Dangerous Late-Term Abortion Business Shut Down in Maryland

Voter-Approved Marriage

Maryland: Catholic archbishop to host event opposing marriage redefinition

Maryland: “Why I oppose gay marriage”

“Historic wins within reach for same-sex marriage in November’s state ballots”

Chairman Prince George’s GOP: “Same-sex marriage does not threaten Republican party’s ideals”

    Jason Papanikolas Letter to the Baltimore Sun: Same-sex marriage is supported by a wide and varied group of Republicans from former First Lady Laura Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney to Florida Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Ambassador John Bolton. In fact, Rep. Ros-Lehtinen, a former resident of Prince George’s County, reminds us that “(a)s Republicans, we are committed to ensuring that the … government play(s) its proper role. Defining marriage is not part of that role.”

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MD: “Head of Pr. George’s NAACP backs same-sex marriage campaign”

MD: Atheists demand Bladensburg’s Peace Cross be removed

Maryland: “Sides battle over same-sex marriage referendum”

Julian Bond of the NAACP: African Americans should embrace marriage redefinition

    Julian Bond at Afro.com: Let’s face it: Marriage for gay and lesbian couples is often perceived as a White issue. Yet, there are thousands of African Americans – our brothers and sisters, cousins, neighbors, and co-workers – who are gay, in committed relationships, and want to marry. My own cousin had to go to Canada to marry the man he loved. So it’s probably time the country started talking about the issue in more diverse terms- and time the African-American community started, well, talking about it.

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Jesse Jackson campaigns for redefinition of marriage in Maryland

Maryland: Both sides gear up for marriage fight

Bartlett targeted by Democrats over views on abortion, rape along with 20 others

Hollywood fundraiser in New York to promote marriage redefinition in Maryland

“In Maryland, Gay Marriage Seeks a ‘Yes’ at the Polls” | NYT

ADF comment on full 4th Circuit decision to hear MD pregnancy center sign case

Pregnancy Center Case To Be Heard By Full 4th Circuit

Baltimore Sun: FRC “hate” label debate endangers “tolerance” facade

Black Churches Holding Vigil in Md. Against Same-Sex Marriage

Maryland: Intimidation tactics used against petitioners supporting traditional marriage

Md. General Assembly Oks Gambling Expansion Bill

Same-sex marriage and the manufacture of consent

MD: “Chick-fil-A vandalized with gay marriage stickers, image of gay pride flag”

Maryland “gay marriage”: Don’t cue the wedding bells just yet – poll should be viewed skeptically

“A Coming Wave of Gay Marriage Electoral Victories?” | The Atlantic

Maryland Poll: 54% favor new law redefining marriage

“Gays worry Gov. O’Malley is gambling with marriage equality”

“Strategist is central figure against gay marriage”

Late-Term Abortion Doc Carhart Caught Illegally Dumping

    LifeNews: Local pro-life advocates have caught late-term abortion practitioner LeRoy Carhart engaging in illegal dumping at the Maryland-based abortion facility that employs him. Formal complaints have been filed against Carhart and the abortion clinic after an investigation by pro-life activists uncovered the illegal dumping of biohazardous waste, private patient medical information, and dangerous drugs.

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Center for Reproductive Rights Petitions Full 4th Cir for Hearing on Advertising Rule for Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Maryland officially confirms that marriage will be on the ballot

Sheriff Can Be Sued By Rape Victim Denied Anti-Conception Pill By Religious Jail Guard

4th Circuit: Pregnancy center abortion disclaimer requirements in Maryland are unconstitutional

MD marriage proponents add signatures to proposed measure

“Washington County, MD to Grant Health Benefits to Same-Sex Spouses of Employees Married Out of State”

“Obama voices support for Md same-sex marriage law”

“Gay-marriage support: Shift in attitudes?”

Voters will decide marriage in Maryland: Referendum measure validated

Signature count makes a Maryland vote on same-sex marriage a near certainty

Maryland marriage referendum gets 2x the number of signatures needed

Penna Dexter: “Gay divorce threatens marriage”

The word ‘marriage’ matters

    Frank O’Keefe at the Baltimore Sun: Is marriage in fact a “civil right”? Most people would probably say yes. Is the re-definition of traditional marriage warranted in order to preserve the “civil rights” of same sex couples? There are still many, many people in America who will answer no to this question, and they have in fact done so in many previous state referendums. And the reason that they will continue to say no is not because they are all bigoted against gays and lesbians but because many sincerely believe that biological procreation was designed the way it is for a specific reason. And that reason is to preserve the primary continuity of the natural family and its role in the formation of society and as a foundational principle in societal development and the natural evolution of personal identity.

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“Several Harford churches working to overturn same-sex marriage law”

“NAACP chief: Marriage equality is a civil right”

Maryland High Court recognizes same-sex “marriages” for purpose of divorce

MD: Ex-Gays File Complaint Against School Superintendent for Sexual Orientation Discrimination

MD: Carroll commissioner creates monthly prayer session

MD: “African-American Church Leaders Condemn Obama For Gay Marriage Support”

Maryland, Virginia and the court that divides them

Maryland Marriage Initiative on track to appear on ballot

Maryland same sex marriage prevention the task for Catholic group

A hidden cause of Baltimore’s population loss: abortion

Former Gov. Ehrlich: Maryland will be the 32nd state to reject “same-sex marriage”

“Same-sex marriage lobby hires Maryland campaign manager”

Md. high court poised to hear lesbian divorce case

Maryland: Romney wins with 48%, Santorum 30%, Gingrich 11%, Paul 10%

Maryland split on marriage referendum, poll finds

Report from oral argument in Fourth Circuit appeals of First Amendment wins by pregnancy resource centers in Maryland

ADF: Will discrimination be reinstated against Md. pro-life pregnancy resource centers?

Maryland: Catholic “sanctity of life” terminology used to urge marriage redefinition

Abortionist Can’t Just Give Up License to Avoid Discipline

Harry R. Jackson, Jr.: What Happens in Maryland Stays in MD

    Harry R. Jackson, Jr. at Townhall: The largely white religious right is literally becoming a melting pot of diversity as far as this marriage issue is concerned. Huge numbers of blacks and Hispanics of faith are starting to feel that there is a “not so subtle” media attack on the nation’s most fundamental institutions. They realize that many movies and TV sitcoms have gone out of their way to express support of “so called” gay rights.

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“Same-sex marriage opponents in Md. start collecting signatures”

Bruising marriage showdowns likely in 5 states

Anti-abortion protesters set for settlement in Harford arrest

Md. lawmakers consider transgender discrimination bill

O’Malley signs Maryland legislation to redefine marriage while touting human dignity

Liberal Name-Calling a Stab in the Black of Maryland’s Pastors

Marriage in Maryland could hinge on black churches

Peter Sprigg: Censoring the ex-homosexual message: Montgomery County schools deny help for those wanting to go straight

Feds seize gambling site Bodog, indict founder

Maryland: “Same-sex marriage opponents file referendum papers”

Referendum would reverse Maryland effort to redefine marriage