Doctor euthanizes this man’s mother, he had no idea until the morgue called to claim her body

Doctors killed his mom because she was depressed; now he speaks out against euthanasia

Religious nonprofits challenge health law

10th Circuit to hear Christian universities’ challenge to abortion-pill mandate

Court orders school district to pay $75,000 for denying boy use of girls’ restroom

Non-offending parents’ prerogatives to make medical decisions for their children

When does a life lose its worth?

Maine officials back down after mother fights do not resuscitate order on baby

State backs down, won’t euthanize baby whose father shook her so hard he put her in a coma

Maine agency reverses decision to implement ‘do not resuscitate’ order on abused baby

Maine agency backtracks on no-resuscitate order

Mother, 18, fights do-not-resuscitate order for child

Maine mother fighting for baby’s life after officials refuse to lift do not resuscitate order

Governor blasts own agency over baby’s case

Maine mom fights state to keep sick baby

Do-not-resuscitate order for injured infant at heart of Maine court case

Maine bureaucrats, teenage mother in custody battle over infant

Maine mom fights state over no-resuscitation order

Mom begs state to drop baby’s “Do Not Resuscitate” order

Mom fights for infant’s life, state standing in the way

Maine mom fights state to keep baby daughter alive after she emerges from coma

Her father shook her so hard he put her in a coma, now the state wants to kill her

Maine agency wants to let abused child die

Portland Councilors repeal buffer zone around Planned Parenthood

Bowdoin College encourages non-Christians to lead Christian groups

Thomas More Law Center files federal lawsuit challenging 39-foot “buffer zone” ordinance

Maine Senate rejects religious liberty bill

Pro-life advocates sue to overturn buffer zone outside Portland clinic

Ed Whelan: The Maine Supreme Court’s bathroom mess

Maine Supreme Court rules in favor of transgender student in Orono school bathroom case

Maine legislative panel rejects religious freedom bill

Maine: Judiciary Committee takes first look at religious freedom bill

Maine bill would give religious freedom a step up to level playing field | Kennebec Journal

Maine: Judiciary Committee to hear religious freedom bill Thursday

“In first year after Maine legalized gay marriage, 16 percent of couples who tied knot were same sex”

Four Republican Senators Haven’t Co-Sponsored Late-Term Abortion Ban

City approves ‘buffer zone’ around Planned Parenthood clinic: pro-life activists plan to sue | LifeSiteNews

Maine: Portland approves buffer zone around Planned Parenthood to keep anti-abortion protesters back

Proposed abortion clinic buffer zone could trigger third free speech lawsuit against Portland in less than two years

“Maine Candidate For Governor Announces He’s Gay”

Protester: Abortion clinic buffer zone would trigger lawsuit | Portland Press Herald

ME: ACLU seeks apology from Biddeford schools

“Mainers’ acceptance of gay marriage up, according to new poll”

ME: Portland faces dilemma in Planned Parenthood clinic decision

ME: Will Portland create ‘patient safety zone’ around Planned Parenthood to push back anti-abortion protesters?

Maine overwhelmingly rejects physician-assisted suicide

Maine: Abortion debate reignites at State House with introduction of three bills

Elementary school’s ‘blessing of the fleet’ canceled for violating First Amendment

Maine: Three abortion bills being worked on in Augusta

Maine Chapter of American Academy of Pediatrics Joins Other Child Welfare Organizations on Brief Sup

Maine church’s tax dilemma may lead to new law | Alliance Defending Freedom

“GLAD Files Appeal on Behalf of Maine Transgender Student”

“In DOMA Supreme Court Case, 15 States Say Not Recognizing Gay Marriage Is Unconstitutional” | Huffington Post

Maine’s supreme court to decide whether prostitution johns have a right to privacy

Maine: Rockland reaches tentative settlement over church’s tax payments

Maine: Planned Parenthood Supports Demonstrate Against Pro-Lifers at Portland Clinic

Conscience Protection for Maine Clerks | Byron Babione at American Thinker

Christian Clerks, Notaries Given Impossible Choice

Maine & Feds give 71% of 2012 abortion clinic budget

Maine: Notaries must perform same-sex ‘marriages’ or violate human rights law

“Maine’s gay marriage law to become effective Dec. 29″

How will SSM affect religious freedom? | Joel Oster on Faith Matters in Maine

Maine: Judge finds in favor of Orono schools over transgender girl’s use of bathroom

Church’s RLUIPA Suit Dismissed On Ripeness Grounds, Avoiding Decision On Prudential Standing

Maine ACLU warning feds about Webster comments

Maine’s Angus King To Caucus With Senate Democrats

How Did Marriage Fare in the 2012 Election? | Ryan T. Anderson and Andrew Walker at Heritage Foundation

Country Still Opposes Marriage Redefinition: Losses in Deep Blue States with Huge Spending Disparities were Narrow

    FRC Action: But contrary to what the Left will say, the narrow margin for victory in these four states offers plenty of evidence that a solid majority of Americans still opposes same-sex “marriage.” Despite being outspent 8-to-1 in some of the most liberal states in the country, we witnessed record-setting petition efforts that crossed every racial, party, and socioeconomic divide. And while homosexuals may be celebrating an end to our movement’s perfect record, they still have a long way to go to match the 32 states where Americans voted overwhelmingly to protect the union of a man and woman. And that includes North Carolina, where President Obama’s endorsement of same-sex “marriage” likely cost him the state’s electoral votes.

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“Maine church that opposed gay marriage vandalized”