Kentucky has religious freedom law similar to one causing furor ahead of Final Four in Indiana

Indiana religious freedom discussion rekindles debate in Ky.

‘You will print my t-shirt!’ Business owner will tell judge today why he can’t

ADF to Ky. court: Uphold printers’ freedom to print or not print

Kentucky print shop owner fights compelled speech and reeducation order

Same-sex divorce granted by family court judge

‘Every religious organization should be worried’: Kentucky wants Ark Encounter to hire non-Christians

Shirt company won’t fold on values

Christian printer was punished after refusing to print pride shirts – and now he’s fighting back

T-shirt printer appeals discrimination ruling

Hands On Originals appeals ruling on refusal to print pride festival T-shirts

This small business owner is convinced that justice will prevail

Lexington business appeals discrimination charge

T-shirt company appeals discrimination ruling

Christian printer fights back against discrimination charge for refusal to print pride t-shirts

T-shirt case latest in culture war over ‘equality’ vs. freedom of religion

Free to speak or not speak? That is the question in Ky. printer case

Kentucky Supreme Court justice mulling run for governor

Ky. same-sex marriage may head to Supreme Court

No Constitutional right to same-sex marriage, Circuit court rules

Kentucky Baptists sever ties with church over same-sex marriage

Court upholds four marriage laws; will Supreme Court review?

Sixth Circuit decision to uphold marriage part of tend, conservatives say

Court upholds marriage in four states

Why this business owner stands up for a Christian printer’s rights, despite strong disagreement

KY Commission orders Christian company to print ideological t-shirts

Christian company refused to print t-shirts for ideological reasons, vows to fight discrimination ruling

Christian businessman told to leave faith at home and take diversity training

Same-sex marriage obstacles fall in conservative states

This guy cited his Christian faith in refusing to make t-shirts – and now his company is being punished

Commission forces Christian company to print t-shirts it opposes

Commission says Christian business owners should leave religion at home

Company forced into ‘diversity training’ over pride shirts

Judge wants to force a printer to make t-shirts against his conscience

Hands On Originals discriminated against homosexual organization, hearing officer rules

Judge wants to force a printer to make pro-same-sex marriage t-shirts

Recommended ruling in Ky. printer case could result in freedom for no one

People born male allowed in girls’ locker rooms in Kentucky

Appeals board upholds high school bathroom policy for transgender teen

Owensboro delays considering ‘fairness ordinance’

One court, three judges and four states with same-sex marriage cases

Appeals panel hearing arguments in 6 same-sex marriage cases from 4 states

Gacek: No fundamental right to same-sex marriage

Kentucky voters would back true marriage in landslide: poll

Murray State designates gender neutral restrooms

Transgender restroom policy stands after appeal

Atherton will hear transgender policy appeal tonight

Did saying “Have a Blessed Day” cause a woman to lose her job?

Parents appeal Atherton’s transgender policy

Four-way hearing on same-sex marriage

Danville, Ky. approves same-sex rights ordinance

Atherton to discuss transgender bathroom policy

School advised to stand down on new bathroom policy

On campuses, the continuing struggle against ignorance – and arrogance

Kentucky school to allow ‘transgender’ students access to opposite sex restrooms

    Christian News Network: Meanwhile, Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) threatened to pursue legal action if the non-discrimination policy goes into effect. In a letter to the governing board members of Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS), ADF spokespersons argued that Atherton High School should not make restrooms available to both sexes.

    “Not only may JCPS prevent students from accessing opposite-sex restrooms and changing areas, JCPS should do so to avoid violating the rights of JCPS students and parents,” the letter states. “With respect to JCPS students, they have the right to bodily privacy.”

    “Permitting students to use opposite-sex restrooms and changing areas would seriously endanger student safety, undermine parental authority, and severely impair an environment conducive to learning,” the letter continues. “These dangers are so clear-cut that a school district allowing such activity would clearly expose itself—and its teachers—to tort liability.”

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Transgender controversy re-opens Louisville schools discrimination debate

Boys want to use girls’ bathroom at Kentucky school, principal agrees

Ky. school principal’s bathroom decision ignores student privacy rights

Transgender controversy reopens discrimination debate

High school council to discuss transgender debate

Louisville principal allows male freshman to use girls bathroom and changing areas

Transgender controversy prompts Atherton to rethink policy

Beshear lawyers say gay marriage threatens Kentucky birth rates

Kentucky Supreme Court: Religious jobs exempt from some labor laws

Kentucky House panel halts three abortion access bills

Kentucky AG on refusal to defend marriage: “I wanted to be on the right side of history”

    Huffington Post: “Conway sat down with HuffPost Live on Wednesday, explaining that when the Kentucky and U.S. constitutions ‘were in conflict,’ he had to act in favor of the U.S. Constitution as ‘the ultimate law of the land.’ ‘I felt like that from a fiscal responsibility standpoint, I didn’t need to be wasting taxpayer resources in a lawsuit that we weren’t going to win or in an appeal that we weren’t going to win,’ Conway said. ‘For the sake of my daughter’s view on my public service in the future, I wanted to be on the right side of history.’”

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