Kentucky Supreme Court: Religious jobs exempt from some labor laws

Kentucky House panel halts three abortion access bills

Kentucky AG on refusal to defend marriage: “I wanted to be on the right side of history”

    Huffington Post: “Conway sat down with HuffPost Live on Wednesday, explaining that when the Kentucky and U.S. constitutions ‘were in conflict,’ he had to act in favor of the U.S. Constitution as ‘the ultimate law of the land.’ ‘I felt like that from a fiscal responsibility standpoint, I didn’t need to be wasting taxpayer resources in a lawsuit that we weren’t going to win or in an appeal that we weren’t going to win,’ Conway said. ‘For the sake of my daughter’s view on my public service in the future, I wanted to be on the right side of history.’”

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Federal judge stays enforcement of Kentucky marriage ruling pending appeal

Kentucky governor hires outside counsel for same-sex “marriage” appeal

Bill requiring ultrasound before abortion sent to Kentucky House committee

Rand Paul: “I believe in the historic and religious definition of marriage”

Kentucky AG explains refusal to defend marriage amendment

Gov. Beshear: Kentucky to pursue appeal in marriage case, will hire outside counsel

Kentucky ordered to recognize out-of-state same-sex “marriages”

Uproar over McConnell challenger’s comments on legal implications of same-sex “marriage”

Couples ask judge to allow same-sex “marriage” in Kentucky

“Advocates hail lightning speed momentum with same-sex marriage” | ABC

Federal judge: Kentucky must recognize out-of-state same-sex “marriages”

Kentucky Senate passes ultrasound bill

Ultrasound bill clears Kentucky Senate committee

Judge weighing challenge to Ky. marriage laws

‘Gay’ Power vs. Religious Liberty | WorldNetDaily

“Gay rights activists praise Kentucky for allowing same-sex benefits”

Complaint filed against DHL on behalf of 24 NKY muslim workers who say they were fired over prayers

Same-sex couple seeks right to divorce in Ky.

Hiring of homosexual employees being considered by Ky. Baptist child care agency

Group accuses McConnell of putting ‘Kentucky Kickback’ in bill (Video)

Pro-life campus display defaced at Northern Kentucky University – again

Gideons within rights giving copies of Bible to students

KY Court Says Spousal Privilege Does Not Apply Vt. Civil Union

Attorney: Schools have legal right to permit Bible distribution | One News Now

Pastor Threatened With Arrest for Distributing Bibles at Festival Regains Rights From Police | Christian News

Ky. Gideons’ freedom to distribute literature like others reaffirmed | Alliance Defending Freedom

KY: Man Says He Killed Wife To End Her Cancer Pain

Conservative Group Presses Mcconnell On Health Law

ACLU Again Threatens Kentucky Schools With Lawsuit Over Bible Distribution | Christian Post

KY: Lesbian defendant claims spousal privilege due to Vermont civil union

KY: “A same-sex marriage loophole the size of Canada”

ACLU lawsuit against Franklin County Commission dismissed

Conservative plan to defund Obamacare puts McConnell in tough spot

Religious literature distribution stands on court rulings | One News Now

ACLU Trying to Ban Gideons From Kentucky Schools | The New American

New suit challenges marriage in Kentucky

Religious literature distribution stands on court rulings | One News Now

KY: “FFRF seeks to stop mayor’s proselytizing”

ACLU threatens schools over Gideon Bibles | N. Colo. Gazette

Atheists Threaten to Sue Schools for Refusing to Ban Bible Distributions

Christian Legal Group Combats ACLU Attempt to End Bible Distribution in Kentucky Schools |

Parenting Columnist Targeted By Ky. Board Sues

ACLU vs. Gideons’ Bibles | Alliance Defending Freedom

KY: Wisconsin activists warn Danville City Commission about its prayers

KY: Group complains about commission prayers

“Creationism Follies: The 2012-2013 Edition” | ACLU

Religious freedom bill among new Kentucky laws starting Tuesday | Courier-Journal

ACLU says Louisville’s abortion clinic one of the worst in the country

Despite Atheist Objections, Prayer Offered at Kentucky High School Graduation

KY: Despite objections, prayer goes on at Lincoln graduation

KY: Lincoln County High School grapples with prayer at graduation

Kentucky county removing Ten Commandments from schools

Kentucky ACLU targets Gideons distributing Bibles at schools

ACLU Seeks to Ban Bible Distribution in Kentucky Schools

ACLU to KY Schools: Stop Letting Groups Hand Out Bibles to Students

Ky. lawmakers override religious freedom veto

Ky. Baptists urge override of gov’s veto

Kentucky Gov. vetoes religious freedom bill

Kentucky Settles Establishment Clause Case With New Safeguards For Child-Care Agencies

Kentucky can still credit ‘Almighty God’ for its security as U.S. Supreme Court refuses to hear challenge

Supreme Court Denies Cert. In Establishment Clause Challenge To KY Homeland Security Statutes

In Bible Belt, rift emerges among proponents of marriage redefinition

Religious Freedom Bill Passes Ky. House and Senate