Kansas School Bans, Destroys Student Fliers Containing Bible Verses | Persecution.org (Charisma)

Seventh grader files lawsuit after school staff destroys prayer flyers | Fox4kc.com

Court: Obama Admin Can’t Make Family-Run Car Dealership Follow HHS Mandate | Life News

Kan. school reportedly prohibits student from posting fliers with Bible verses | Fox News (AP)

Christian group accuses school of free speech violation | WTOP.com (AP)

Kansas school bans fliers with Bible verses, OKs poster with drug reference | Examiner.com

Kansas School Bans Fliers with Bible Verses | Caffeinated Thoughts

Kansas School Bans ‘See You at the Pole’ Flier With Bible Verses | Charisma News

Suit Challenges School Ban On Student Distribution of Religious Material | Religion Clause Blog

Christian group accuses school of free speech violation | Boston Herald

Kansas school bans fliers with Bible verses | Alliance Defending Freedom

KS: Employer Offered Reasonable Accommodation To Muslim Employee For Noontime Prayer

KS: Judge Mulls Whether To Toss Abortion Stalking Case

Kansas Supreme Court suspends Phill Kline’s state law license

Kansas City Summit Challenges Threats To Religious Liberty | The Catholic Key

Kansas Abortion Lawsuits Cost $913k

Sebelius Fails in Her Own State, No One From Kansas Signs Up for Obamacare

Suit Challenges Kansas’ Adoption of National Science Standards

KS: Board votes unanimously to allow student-led prayer

KS: Topeka council OKs sexual orientation ordinance

    The Topeka Capital-Journal: After an evening of emotional and deeply personal debate, the Topeka City Council voted 6-2 Tuesday to pass a city ordinance designed to fight prejudice on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. Before a packed house in the Topeka City Council chambers, 19 people spoke about the ordinance — sponsored by Councilman Chad Manspeaker — that would allow the Human Relations Commission to help protect those groups from prejudice through education.

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Kansas: Court appointment adds fuel to conservatives’ fire to change selection process

Radio Station Lifts Ban On Abortion Clinic Ads

“Kansas school surrenders to ignorance, removes Islam display” | Charles C. Haynes at WashPo

Accepting Scalia’s Offer, Arizona Sues Obama Administration On Voting Rights

Governor Brownback’s Stellar Judicial Appointment

Kansas, Arizona sue to change voting forms

Kansas: Public School Promotes 5 Pillars of Islam

Letter To Doctor Opposing Abortion Clinic Was Not True Threat Under FACE

Kansas Abortion Law Challenged on Free Speech Grounds

Judicial showdown in Kansas

Moritz nominated to 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals

Body of Newborn Baby Found in Trash, Arm Dangling From Over the Sid

Silly Attack on Judicial Selection in Kansas

Federal Judge Refuses To Block Kan. Abortion Rules

“Creationism Follies: The 2012-2013 Edition” | ACLU

Second suit filed against anti-abortion bill: Kansans for Life defends legislation as legal challenges mount

Lawsuit filed to block Kansas abortion law | Center for Reproductive Rights

Planned Parenthood sues over new Kansas abortion law

Gov. Brownback Signs Kansas Preservation of Religious Freedom Act

Topekan honors twins with tattoo: Current ‘sperm donor’ case drudges up memories for Daryl Hendrix

ACLU objects after school invites creationism group for assemblies

ACLU protests creationism group’s Kansas event

Protest Exposes New Owner of Wichita, Kansas Abortion Clinic

Kansas governor signs far-reaching anti-abortion bill

Kansas Governor Signs Preservation of Religious Freedom Act

Party Like It’s 1984: How sexual liberationists torture language and logic.

Abortionist upset her identity goes public as owner of Tiller’s Wichita clinic

Kansas Legislature approves bill defining life as beginning at fertilization

Abortion clinic to open in Wichita, the first in four years

Kan. Senate keeps cancer language in abortion bill

Kansas Bill Banning “Wrongful Birth” Lawsuits Heads to Brownback

KS: Hearing scheduled on bill prohibiting abortion if fetal heartbeat detectable

Kansas: Bill targeting sex-selection abortion heard in House committee

Kansas House of Reps. passes bill saying life begins at fertilization

Kansas House overwhelmingly approves sweeping anti-abortion bill

Kansas House rejects abortion exception for rape

KS:Clergy-Communicant Privilege Does Not Extend To Lay Religious Counselors

Kansas House panel taking up big anti-abortion bill

Kansas casts eye on teachers unions

Kansas sperm donor case: Former same-sex partner seeks involvement

Same-sex couples win more than visitation rights in custody battles

Kansas high court rules non-biological same-sex parent can have parental rights

Proposed abortion law draws heated debate in Kansas House committee

Kansas: “Bill addresses abortion training for med students”

Kansas Lawmaker Introduces ‘Religious Displays’ Bill After City Threatened With Lawsuit Over Cross

KS: Mac police chaplaincy program reaffirmed

Wichita: Abortion opponents deliver 14K signatures in move to block clinic opening

Kansas Senate Overwhelmingly Supports Judicial Selection Reform

Kansas bill would allow religious symbols on public land

Forty years later, Roe v. Wade still divides

Kansas’s Judicial Nominating Commission Under Fire

Kan. Case Reveals Risks With Assisted Reproduction

A.C.L.U. Halts Challenge in Kansas on Abortion Coverage

KS: “Activists Illegally Trying to Open Tiller’s Old Abortion Clinic”

    LifeNews: A formal complaint has been filed with the City of Wichita against Julie Burkhart and two associated business entities, which presents evidence that remodeling and other work is taking place illegally at a proposed new abortion clinic in Wichita without the proper permits. The complaint requests that an infraction notice be filed and a cease and desist order be issued to halt all construction at the building.

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