner-city Christian ministry

Illinois Democrat Dan Lipinski stands for life, and his party one day soon may leave him standing alone

In Illinois, Bishops and pro-life groups differ on ACLU Conscience Bill

Professor George: An open letter to the Illinois Legislature

Southern Illinois man charged with killing pregnant woman

Illinois bill to crack down on conscience, compel abortion referrals

Bible colleges shouldn’t need a state seal

Illinois Supreme Court: non-parents cannot pretend to be parents to obtain custody of children

Orthodox Jewish school loses RLUIPA zoning challenge

Chicago Tribune publishes major story on abortion clinic that refuses to pay fine following woman’s death

Activists have freedom to distribute fliers on college campus, federal court rules

Illinois Bible Colleges sue to get state to grant students full degrees

Virginia, Illinois again consider bans on reparative therapy for minors

At issue: State regulation of a religious program

Illinois Bible colleges file legal challenge for right to issue degrees to students

Illinois Bible colleges sue for right to issue degrees

University of Chicago’s new free speech policy actually protects free speech

    Tech Dirt: Free speech and higher education seem to be at odds. The notion of expanding minds, exposing prejudices and encouraging critical thinking has taken a backseat to a bizarre “offense-free” ideal in recent years, something that can partially be traced back to our own government’s insertion into the (stunted) conversation. Tying federal funding to sexual harassment policies is definitely part of the problem. The other part appears to be a misguided thought process that equates inclusion with the elimination of any speech that might negatively affect someone. Rather than actually deal with speech issues on a case-by-case basis, universities have instead enacted broadly-written bans on campus speech.

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Exclusive: Report finds vast majority of Illinois abortion facilities weren’t inspected for 10+ years

Atheist group erects 11 billboards across Chicago; argues that kindness ‘comes from altruism,’ not from ‘seeking divine reward’

Wheaton’s “gay celibate Christian”

Ex-church employee alleges discrimination after his same-sex engagement

Christian school’s ROTC under attack

Planned Parenthood doc who killed woman in botched abortion closes her clinic

US attorney backs same-sex couples in marriage case

Pro-life group asks Supreme Court to allow ‘Choose Life’ license plates

Northwestern University to offer ‘gender open’ restrooms on campus

No, Wheaton College’s accreditation should not be revoked

University of Chicago publishes how-to guide on obtaining an abortion

All knowledge starts somewhere in faith – Wheaton responds to “The Great Accreditation Farce”

Christian colleges like Wheaton should not get accredited because they undermine purpose of higher ed, says UPenn Professor

High court grants injunction for Wheaton College in health care case

Nuns file suit against strip club claiming music prevents them from praying in peace

Thomas More files suit to shut down strip club

Pro-marriage Illinois politicians replaced after opposing Pat Brady’s support for the redefinition of marriage

Lambda Legal sues Ill. doctor and clinic for denying hormone therapy to transgender woman

Governor orders Illinois National Guard to recognize same-sex “marriages”

Illinois House “kills effort to ban conversion therapy for gay kids”

The suppression of speech on American campuses: Dr. Ken Howell’s story | Cardinal Newman Society

Illinois council members immune from Islamic organization’s religious discrimination claims

Ecclesiastical abstention doctrine leads to dismissal of suit over church’s board

Primary victories for Illinois Republicans who backed redefinition of marriage

Illinois: Kane County won’t license same-sex “marriages” before June

Illinois AG: County clerks can issue same-sex “marriage” licenses

Loyola University (Chicago): Only Catholic weddings can be celebrated on university campus

Same-sex couples allowed to wed in Cook County, Illinois

Suit settled in favor of mobile pregnancy center

Illinois lawmaker files bill protecting consciences of religious organizations

Settlement ensures freedom for Ill. mobile pregnancy center

Illinois B&B owner says he won’t host same-sex “weddings”

The clash between homosexuality and religion isn’t over |

Eleven Same-Sex “Marriage” Incumbents Have Pro-Marriage Challengers | Illinois Family Action

“Lambda Legal And ACLU Of Illinois Expedite Marriage For Same-sex Couples Facing Urgent Medical Circumstances”

Nativity Scene Returns to Illinois State Capitol Rotunda for the Sixth Year

Illinois Judge Allows Same-Sex Couple To Wed Before Law Takes Effect

“Gay marriage raises questions for Illinois businesses” | State-Journal Register

Four Republican Senators Haven’t Co-Sponsored Late-Term Abortion Ban

USCCB Subcommittee Chairman Decries Marriage Redefinition And Misuse Of Pope Francis’ Words In Illinois

“Quinn To Sign Gay Marriage Law On Historic Lincoln Desk”

“Gay-marriage momentum comes to a sudden halt after Illinois”

“Gay marriage will be legal today; business owners may face dilemma” |

Bishop will lead prayers of exorcism as Illinois governor signs gay ‘marriage’ bill

llinois mom attacks permissive library porn policy after stumbling on patron viewing smut

The Episcopal Church Sues Break-Away Illinois Diocese Over Property

The End of Religious Liberty in the Land of Lincoln

Illinois Legislature Gives Final Approval To Same-Sex Marriages

Illinois House votes to redefine marriage

Illinois gay marriage bill being debated in Illinois House

2 Ind. colleges say they’ll oppose marriage amendment